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Chapter 9: 10th Boss and Training, Mafia Style

Harry and Ron looked at one of the family portrait at the Granger's private hall. It's been a few days now since both Harry and Ron stayed at the Grangers' mansion, and the two young wizards are allows to roam around the huge private mansion, but there are a few rooms that they are prohibits to enter, that is, and luckily the private hall that they are currently been in is not one of the rooms that been forbidden for them to enter. Harry could guess that the family portrait was taken about few years back and in the photo Hermione looked like when they were on their third year in Hogwarts, and Yamato looked slightly young compared to this time around. And all the Grangers in this family portrait looks very happy indeed and Harry could see how Mr and Mrs Granger looked at their children with loving gazes in their eyes and how protected Yamato is of Hermione. Even though it is just a family portrait but Harry couldn't help but to feel jealous about it, not only he is the only one among his best friends not to have any family members, but he never had the chance to be loved by his own family, his aunt and her family are like a strangers to him, and even if he had the Weasleys but yet it is still so different.

"Hermione look very happy, isn't she Harry?" Ron suddenly spoke as he turned his attention to The-Boy-Who-Lived. Harry on the other hand did not tear his attention from the portrait.

"Yes, looks like it," responded Harry. Even if he is jealous of Hermione, yet he is very happy for her, knowing that she had someone out there that will do anything to protect her, Harry knew how lucky Hermione is to have her brother, Yamato, and their relative, Dino, that willing to do anything to keep her safe.

"By the way Harry, do you happen to see her, I haven't seen her since this morning," spoke Ron again.

"No, so do I, I guess that she must be spending her time with that relative of hers, Dino," replied Harry as Ron nodded his head. The two of them then turned back to the huge family portrait in front of them.

"I had to admit, Yamato looks pretty…dashing, quite handsome as well, in this photo that is, and Dino too," said Ron sheepishly as Harry looked at him with his jaw wide open.

"Is he not now, he looks pretty the same for me, though he is now a…bit muscular than this one, and Dino is very handsome indeed…why are we suddenly talking about this," responded Harry as he felt warm in his face. Why are they having this weird conversation at this very moment?

"Well, they are, yeah I wonder why, I guess that maybe I'm a little bit jealous because they had what it takes to be great men and they had what I'm not, I wish I could just be like any of them," Ron admitted sheepishly as Harry looked at him in disbelieved.

"Umm…ok…okay," said Harry as he took a few steps away from Ron, he just felt a little weird and confused to hear Ron admitted about something like that because he never hear Ron saying such thing before, until now.

"Don't worry Harry, I'm just…why are you standing there, just now you're…Harry, you don't think that I'm…like that, do you, because I'm not, trust me," said Ron stammered as Harry looked at his friend weirdly.

"No…no, I don't think that you are that kind of…person, just that, you know, it took me by surprise to hear you say…such thing, you never praise any man before, until now, well apart from Krum, before we hated him for what he said about Hermione," replied Harry as his face slightly redden, and so does Ron.

"Yeah, I know, it took me by surprise as well, I never say such thing to any man, not even my own father or brothers, maybe because Yamato and Dino are different from any of them, I wish that I had a brother just like Yamato or maybe Dino, I can consider Bill is almost like them, and Charlie too, the twins, well they are great but can be git sometime, but Percy is second master of git, he's the real prat in the family," said Ron as he tore his eyes away from the family portrait.

"Who's the real master of git, if Percy comes second?" asked Harry.

"Snape," replied Ron as Harry looked at him with not-so-surprise look, then both he and Ron giggled then they laughed loudly when they hear the door knocks.

The two young wizards turns their attention to the door as it is opens, one of Dino's men, Ivan, if the boys not mistaken, is standing there telling them that lunch is ready as both Harry and Ron nods at him and follow him to the dining hall, where Hermione and Dino are there waiting for them as lunch being serves.


"You want to what, say it again?" Ron asked again as he and Harry stared at Hermione and Dino with their eyes and mouths widen.

