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Chapter 1: Family Reunion

Hermione is sitting outside the tent while Harry and Ron are taking their rest. It is Hermione's turn to be on guard for tonight. The three of them had been on the run for two months since they had left after Bill's wedding in hurry after the attack and now they are on the run to hunt down and destroys Horcruxes, and they were being hunted as well by the ministry and the Death Eaters. The night was dark and the sky is clear so Hermione could see thousands of millions of stars above the sky as she added more firewood to keep herself warm.

Her right hand is holding her wand tightly while her left hand is holding and sometimes playing with her silver necklace with blue crystal pendant on it. She had been wearing it before she entered Hogwarts as it is her most important and valuable asset that she had possessed her entire life. The necklace was a gift and she couldn't stay apart from it.

Holding the crystal tightly Hermione begins to wonder if she will survive the upcoming war against Voldemort and his Death Eaters. Will she have the chance to see her family again after the war end?

Hermione winced when she hears Ron snoring loudly from inside the tent and luckily she had conjured a silencing and Disillumination charm around their camp. She knew that these past couple of months the three of them are so intense with the duty left by the late Dumbledore and at the same time both the boys really missed their girlfriends, Harry is with Ginny while Ron with Lavender. She smile when she think of it, she didn't have any special someone at the moment, though Ginny kept telling her that Fred had been hinting on her but she doesn't believe it, knowing that Fred is currently with Angelina but Ginny has insisted that they were only friends. She wonders why Ginny had said such thing while it is pretty obvious that Fred didn't show any interest in her, who wants to date a bookworm who is not pretty or stunning at all by the way.

The 17-year old brunette conjures a spell to keeps herself warm for the night is getting a bit colder. Hermione didn't worry much about their safety as she had set up some traps around the camp to warn them if anything happen or enemy approaches them. Harry and Ron didn't know much of it since Hermione had set up the traps in muggle style, or by right shinobi style, and she had learnt it from someone who is related to her.

Hermione had a few secrets that she had never tell anyone about it and never did even until now, not even Harry and Ron knew about it since Hermione is very careful when it comes to her secret, family secret to be precise, and she often took precaution and always careful in giving her answer when people asked or questioned her about her family therefore no one really knew about her real family background, and the only that they knew is that she is the only child of Mr and Mrs Granger, and both of them are working as dentists. And since Hermione is very good at convincing people so they never asked her more of it.

Hermione stares at the campfire while her right hand is writing something on a ground with a stick. She didn't even aware of what she's been writing about until she turns her gaze to see what she had written.

Yamato, the single word that she has wrote on the soil as she holds her necklace and tightens her grip on it.


On the next day, the three of them begins to move to a new location and while Harry and Ron packed their tent Hermione quietly conjure a spell to retrieves all the traps she had put on last night and she had done it carefully and quietly so that both Harry and Ron will not suspect anything. Both of them didn't know much of Hermione real ability apart from her being the brightest witch of her age. It's not that Hermione didn't want to share with them about her secrets but it will raise some questions and she doesn't want to be the center of attention from the both of them, especially at that very moment. She knew how jealous the boys could be if they find out about her other talents, especially Ron since he can be such thick sometimes and Harry, well Harry is just being Harry.

Both Harry and Ron are done packing while Hermione looked around to make sure that there's no enemy on the site and when everything's clear the three of them begins to move away from the current campsite to search for new place.

They had been walking for hours and sometimes they will take some short break before deciding where to camp for the night. So far they had retrieved the locket and now it's Hermione's turn to wear it. The three of them had been thinking of many ways to destroy the locket but none had success. They had retrieved the locket right after they broke into the ministry and snatched it right from Umbridge herself who was wearing it at that time.

Evening approaching fast as the three of them begins to set up their camp for the night as Ron suggested that they should stay there for few days. Hermione and Harry looked at each other, not sure whether to agree or disagree with his suggestion. They knew that they cannot linger much longer but for the past few weeks none of them actually had a real good break and the locket had almost drive them crazy, especially Harry and Ron while Hermione had managed to block her mind not to let the locket to manipulate her as well.

