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Title: I'll Explain on the Way

Author: Jade_Max

Characters: Captain Rex, Ahsoka Tano

Genre: Missing Moment Vignette

Era: The Clone Wars

Summary: Season 7, Episode 12

I'll Explain on the Way

Rex was on Ahsoka's heels as she checked the corridors and crossroads they headed for the hangar's deck at a fast pace; at the rate the ship was going down, they didn't have much time. "You're not going to like this, Rex."

"I thought you said it was a good idea."

"Mostly," she flashed him a faint smile. "I think Anakin might have tried this once."

"Then we know it works," Rex shot back grimly. He was still reeling from the revelation that everything he knew, everything he'd believed, was coming to a crushing, crashing ruin. Still, he was a solider first and compartmentalization was a part of the job; it was just taking a little longer than normal. But what was normal when your world turned to ashes?

"Well, maybe," she agreed. "Did you see where the company was standing?"

"On the hangar deck."

"I know that; where on the deck, though."

Rex considered her for a moment before he realized what she was getting it. "The lifts!"

"Right." The smile she flashed him was nostalgic; just like old times... if old times had been facing down Torrent Company and an ARC trooper who was one of the closest brothers he had left. "If G-G and Cheap can get to the lift controls, and we can distract Jesse long enough, they should be able to drop most of the boys below decks. That leaves us to stun those left while R7 gets the shuttle prepped."

"And how exactly do you propose we stall Jesse and the men?"

"This is the part you're not going to like."

He figured. "I don't like any of this, Ahsoka."

Her grimace was one he felt keenly. "Poor choice of words." She paused, checking left and then right down the next hallway, glad to find it clear, as they headed for the next intersection that would take them to the door on the deck. "You pretend to capture me."


"I said you wouldn't like it."

"It's not that I don't like it; it's just likely to get us both killed."

"If we don't get off this ship, we'll be dead anyway, Rex. Do you have a better idea?"

"No," he agreed reluctantly. "They're not going to buy it."

"You told me that Order 66 is a termination order for Jedi, right?"


"Well... I'm not a Jedi. I haven't been one for a long time."

"Logic and semantics aren't going to turn them aside from this, Ahsoka. You saw me in the command centre; I fought it, but I couldn't resist it." and it shamed him to no end. The idea of having been programmed like the very droids they'd fought so long to destroy, shredded his pride. "Jesse won't be able to see beyond the order. None of them will."

"He doesn't have to," Ahsoka stopped and turned to look at him. "He just needs to consider the idea, Rex; to pause long enough and think about it. If you bring me out to them, it will make them doubt if you're helping me or not. And maybe you're wrong; Jesse might go for it."

"Where there's life there's hope; is that it?"

Ahsoka flashed him a smile that quickly died and pulled her lightsabers off her belt and offered them to him. "We'll never know if we don't try."

"Better lucky than good?"

"If you've got nothing left..."

"And we don't." Rex sighed, conceding he didn't have a better idea as accepted her lightsabers and pulled one blaster, tucking the blades into its holster. "Alright, let's do this your way. Hands behind your head."

"Just... don't let them shoot me, okay?"

"I'll do my best."

"You always do."

Rex stepped to the side and motioned for her to go ahead of him, training the muzzle of his blaster on her. "I hope this works."

Ahsoka muttered under her breath as he reached for the controls and the door zipped open. Rex nudged her in the back of the head none too gently, not just to get her moving, but to let her knew he'd heard her soft, but not imperceptible, "You and me both".

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