"Would the two of you allows me to train you how to fight, I know that Yamato and his fellow ninja might already teach you how but mine is a little bit different, don't worry I won't be harsh on the two of you," Dino responded as he looked eager yet both Harry and Ron could see a dangerous glint in his eyes.

"What about Hermione?" Ron asked as he looked between Hermione and Dino while Harry nodded his head.

"Don't worry about her, it's yourself that you should be worried about," said Dino as he looked at the two young wizards.

"Okay then, what should we do about it?" asked Harry.

"First of all, what do you know about combat, without using your magic, that is," Dino asked them as both Harry and Ron looked at each other while Hermione stared at them, wondering what is their respond to that.

"Well, we have learn some while staying at Konoha and they had teach us how to fight though I had to admit that Ron and I still had problem to adapt to it though we are doing pretty okay, well I had to admit it is pretty hard actually to fight in the mug…normal people's way compared to our way since we are able to use our wand and magic in order to…you know, fight," said Harry as Ron nodded his head agreed with him.

"Okay, how much did you learn how to fight, or more importantly how to defend yourself?" Dino asked them again, he did not have to ask Hermione the same question knowing that she had learns more than the boys do.

"Umm Yamato and his fellow ninja Kakashi had taught us how to fight by using our fists, then they taught us how to use weapons so that we are able to attack or to defend ourselves, they had taught us some important movement when fighting, but it is pretty hard to do but I think that we are doing just fine," Harry replied and Ron seconded it.

Hermione know that both Harry and Ron had learnt pretty well when they were trained by her brother and Kakashi while in Konoha though they still had a long way to go before they are able to master their skill in this kind of fighting, they might knew how to fight, with magic that is as she knew how quite hopeless they are without their magic and she can't imagine what will happen to them if they are unable to use their magic and tries to live like muggle, though she did not doubt that Harry might survive, but what about Ron as he never live with a muggle before. They, unlike her, had never been in such training before in their life, even during their DA meeting they only trained themselves how to fight using their magic and wand, but they had never been in muggle combat before, while Hermione had been trained how to fight by her brother, father, and Dino since she was a child and before she entered Hogwarts though she is not as great as them yet she is still far more capable to fight than both Harry and Ron, and the punch that she gave to Draco Malfoy is just a tiny part of her real capability. Yamato and Kakashi had told her they did not train both Harry and Ron to fight as hard as she does since the two of them had a slightly problem to adapt on how to fight the muggle way, at least Harry is little better than Ron since the redhead is quite clueless when it comes to muggle weapon and that's why both of them are only been given two kunai each by Kakashi.

"Okay. Well then, shall we test the two of you to see how far you did you manage to master your fighting skill?" Dino said as the two young wizards looked at him with their eyes wide open and Ron is slightly paled, he knows how to punch people pretty well but against someone who is lot better than him, he suddenly felt timid even how brave he is.

"Are you sure, is that necessary?" asked Ron, knowing that Dino surely have a good reputation is this kind of combat since he is a mafia boss.

"Well, yeah it is," Dino simply answered him as both Harry and Ron looked at each other before turning to both Hermione and Dino.

"Alright then, when are we going to start?" asked Harry who suddenly looked very confident and quite eager as well, as Hermione begins to wonder of what had turning him on to accept Dino's 'invitation'.

"So Mister Potter and Mister Weasley, shall we start our training session?" Bono, one of Dino's men, asked both Harry and Ron as they entered the training ground, he and Ivan and another man had been in charge to test and train both the young wizards. The training ground is located on the west of the Grangers' Mansion and it is a wide training room with special facilities that is meant for training purposes, and what shocked both Harry and Ron is that the training ground is an underground room, and both of them did not aware of it until they were brought there by Hermione and Dino earlier before their training session.

"Yes," answered both the young wizards as they are ready to face their first challenge with a group of mafia, though they are still surprised about what they had found out a little earlier that day.