Compared to both Harry and Ron, Hermione had adapted the ability to be able to block her mind from being intruded or manipulated by others. It is hard to learn and control that ability because it used lots of energy and mind power. She had learnt it when she was young and so far she had done tremendously well. She pitied both Harry and Ron but she did not know how to teach others about it since she herself had learnt it pretty hard and not only that but she also had learnt on how to defend herself. She is able to move fast and had the ability to sense out the friend or foe out of someone and almost mastered it well.

It is time for one of them to stay awake and guard the surrounding area. Hermione had managed to put the traps while both Harry and Ron set up the tent. Her fast movement went undetected by both of her best friends.

"I will guard for tonight, then I will awake Hermione for her turn and then Ron, are the both of you okay with that?" Harry spoke as both Hermione and Ron agreed with him, seems that they had no problem with that.

Harry then begin to stay on guard while Hermione goes inside the tent to take a break and Ron scrambled around the kitchen to seek for some leftover, while on the run he had to adapted to eat less and he had lost a bit weight since then.

The three of them had almost get caught once when a group of Snatchers had almost caught up with their trail but luckily Hermione had managed to block and cover most of their trail up ahead of the enemies, making the enemies to lost track of them.

Their lives while on the run aren't that easy as both of the boys especially Ron had problems of worrying for his family and girlfriend. Harry somehow at least a bit better than Ron while Hermione who seems to them that sometimes she can be a little hectic but somehow she knew how to survives while living in the wood. Sometimes both Harry and Ron even wonder how did Hermione managed to keep up ahead of them and knew what can or cannot be eaten while living in the wild.

Hermione only able to smile and told them that she had read it in the book, but by right she had learnt far from that, not only from a book but through experiences, in which she doubt if the boys could survived from it easily if they were in her place.

A week had passed and the Golden Trio are again on the move, they had heard from the Potterwatch that some of the Death Eaters had managed to penetrates into the Ministry and took control of it and the Golden Trio are now the most wanted person ever. Many people had been caught up by the Death Eaters, especially the muggleborns and even some of the blood traitors but somehow none of the Weasleys are among those who are caught.

Hogwarts is now fully controlled by the Death Eater as Professor Snape had becomes the Headmaster and the Carrow siblings are the teachers there and many students except the Slytherins had suffered while under their reign.

When the three of them had heard about it, they were very angry but then they are unable to do anything at the moment since they themselves are on the run and the most wanted persons ever by the Ministry.

Harry, Hermione and Ron are currently on the move and walk through a forest somewhere in England when suddenly a group of Snatchers had spotted them and gives them a chase. Both Harry and Hermione had run much faster while Ron is trying to avoid from hitting trees as the Snatchers had shot several spells on him and he almost collides with Harry when one of the Snatchers almost had them with his spell but luckily it hit a tree as Golden Trio had run much faster as Hermione managed to take down one of them with her binding spell and disarmed another Snatchers.

The three of them had to run much faster as the group of Snatchers had outrun their numbers and managed to keep up with them when Hermione could hear a sound of water up ahead, they are now running towards a river much further in front and this had given them much trouble because they had nowhere to run when they reach there.

Hermione knew that this leave her no choice as she quickly grabs both Harry and Ron tightly and then disapparated from the forest.


Hermione, Harry and Ron had apparated at a forest as both Harry and Ron looked around and realized that this place is very unfamiliar for them. Slowly, they turned their gaze at Hermione who is currently looks very tired because of the running.

"Mione, where are we?" Harry asked her as Hermione looked around, her heart beaten fast.

"I'm not sure where?" She lied, knowing that they are going to ask her a lot of questions if she tells them the truth.

"What do you mean you're not sure, you're the one who bring us here," Ron retorted, he stared at her in disbelieved while Harry looked around the surrounding area.

