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The bird not listening continued singing, as if mocking the offending human, who had the nerve to interrupt its song.

Sitting up in his bed, pushing his shoulder length hair that was the color of crushed strawberries out of his face, he glared at the bird, with eyes as green and hard as emeralds.

Wishing he still had the BB gun that he had stolen from one of the muggle children that lived here in Godric's Hollow, so that he could shoot the damn pest that had woken him. But of course, the bitch known as his mother had found it and made him return it, to the muggle trash.

How she had found out he had stolen it, he didn't know. He had his hunch as to how she had found out.

His younger sister had most likely seen him with it, the day before he was forced to return it. It would make sense as the day he was confronted by the bitch about stealing it; she had avoided him like he had a case of dragon pox.

If he ever found out she was the reason he was caught, she would have to pay. Maybe she would trip going down the stairs, after all a fall like that could cause someone to break a bone or two.

With thoughts to dark for a child his age, he got out of bed looking for anything that he could use to'silence', the bird with.

Walking around the room, one would never guess that the child known as Harry Potter, who called the room his own, would be as sick and twisted as he was. Only those closest to the Potter family had an indication as to what hid behind the beautiful face that was so much like his mothers. But even they had no clue to how much of a monster he truly was.

While searching he comes across a picture that his father had forced him to put in his room, hoping that seeing himself surrounded, by the eight other people in the frame would help warm him to them. Little did he know that by doing so, he only served to make his son hate him, and the others in the picture, even more.

Picking up the photograph, he couldn't help but become lost in thought regarding all the plans he had to get rid of them. How he couldn't wait to go to Hogwarts, where he could put his machinations into motion.

Finally, after a time he was brought out of his blood filled fantasies, by the animal, whose existence, he planned to end. Why wouldn't the damn thing shut up?

Making his way to the window, he could only hope that the blow wouldn't kill it right away, wanting to watch it suffer before it died. How he loved to watch animals squirm in pain, before whatever injury it was that he gave them finished them off.

Flinging the window open, he drew back his arm, preparing to throw the picture, pausing only to sneer at it one last time.

His mother, father, two sisters, grandparents, and, his father's lap dogs, were all waving at him, as if his scowling face made their day. Off to the side he saw his picture self scowling at the other occupants.

Meeting the eyes of himself. "Don't worry," he said in a voice that sounded like silk. "I'm going to bring about their end soon... I will be rid of them, even if it's at the cost of my soul!"

Little did he know that each word he spoke was heard by one of the many different higher beings. Unluckily for him, this higher being was known as Karma.


Karma had taken a likening to watching the Harry Potters of different universes. Trouble always seems to find them, due to always having a destiny far greater than those around them. Loving to see him overcome the odds and beat all those that stood in his way, he became something akin to a hero to Karma.

He had just watched as one of his favorite Harry's had given his life to stop the Tom Riddle of his world. Karma feeling upset that he had not been able to repay him for living such a selfless life, could do nothing more than move on to the next Harry and hope he had it better than the last.

As he started watching the life of this new Harry he felt his spirits rise as he saw that not only would he be as gifted as the last one, but he would have a family there to help him handle all the challenges he was to face.

With high hopes he set in for what he was sure was going to be a bright future for his favorite mortal, but his hopes didn't last long.

It started from an early age; the Harry of this world seemed to hate most things including his family. They loved and cared for him, like any loving family would, but Harry didn't seem to care. He would go out of his way to cause those around him trouble.

Seeing this, Karma hoped that he would grow to love his family and realize how lucky he was to have them in his life.

These hopes were destroyed like those before them, for as the child grew older, he started to take pleasure in the pain of others. At first it was crushing bugs, but soon, after he grew bored with them, he moved on to bigger animals, dragging out their pain as long as he could.

It was on the boy's eighth birthday, that Karma knew that his hero would become worse than the one known as Tom Riddle.

His family had gotten him a cake, and after singing him happy birthday, it was time to cut it. Like always Harry seemed to be in a dark mood, and when his sister had offered him the knife he grabbed it roughly out of her hand. In doing so he sliced her hand open.

As she screamed, all of those gathered rushed to her side, trying to see if there was anything they could do to help. What none of them saw was the look of pure bliss on Harry's face at seeing the pain she was in. It wasn't long after that he started to plan ways for his family to get hurt.

But like with the bugs and animals, seeing them only temporally hurt, soon lost all its appeal to him.

It wasn't long after that he decided the only way for him to achieve true happiness was to kill them.

All karma could do was sit back and watch as he came up with ways to finish them off without being caught.

Then it happened. Harry found a way to have them finished off without it being lead back to him. All he had to do now was wait till he started Hogwarts. Then he could put his plan into motion.

Which brings us back to the present. Karma was watching as the monster known as Harry Potter, drew back the picture, getting ready to kill another innocent creature's life.

Closing his eyes, as he had many times before now, not wanting to see what was going to happen next. He heard the child's silk voice, "Don't worry; I'm going to bring about their end soon... I will be rid of them, even if it's at the cost of my soul."

Karma's eyes flashed open at a speed only a being of his power could, if he acted fast enough he could use the monsters words against him.

It's was true that he couldn't take a soul unless it was given willingly. Luckily the way the boy had phrased his last sentence was all the opening he would need to spare the world from the wrath of this boy who would undoubtedly become a dark lord.

With barley a thought the boys soul was ripped out of his body, whisked away to feel what it was like to be tortured for the soul reason of the fun of others.

Satisfied, Karma glanced at the soulless body one last time, getting ready to move onto the next Harry when he saw something that gave him pause, he realized that the body had landed in the exactly the same way the Harry before this one had when he gave his life for his world.

Slowly a smile made its way on to his face. "Maybe your story isn't over yet my Harry. After all you sacrificed your chance at happiness. If anyone should get a second chance it's you," said Karma, his smile getting bigger as he thought of a way to not only help this world, but his favorite Harry as well.

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