Hermione, along with Dino and his men, takes both Harry and Ron to the part of the mansion that they are not aware off earlier, though it is not part of the forbidden room but since the mansion is so big Harry and Ron do not think that it is necessary for them to roam around Grangers' mansion as they wished, even though that they are the guests of the house, because they know that they are actually trespassing into a private property, even though they stayed there with permission from one of the owner, that's Hermione herself.

Both Harry and Ron followed Hermione and her mafia cousin, Dino and his men, as they are both instructed to follow due to their 'training program'. Both the young wizards knew that the mansion is big, but they did not aware that it is very big indeed and the mansion did not only have a huge building above the ground but they also have it underground as well, just like a dungeon, heck it is even bigger that the Slytherin's dungeon back in Hogwarts. Seems to them that the Grangers' Mansion is just liked Hogwarts, though the mansion is small compared to their school, but they never see a mansion as big as this one. As Harry and Ron looked around the place, they are aware that the mansion looked very distinctive in its own way, and it is such a big house for such small family, since there are only four members in the Grangers' family, which consists of Mr and Mrs Granger and their children Yamato and Hermione. And they never thought that the Granger are indeed very wealthy, even though Harry knew that the dentist profession can give such a good payment, but this one cost more than what they can really afford with, unlike people like the Malfoy who are known for being one of the wealthiest pureblood family that often brags about being wealthy and powerful back in the Wizarding world.

As they walks much further, they reach upon an elevator, which takes both Harry and Ron by surprise to see an elevator inside a private mansion as Harry and Ron follows Hermione, Dino and four of his men as they goes down to the underground building, to the training ground where their ability will be tested.

As they reach to the respective area, both Harry and Ron are shocks and surprise to see such huge training room. As both wizards shares a look, they begin to wonder if the Grangers are not a mere people, they know that Hermione is a witch and Yamato is a ninja which is not normal already but to possess such place makes them wonder if they are more than just that.

As the two young wizards looks around, Hermione can't help but to walks around the training room, it's been years since she stepped into this training room, yes she used to trained here with her father during her term break from Hogwarts but that if they are staying here instead of their other house, the one where they led a normal life, not a wealthy mafia family. Hermione looks around and admits how much she missed this room so much, this is where she, her father and brother used to train themselves, her brother more than she is. She even remembered the first time she stepped into this training ground alone when she was about four or five year-old, she was peeking on her brother who just returned from Konoha for his break and he and their father was having their training in this very room when she came down by herself to peek upon them and amazed to see her brother being trained by their father and they were surprised to see her there. Hermione smiles as she remembers how she began her first training in this room and her mentors are none other than her own her father and brother, and even Dino and her Uncle Reborn when they came to visit the Grangers.

"So, here we are, this is the Grangers' private training ground, I used to train myself here with Yamato during his break from Konoha, and Hermione too used to trained here as well. So Harry, Ron, why don't the two of you walk around to get used to it before we begins with your training," said Dino as he and Hermione along with his four men walked around the huge training ground while Harry and Ron looked around in awe.

"Wait, wait, did you say Hermione had trained in this training ground too, why, when? And I am pretty curious actually, how come your family own a private training room?" asked Harry towards both Dino and Hermione as he recalled what Dino had said earlier as he and Ron looked at Hermione and Dino.

Hermione shares a look with Dino before the handsome blonde nods his head, he knows that sooner or later they will find out, and it is better if it comes from their own best friend, not others.

"Harry, Ron, do you remember that few days back I told you that I still have more things that I will tell if the times come, and I think that I should tell the two of you now, and I know that this will shock the two of you but please bear this with me," said Hermione as she tried to stay calm for a moment, she knew that this is hard for her but she couldn't keep lying to them. Harry and Ron looked at her as they slowly nodded their head while Dino pat her shoulder softly, indicated her to carry on.

