So, this is my first CON fanfic, so lets see how this goes.

This is mainly the defining moments I saw for each of the Pevensies, and the defining moments they brought to Narnia.

Human nature is so fragile and breakable. In the span of time that it takes for the heart to beat in and out, only once, everything can change.

Humans tend to forget that they are indeed governed by the laws of nature and time. They seem to overlook that their lives are so short on the span of time; incredibly insignificant in the overall scheme of things.

For them, their lifetime is so minute, so delicate, that a single moment is all it takes to change everything.

The moment that Peter conceded and started to count, set everything in motion; the first domino to fall. If he had said no, or suggested a different game, their story would be very much different. Though Aslan has his ways of making everything turn out the way it should…

The moment Lucy entered the wardrobe, she set Narnia in motion. She brought in the gust of fresh air; the signal of spring's coming. In that instant, she brought hope back to a world that had been starved of such a thing for a hundred years. That brought forward events that would shape the rest of her life; it would make her the kind, valiant warrior she was to become.

The moment Edmund heard the bells was the moment that started his journey to manhood. They signaled his fall from grace; his path towards destruction, and then his steep, uphill climb towards righteousness and justice. Had he not heard those bells or had he run away from them, he might never have become what he did; a good, just, and merciful king.

The moment Susan blew the horn to warn Peter of the danger she and Lucy were in, was what brought about the end of Peter's childhood. Once he killed the wolf – the reason for the warning – the last of Peter's innocence was lost, for you can never kill and stay what you were before. In that span of time that the horn blew, it signaled what was about to happen. It was the cry of what was about to be lost. But also the sign of something greater emerging; a knight, and a man ready to be a warrior and king.

The moment Susan left Narnia, without a backward glance, brought her to her current situation: alone and without hope. She lost so much that was dear to her: her country, her people, her childhood. It set in motion her path of vanity and selfishness; she wanted to forget the pain. Had she looked back, perhaps she would have seen the look of sorrow in Aslan's eyes; that it truly pained him to see his child leave him forever. If she had, maybe she would have seen that he did not want her to go, but that she had a purpose in her world that she needed to fulfill before returning with her siblings to her true home. She might not have lost faith; then she would not be alone in this world, with no family to love her and friends as fickle as the wind.

There are times in everyone's life that define us; who we are, what we will become, and the path we will follow. These moments can be as seemingly innocent as ringing bells or a wardrobe full of coats. Yet, those bells can bring warning of the evil that is coming, or the wardrobe can have something more than just coats in its depths, waiting to be found if only someone would look.

Those are the moments most carefully watched; those are the true signals of something greater approaching. So watch for them, do not be caught unawares, for they can come at any time.