"Well I don't know it just came across my mind. What make you think that you can think rationally when you are trying to save yourself from those who are bound to catch us?" Hermione retorted back almost yelled at him, sometimes Ron can be very thick and simply spoke without thinking first.

"Alright, please stop. Ron, Hermione's right, we at least should thanked her for saving our arse here, though we don't have any idea of where we are at the moment," Harry spoke as he gazed at the two of them. Ron looked at him as he grunted, knowing that Harry is right about it.

"Well, sorry about that," Ron apologized as Hermione nodded.

The three of them, well two by right as it Harry and Ron, are aware that they are in an unfamiliar territory and the surrounding area looked nothing like England. Hermione is pretty sure that they are safe from their current enemies but not sure if the new place can guarantee their safety at that point. She knew that they are going to be safe but she had also heard that sometimes war can happen anytime at that area.

"I think that we should find a place to camp for tonight, look like it is going to be dark soon," Harry said as he begins to walk away from the area since they are in the open space when they apparated there moments ago.

Hermione knew of that area but did not knew quite well of it, she had been here once when she was very young at that time. She is hoping that her decision to apparate here with both Harry and Ron is a wise one, though this place is the last thing she had in her mind.

The three of them are busy searching for the right place to set up their tent that they did not realize that they are being watched.


Hermione looked at the surrounding where the three of them had set up their tent to make sure that there's no sight of other people. Being stranded in a foreign country had her being on alert, not knowing what kind of trouble they will face if they put their guard down and being on the run had taught them to be more careful and keep their alert on the surrounding.

Harry is at the moment collecting some woods for campfire later that night while Ron is busy preparing some food, since he has inherited some of Mrs Weasley cooking skill though not very good as his mother was, and the little amount of food that left had the three of them to eat less for day to day in order to survive while on the run.

"I hope that no one had noticed us here, maybe we can use this time to think properly and plan some strategy how to destroys those Horcruxes," Hermione thought to herself when suddenly she could hear some cracking sound coming from the nearby bush as someone or something had step on a twig or a tree branch and she knew that someone's there since Harry and Ron are both near their tent, and this person, or whatever it is, is not one of them since she can hear Harry is calling out for Ron and could hear him respond to him and it is not coming for that particular direction. Gripping her wand tightly Hermione is prepare for anything that is coming from the bush.

Hermione is about to call for Harry and Ron when suddenly she can see movement coming from behind the bushes, a very fast movement indeed, and it is not coming from one direction because she could see that it coming from different directions. She knew that it is not a group of animal or so because this movement is indeed human and she realized that they are currently being watched.

"Great. Now what? "

As Hermione gripped on her wand tightly, Harry came approaching her when he sense that she looked anxious and she held her wand tightly, and Harry knew that something's not right at the moment.

"Hermione, is there something out there?" Harry asked worriedly as he too drew out his wand when suddenly the two of them saw movement coming out from the bushes, and came towards them in a very fast speed, and Hermione knew what they are up against.

"Harry, whatever happens, do not fight back," Hermione spoke as Harry looked at her in disbelieved.

"What?" Harry was about to retorted back when without warning they were being surrounded by a group of people wearing masks, and the two of them looked terrified as the people not only wearing a weird looking masks that resembled different kind of animal's faces each but also wearing some sort of uniforms as well. The two of them stand still but still held their wand tightly and tries not to do anything since there is not threat coming towards them.

"Hey, let go of me." Hermione and Harry could hear Ron shouting as he was caught by two of those men. Harry panicked but Hermione had managed to keep her panic down as she tried to tell Ron not to panic or do something stupid.

"Ron, don't struggle, you will get yourself hurt," Hermione tries to warn Ron but her red head friend seems not to listen as he is trying to struggles against them.

"Ron, just stop it before you get yourself in trouble," Harry spoke loudly at him as he eyed the masked men around them, but his effort seems to fail as Ron did not listen to both of them when suddenly he drew his wand out and both Harry and Hermione knew that if they didn't anything about it they are going to be in lots of trouble.