"As you see, I know that the two of you think that my parents are both dentists, well they are but it is not their true profession. You see, my parents, they are both mafia, just like Dino. My mum work with CEDEF, an organization lead by one of the powerful mafia organization or family in Italy, the Vongola and my dad is a spy for the Vongola. Dino is from another powerful mafia organization or family, the Cavallone, which is from Italy as well. My mum is a descendant of the Cavallone, she and Dino's dad are second cousin, while my dad is a descendant of the Vongola, which makes Yamato and I are a descendants for both mafia families. As you know, Dino is the current boss of the Cavallone, and we had another distant cousin of ours who is currently being trained to be the new boss of the Vongola, and we called him Vongola Decimo, meaning the 10th Vongola, though right now it is still the 9th Vongola that held power on this side of our family. The Vongola and Cavallone had been a great ally since the time of our ancestor, and now it is even closer with the marriage of my parents," said Hermione as both Harry and Ron looked at her with eyes and jaws wide open as Hermione blushed, she was pretty nervous and did not sure whether to laugh or not but she was very serious when she told them about her family true selves.

"Okay…," replied Harry after a while. Both he and Ron stared at their only female best friend who is not only a witch but potentially a mafia princess since she came from very famous and powerful mafia families bloodlines.

"And because of that, even though Yamato and I are not surrounded by our mafia families, but that doesn't mean that we are not being trained like one. Our parents might not talked much about our mafia families, but we know who we are, and because of that my dad often trained me and my brother here in this training ground when we were young and once in a while during the Hogwarts' term break, and if my brother came back he often trained much harder since he is a ninja and when Dino and some of our family members who came here for a visit they will trained me how to fight and such, though I'm not as good as they are, even now that is," said Hermione again as she eyed Dino who smiled at her and patted her shoulder softly.

"Well, I think that the two of you should…you know, try to grasp the surrounding before you two start with your training, okay?" said Hermione as she nodded at them before leaving the training ground with Dino and Romario following from behind, as both Harry and Ron nodded understandingly as they watched the three of them left, before turning their attention to the surrounding of the training ground.

End flashback

On the other part of the world

Konoha is under attack, not only that but they are unable to leave the village as a barrier had surrounded the whole village especially all four main gates to the village. Sai is injured and Sora has gone missing, following a mysterious who knew about the secret that held on Sora's mysterious power as Naruto is persuading on him, knowing that Sora had suffered and at the same time gained strength and power from Kyuubi when the Nine-tailed fox attacked the village about 15 years ago and a glimpse of his power had spread away.

Yamato is persuading an enemy ninja called Fudou who used earth element and since Yamato used the same element he had a little problem defeating his enemy at the beginning since all his attacks upon his enemy is blocked. Yamato know that he cannot lose no matter what, he had to protect the village and at the same time he had to stay alive. He must stay alive, for the sake of the village, and for his family. Asuma had claimed that he knew the person who responsible behind the attack, the man who is a former of the Twelve Ninja Guardians who had betrayed them, Kazuma of whom he thought was dead, and his small mercenary group of ninjas.

To make thing worse, the enemy had managed to resurrect four bodies of who are the part of the Twelve Ninja Guardians who also known as the four Lighting Masters and controlled them in order to destroy Konoha. And while Yamato is searching for one of the resurrected Lighting Masters, he is interfered by Fudou and thus the battle between them began.

Naruto on the other hand, had lost Sora as the young monk had managed to escaped away and he too was interfered by one of the enemy, a female ninja who able to use all five elements and thus making him in a difficult situation as he needs to find a way to beat his enemy.

As Yamato, Naruto, Sakura and Asuma battled the enemy and Sai had left the hospital due to the attacks on Konoha, the enemy's leader had resurrected dead peoples from other villages as the Konoha ninjas are now having trouble fighting against dead people who are being controlled by the enemy and thus they are having lots of difficulties since the dead ones did not stop appearing one by one and many of the Konoha ninjas are injured while fighting against this soulless bodies.

Granger's Estate, England

The training with the mafia is indeed very tiring, and Harry and Ron even wonder where their strength came from. They are pretty tired and so far Ivan and Bono had really tested their ability to fight without using their magic.

"Can we…can we take a break, I don't think that I could carry it anymore," said Ron as he panting to catch some breath as Harry bent down, he is shaking pretty badly since the two mafia had tested them for hours.

