A/N: This is a collection of 100-word drabbles written for the "Bellatrix Lestrange: The Dark Lord's Most Faithful" Forum Birthday Celebration. The drabble prompts are silly, and some of my responses are even sillier. These drabbles were also written and posted very quickly, so although I've gone back and edited for spelling and grammar, the overall quality may not be up to my usual standards.

Challenge #1: Write a drabble featuring Lucius Malfoy and a peacock.

Til Death Do Us Part

It's no secret that Bellatrix Lestrange hates Lucius Malfoy. They fight on the same side, but that doesn't stop them from fighting each other, too.

Which is why Narcissa is surprised that Bellatrix hasn't really attempted to sabotage her wedding. There were the Nifflers that stole her engagement ring and the Veela that turned up unexpectedly at Lucius's bachelor party, but for Bellatrix, that's almost half-hearted.

Bellatrix makes up for it with her wedding present. Two hundred peacocks, magically bound – along with their progeny - to the Malfoy family.

They never stop screaming.

Til death do us part, the note says.