Before Ron could do anything or conjure a spell that came across his mind he could hear someone conjured a 'Petrificus Totalus' and the next thing he knew he fell backward and slumped down on the ground, he was petrified.

Harry and those masked men are so shocked as they eyed Hermione who held her wand as she just conjure the spell with that anger shown clearly in her face. She really hated it when Ron decided to become stupid and did not listen to others.

"Hermione, why did…" Before Harry could finished his sentence off Hermione cut him off.

"If he ever listens to us, I won't have to do this. Do you know what will happen if we let him be? We are going to be in big trouble and trust me none of us are going to like it," Hermione spoke angrily as she eyed those masked men in around them. She knew that they had no idea of what she was saying.

"So are you saying that you want us to let ourselves get caught by these people?" Harry replied harshly, he did not like the idea of it since he knew nothing of it.

"Harry, all I'm saying is that maybe these people can help us if we can talk nicely to them instead of trying to fight them back, I hope you notice that they didn't look like any of the Death Eater or those Snatchers that are trying to catch us because if they do we'll be dead by now, don't forget that we are in a foreign place and maybe these people are on guard when we arrived here," Hermione spoke back pretty harshly, resulting Harry to actually shut his mouth and admit in his mind that she may be right about it. He hated it when she was right about everything. But then if it is not because of her both Ron and he are going to end up in much bigger trouble and he is glad that she is right.

Harry and Hermione could hear some of the masked men speak in a foreign language. Harry seems to be worried because there's no in hell that he could understand of what they are talking about.

"Who are you and why are you here?" one of them, assumed the leader, asked either both Hermione and Harry since Ron is being petrified and unable to speak as the two of them looked at each other.

Hermione then aimed the wand at her throat as Harry watched her in amused as she conjured a spell as he could see some glowing coming from the wand straight to her throat for a moment before it gone slowly. He then looked at her wondering if anything would happen to her as there is no physical change on her. Her action not only amazed Harry but those masked men as well.

"Please, we mean you no harm, we were just stopping by here and want to take some rest," Hermione spoke in a foreign language which shocked them. Knowing her, Harry didn't really surprise much of it.

"Who are you, how did you come here, what did you do to yourself just now?" the same person asked them again, though Harry had no idea of what he is saying but he just let Hermione handle it for them, knowing that she will do just fine if he didn't interrupts her and he really did not want to meet the end of her wand or worst her punch. He had seen that enough of what had happened to Malfoy when she punched him once during their third year in Hogwarts and thought how brilliant she was on that time, but definitely he did not want her to test it himself though, knowing how strong she could be if she wanted to.

At first Hermione seems a little hesitate to answer that but then they are in a foreign country but by right not too foreign for her though, and these people must be the ninjas or shinobi of this country and she had heard that their interrogation is lot more dangerous than Aurors does. Seems that it leave her no choice of it.

"I'm Hermione Granger, and this is my friend Harry Potter and over there is our friend Ron Weasley. We just…simply appear here out of nowhere, and I just put a spell on myself so that I can understand and communicate with all of you," Hermione answered though she looked a bit hesitate but the shinobi took no notice of it.

"Where are the three of you came from, and what is that in your hand?" he asked her again.

"We came from a country called England, and this is what we called as wand, and this is mine," Hermione responded as she slightly looked a bit worried.

"Well then, the three of you are coming with us," the man spoke as he ordered his subordinates to held on Hermione and Harry while the other two lifted up Ron from the ground and carry him.

"Wait, can you tell us where we are at the moment?" Hermione asked, she wanted to make sure that she is right about this place, well she had assumed it too when they first arrived here. Harry then nudged on her arm, telling her about their tent and all their belongings that they are going to left behind.

"The three of you are currently in Konoha," the man answered her as they started to move when Hermione called for him.

"Wait, can we at least pack up our belongings and our tent, we might need it when we are leaving this place," Hermione spoke as Harry looked at him anxiously.

