Summary: Being daggered, Klaus's family has missed a lot over the years. Caroline helps bring them into the 21st Century.

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They remind her of lost puppies sometimes. She doesn't dare tell them that. She has a modicum of self-preservation (thank you very much). But she is still Caroline Forbes and all that entails. She's the girl who loves too hard, and takes care of everyone.

It starts one day when Klaus has cajoled her into spending the day with him (she still isn't sure how). As she reluctantly waits for him in the extravagant grand entrance of the Original's mansion (she swears he takes longer to get ready than she does) she can't help but be curious, when a soft melody drifts through the house. She can't name the song (it's one of those really old ones written by some dead guy who probably had syphilis), but she's heard it before.

Quietly, she creeps further into the house. It's not long before she finds the source, a young man sitting at a piano. Caroline lingers in the doorway not daring to so much as breathe. Although they had never been formally introduced, she recognized him from the ball as one of Klaus's siblings. He may look like an angsty teenager, but she had no doubt as an Original Vampire he could decapitate her with a flick of his wrist. Not wishing to subject herself to any more of the Original Family (or Michelson family or whatever they're going by these days), she slowly began to back away.

"Enough!" someone yells startling Caroline and destroying her hopes of a stealthy getaway.

Of course, she tries to escape unnoticed by one of the Originals only to end up standing between two of them.

"If you play that song one more time, I'm going to set that thing on fire and use your dismembered body as kindling," the other brother (she's fortunate enough not to have been introduced to) threatens.

"Try it brother," the piano player raises challengingly from the bench.

The threatening brother sneers, "My, my Kol you certainly have grown bolder since I last saw you."

Caroline simply does her best imitation of a statue hoping they don't notice her (in vain because she's standing directly in between them with no cover whatsoever).

"You missed a lo-" he's abruptly cut off by a poppy techno beat (much louder than Caroline recalls her phone ever being).

Yeah, yeah

When I walk on by

The girl be lookin' like damn he fly

Both brothers' attention rests raptly on the blonde (much to her fright), while just a few seconds ago they had acted as if she were unworthy of their acknowledgement (much to her delight).

I pimp to the beat

Walking down the street in my new lafreak


Finally regaining her senses, Caroline quickly reaches into her pocket, pulls out her phone, and hangs up on Damon. "Um, sorry," Caroline mumbles backing up. Her back hits a table nearly knocking over a lamp. "Shit, sorry!" she says a little more firmly. She points toward the direction from which she came, "I'm just gonna-"

"What is that?" the one whose name has yet to be provided asks.

"This?" Caroline tries her hardest not to squeak (and fails) as she waves her cellular in front of her face.


"It's my cell phone," she manages a little more steadily.

"What's a cell phone?" Kol asks.

Caroline blinks, "Um…well, it- it's like a portable telephone."

Kol nods in understanding, but his brother still looks confused. "You mean that blasted thing that shrills at all hours, so Niklaus can get updates from his hybrids?"

"I don't know- um, it's a way of communicating," she explains. "You hold it your ear and you can hear the other person and when you talk they can hear you," she holds the phone to her ear as an example.

He seems to grasp what she's saying.

Just when she thinks she can breathe easy once more (and run away), Kol speaks again, "Was that music of today?"

"Yes? Well…it's one kind of music," she answers gaining more confidence.

"What other kinds are there?" his brother asks.

"OH!" Kol snaps still directing his comments at Caroline, "Now Finn's a music lover." Turning back toward his brother, "What happened to burning the piano?"

"It's not music I loathe. It's your playing the same song over and over again!" Finn growls.

Klaus finally makes his appearance looking no different than when he had left her (what the hell had he been doing?) a few minutes later, but Caroline is too busy teaching his brothers' the nuances of Taylor Swift vs. Carrie Underwood and Breaking Benjamin vs. Avenged Sevenfold to notice.

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