"Sure, I think that we should stop here, I think that it is already evening and the two of you ought to take some rest and dinner, but don't forget that tomorrow we will start with your training, is that alright Mr Potter and Mr Weasley?" asked Ivan as he looked at the two young wizards, he can't imagine what will happen if the ones who will trained them are either John Granger, Iemitsu Sawada or worse Reborn, and even though they knew that Yamato had trained both Harry and Ron well but from the current state of the two young wizards, both Ivan and Bono knew that Yamato did not trained them the way he often trained Hermione because if he does, they won't be in this state, or maybe because they did not actually had enough time to have such hard physical training since Hermione, Harry and Ron are on the run.

"Thank…thank you," said Harry as he slowly tried to stand straight though his current physical did not allowed him as the tested had really took a toll of him. He never thought that both he and Ron will encountered such training though they used to have such training back in Konoha, but from his current state he knew that the ninjas did not trained them, well just him and Ron, hard enough since the two of them are more focus on using their magic instead of their physical strength, thinking that it won't be necessary since they are going to face wizards and witches who used wands and magic to fight.

As they are about to leave the training ground, Harry turned to both Ivan and Bono.

"What about Hermione, what do you think that she's been doing at the moment since she is not joining us for our training?" asked Harry as Ron looked at him then to the two mafias who are standing behind them.

"Well, if the two of you think that Ms Hermione did not do anything while the two of you are being trained, well you are wrong, she is currently being trained personally by our boss, and trust me, her training are much harder compared to the two of you," replied Bono as both Harry and Ron shocked.

"What do you mean, why Dino only trained her and not us together?" asked Ron, he did not know whether he should be angry or not as he felt a little neglected by Hermione and Dino while Harry seems to know why.

"Ron, stop…I'm sorry for that, we just a little bit surprise that Dino is personally train her and not us together, but I guess that what is happening today answered that question, right?" asked Harry as he eyed the two mafias and Ron looked at him in disbelieved.

"I'm glad that you have notice it Mr Potter, well the answer is yes, at the moment we want to see how far is your ability to fight physically and that without using your magic and for that our boss had sent us to do this task and from what we can concluded for today, I'm not sure if you are ready to face your training with our boss if the two of you unable to beat us in this training, our boss will train you lot harder and trust me it is going to be more tiring than ever, physically and maybe emotionally. It's not that we are underestimated the two of you, but in order for the two of you to have a training with our boss, you two needs to be more than just this," responded Ivan as both Harry and Ron looked at themselves ashamedly, knowing that they were right.

"Miss Hermione had had this kind of training since she was just a child, and those who had trained her are those who are very important in our society, namely her own parents, mostly her father, and her brother, Mr Yamato, and also by our boss and a few to name though she is not being trained as hard as her brother does. Miss Hermione is strong despite being soft and caring though she is pretty stubborn, and very bright indeed. We know that the two of you will ought to use your magic to fight, but never ignore a physical training like this because you may not know what will come in handy in case you are unable to use your magic to fight against your enemy," said Bono as both Harry and Ron looked at each other and admitted that the older man was right.

"Well, thank you for your concern, and I guess that you are right about it, and I think that I'm ready to have this training tomorrow," replied Harry as he nodded, knowing that he is ready to be train and he did not care if the training will take the toll of him as Ron slowly agreed with him, knowing that they had to prepare for the hardest tomorrow.

"Think that we should go now, you two need your rest and food," said Ivan as the four of them walked approached the elevator to take them back to the mansion above the training ground.


Meanwhile, on the other part of the mansion

"Mia, think that we should stop for now, you had done pretty well. Guess that Yamato had trained you well while you were in Konoha," said Dino as both he and Hermione panting to catch some breath.

"I guess, he does trained me lot harder than before," replied Hermione as Romario gave her and Dino a towel each and Dino just smiled at her.

"Yeah, your brother really loves you and I guess that he really want you to be safe so that's why he trained you hard this time around," responded Dino as he kept his whip back and offered his hand to Hermione and she took it, gripped his hand firmly.

"Yeah, he does," replied Hermione as the three of them left the training room.

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