"Why do you want to leave in such a hurry?" he asked them, and from his view they seem to be a little exhausted and he can see that they looked like they were slightly injured as they can see scars and how miserable these three looked. He even recalled the fear in both Harry and Hermione's eyes when they first got surrounded by them. He even tried to guess that these three are having some trouble from where they came from, as if they are running from something, or someone when they decided to disappeared from there and suddenly appears here in no time, but how did they do that is still a question.

"Well, we just have to," Hermione replied in hesitation as she and Harry looked at each other.

The leader of the shinobi looked at them then at the rest of his team as they looked at each other. He then nodded his head and allows the three strangers to pack up their tent and belongings with his men watching over them. Hermione then reversed the spell on Ron as he stood up and glares angrily at her as he joined them to pack all their belongings.

Those shinobi, Hermione assumed they are, are looking at the three of them as they packed their things and surprised to see them shrunk all of it included the tent and their bags as they put it inside of Hermione's beaded bag except for their wand.

"How did you do that?" one of them asked Hermione as they prepared to follow the shinobi.

"This is what we called as magic," Hermione simply answered him as the shinobi ask no more.

Hermione, Harry and Ron were left in an empty with nothing but three chairs and a table as their belongings includes their wands has been taken. Luckily for them, their injuries had been taken care off and luckily that they are not being put in the jail or some interrogation room since they did not do any harm to those shinobi though their actions had shocked them. The three of them take the opportunity to give themselves some good rest yet at the same time they are still pretty worried since there are still a few Horcruxes needed to be hunt and destroy and they did not like to be held here much longer.

Hermione sits on a chair while Ron slumped on the floor and Harry is pacing back and forth, thinking of what will happen next when someone, a young woman, opened the door and brought them some food and water. Hermione thanked her as she left while Ron hurried stood up as he and Harry raced to get the food and water and eat it greedily while Hermione looked at them in amazed and disgusted though she knew how hungry all of them were. It is no surprise if it is Ron but Harry as she began to wonder if he had inherited the Weasley's stomach as well.

Hermione knew that she too needs to eat something when he saw Harry offered her something, a food for her as she took it and thanked her.

After eating the three of them sits there quietly, wondering what will happen to them or if they are able to leave this country so that they could continue on their hunts of the Horcruxes.

"What are we going to do now?" Ron spoke as Hermione rubbed her fingers on the table and Harry stared at the empty space.

"All we have to do now is just wait and see," Hermione replied as her hold her crystal pendant tightly.


"Hokage-sama, I already put them at one of the room and these are their belongings and these sticks are what they called as wand," the leader of the shinobi that caught the Golden Trio spoke as he present their belongings to the head of village.

"Hmm…is there anything that you are able to find about them and what is interesting about this?" Tsunade asked as she eyed the so-called wands on her table and a beaded bag. She along with Shizune and Iruka looked pretty closely at those things. Shizune then took the beaded bag and opened it as she put her hand in to see what is inside the small bag and she seemed astonish because not only the bag contains lot of things within it but she can put her whole arm inside it and this not only surprise both Tsunade and Iruka but those who are present there at the moment. She was shocked when she pulled out a backpack out of the small beaded bag.

"What is this?" Tsunade asked as she looked surprise at Hermione's beaded bag.

"This, Hokage-sama, is what they called as magic," the shinobi confirmed it.

"Magic," Tsunade repeated it, still stunned as she held on the small bag. She seems to think of something deeply in her mind as she gazed at Shizune who seems to have the same thing in her mind as well.

"Yes Hokage-sama, this is what the girl had told me, magic, she too told us that she and her friends came from a country called England. From my observation, seems that the three of them are maybe in some sort of trouble or something like that because they suddenly appear in Konoha from out of nowhere and each of them had sustained some injuries and looked exhausted too, I guess that they are running from something or someone before appear here and seems that they also didn't eat much lately. They even told me that they need to leave as soon as possible, so I guess that the three of them are currently on a serious mission," the shinobi spoke, leaving Shizune and Iruka to gasp after hearing it.

