For those of you who have guess Tarzan you're correct! Whooo! \0.0/ Whoo!

it was the scene from where Jane got chased by the baboons because the spoiled yet cute monkey wanted her drawing *-* I'm going to edit that scene there a bit so it's going to be a bit different when you guys read the second time :}

I'm going to start the first chapter today if I have time if not then tomorrow... :) and um...oh yeah who guessed it correct was..Ginger or time could you guys login in so I can easily go to your profile instead of finding you...I found Lionheart53 but haven't found ginger yet so if I can't find her, I'll give the prize to Lionheart53 thanks! bye bye! :D oh and the story's going to be rated M i_i it's not my fault Derek's going to be walking around the forest naked, Chloe's of course going to be tempted when she starts falling for him! :O *thinking* maybe...I should make him something to cover his dick $_$ hmmmmm