Tsunade seems to take this matter very serious, their 'three guests' suddenly appeared here, came from England and each were magic users. And from what the shinobi had said, the three of them seems like they were on a serious mission and currently running away from someone in their previous location before appearing here, in Konoha. She knew that this is no small matters and there's only one person who knew slightly of it and she needs that person now.

"Shizune, is he already back from his mission?" Tsunade spoke as both Shizune and Iruka looked at her and her assistant nodded her head.

"Yes, Hokage-sama, he is here, just came back few moments ago," Shizune affirmed her.

"Can you please get him for me, he should know about this," Tsunade told her, she knew that this is one serious matter.

"Yes, Hokage-sama, I will get him as soon as possible," Shizune spoke as she left the room immediately.

"Hokage-sama, sorry if it is rude but who is this that you have mentioned?" the first shinobi asked but Tsunade only shake her head and say none. Even Iruka too wonder who is this person that Tsunade had mentioned.

A few moments later Shizune came back with not only one but five person with her as Tsunade looked surprised at the new comers, especially at the other four who had got nothing to do with this situation.

"Yamato, thank you for coming upon my request, and to the rest of Team Kakashi, I wonder if there's anything I can do for you?" Tsunade said in a serious tone as she glared at Kakashi and his team as the four of them fidgeting as Naruto and Sakura hastily giggled while Sai just smiled and Kakashi just stand there lazily while Yamato don't know what to think at the moment but at the same time wondering why is he needed here. Iruka was a bit surprised to find out about Yamato's knowing of magic.

"I just worried for Yamato-senpai because Shizune-san looks so serious when she called for him so we came along to find out why," Naruto spoke as he grinned, not knowing that what they are going to find out next is actually going to be a shock for them.

Tsunade, Shizune and Iruka stared at the four uninvited shinobi in disbelieved and could only sighed, knowing how stubborn these four can be when it came to their teammates since Yamato had become part of them. Tsunade knew that this is going to be a problem for them but this an urgent case and they cannot delay more of it. Taking a deep breath Tsunade looked at the five of them before had her eyes fixed on Yamato who had no idea of what is happening at the moment.

"Yamato, there's something I needed you to know, in fact, this matter is pretty much urgent," Tsunade spoke as Yamato stiffed, he did not like this.

"What is it, Hokage-sama?" Yamato asked as he looked anxious about it. He is not the only one that seems nervous as Team Kakashi too is wondering of it. Naruto then spotted something on Tsunade's table and asked her.

"Nee…grandma Tsunade, what are those on the table?" His question had got his fellow teammates' attention. Upon seeing it, Yamato gasped as he can almost recognize most of the items, only wondered who it's belonged to but one of the items was seem pretty much familiar to him but couldn't remember where or when he saw it.

"Hmm…these are, well, it belongs to our guests. Shizune, can you get them here?" Tsunade asked her assistant as the woman nodded her head and headed out to get their guests.

Minutes had passed by and the five of them waited nervously especially Yamato when the door opens. Shizune walked inside with three people behind her. At first Yamato and Team Kakashi didn't notice much of their guests until Yamato saw someone he had never seen for years and he is pretty much stunned of it.


Shizune opened the door where they held their guests and as she entered all three of them looked at her with question in their mind especially the brunette.

"Hokage-sama has asked for the three of you, so please follow me," she told them, at first they pretty much reluctant but then Shizune had promised that nothing bad is going to happen to them so the three of them agree to follow her.

Hermione is walking behind her while both Harry and Ron walks behind her side by side and they nudges her back, indicates if she had any idea about this. She glared at them, and from that they knew that she too knew nothing of it.

They had finally reached the Hokage office when Shizune opens the door. She then enters into the office and indicates the three of them to follow her. Hermione is the first to enter then follow closely by Harry and lastly Ron. When she entered the office she could saw that there's other people inside it and five people standing in front of the Hokage and one of them is a girl with pink hair. Hermione was wondering of what they are going to face now so she didn't pay much attention to most of them, but there's only one person that had her attention though she didn't have the much of the chance to see his face due to Harry and Ron keeps on nudging on her, thinking that if she can think of any idea at the moment. Man, these boys are going to be the death of her.

"Welcome to Konoha, I am Tsunade, the fifth Hokage of the Hidden Village of Konoha. I'm sorry for any inconvenient while you are here," Tsunade spoke as Hermione, Harry and Ron stand next to that five shinobi.

"You're welcome, I guess that we should thank you for your hospitality though the three of us should go pretty soon, we don't mind staying just for a while but actually we kind of…having some important work to do," Hermione said in reluctance as she eyed both her best friends. She knew that it may sound rude but they really don't have time for this, she even knew that these people will not let the three of them left pretty soon but the sooner they can get all the Horcruxes and destroys it the better for them to beat Voldemort and his Death Eaters.

Before Tsunade could reply her, Yamato interrupt. He is still stunned and had to make sure that he is not dreaming of it.

"Hermione, is that you?"

Hermione is stun to hear that voice, no wonder he got her attention because of his hair color which is familiar to her. All the people inside the room, which includes Harry and Ron, except for Tsunade and Shizune as they already expected this, stare at them with their eyes and jaw wide open. Team Kakashi stares between Yamato and Hermione back and forth couldn't believe that Yamato seems to know her.

"Yamato," Hermione only responds as she looked at him, pretty much shocked. Both Harry and Ron looked at Hermione then to Yamato, then back to Hermione again.

"Oi…Yamato-senpai, do you know who she is?" Naruto asked him as he and Sakura eyed the girl who seems to be slightly older than them but maybe around Sai's while Kakashi eyed her with interest.

"Yes," Yamato single and only answer. He still can't believe that she is here, in Konoha.

"Hermione, who is that, how do you know him? Harry asked her as Ron seems to lose his tongue or something as no word could come out from his mouth. Hermione could only nod, and because of this she has to tell them sooner or later, but seems to her that it will be pretty soon. She even knows that if she didn't tell them now they will force her to tell them no matter what and it will bother her for it.

"Yes, his name is Yamato, and he's my older brother."

So, there you go, the first chapter of this story, hope that you will like it. it is pretty hard actually to write this but the idea just came amazing to my very busy brain at the moment because I'm still thinking of idea to write to the next chapters of my stories and so far I am currently writing the 11th chapter for the story 'My Beloved Skylark', and at the same time I've been writing about three pages for chapter 13 of the story 'Hermione's New Adventure' and the only one page of the 9th chapter of the story 'The Young Mafia Wizard' so this really tiring and can say killing me to think for an ideas for all these stories.

So, in this story Hermione and Yamato are brother and sister, and Yamato is about five years older than Hermione and Yamato is his real name, not code name, and instead of calling him Captain Yamato, Naruto, Sakura and Sai called him Yamato-senpai. Sasuke left the village before Sai and Yamato become part of Kakashi Team, just like the anime/manga, but Yamato and Sai becomes part of the Team Kakashi before the Akatsuki kidnap Gaara, which right after Naruto returned to Konoha. Naruto and Sakura is 15 years old while Sai is 17. Both Harry and Ron are the same age as Hermione (17) while Kakashi is three years older than Yamato, so there's the slightly changes in the original characters in my story XD and you have to wait before the Katekyo Hitman Reborn's characters makes their entrance in this story and they too so much related to both Hermione and Yamato. Pairing for Hermione is undecided though I already mentioned about Ron and Harry so this is definitely not going to be Hermione/Harry or Hermione/Ron because they were her best friends, not lover.

I know that maybe some of you will think how crazy I am to write about four stories that each needed updated, I'm sorry because this one suddenly pop up from my mind and I cannot help but to write it down before totally forget about it. Don't worry for I won't abandon any of my stories though it will take some time to be updated.