Author's note: Written for a prompt on the Glee Kink Meme. The prompt itself is a page long, so I will include it at the bottom. This is actually my new WIP, not "Into the light" – looks like I'll be working on two at once. I had a technology failure, so while I try and remember four pages of TWB dialogue and smut have this instead. (Yes, I cried over lost data, then baked cake, then wrote this).

Summary: AU from the start of Season 2. Sebastian Smythe is a new transfer student to the halls of McKinley. Kurt feels assaulted from all sides and has to make a deal with an unlikely ally in order to survive his year at school.


A new year.

New beginnings.

He breathes in the smell of the weird citrus scented cleaner that the janitor uses and wrinkles his nose. Okay. So maybe he didn't miss school that much. The hallway is busy, students streaming in and out of classes, pieces of paper clutched in their hands with new locker combinations, class schedules. It's a mixture of chaos, partially organized and there's so many new faces. It feels good to be one higher up on the food chain and he has high hopes for his Junior year.

He jumps when he feels a hand grasp his ass cheek and he turns so fast, trying to see who just had the audacity to touch him. No one is looking at him, no more than the usual glances he receives anyway. He swallows convulsively, wondering if it was just a mistake, an accidental brush, whether he's just being paranoid. That's it. He's being paranoid. He let's out a short huff of breath and spies Mercedes across the hall and up a bit, struggling with her locker combination and an armful of books. He perks up, closes his locker and heads over to her just in time to be slammed against the wall of lockers. Ow ow ow. Sharp stinging pain as a combination lock jabs him in a shoulder blade and he sees the letterman-clad backs disappear down the hallway in echoes of laughter.

He sucks in a deep breath and rolls his eyes. He'd hoped, naively, that people would be more mature in Junior year. Apparently not. He feels slightly disheartened by the fact, because school hasn't even started and he may have already been inappropriately groped and then slammed into a locker. Wonderful start to the year. He takes Mercedes books from her with a smile, deliberately distracting himself from the now throbbing pain in his shoulder. She thanks him gratefully and they head off to homeroom, and he's glad 'H' and 'J' fall together so closely in the alphabet.

He's already studied his class schedule, feels confident about his classes this year, wants this year to be better than the last. It has to be. Things can only improve. He has friends in the Glee Club now, he didn't get tossed into a dumpster this morning, and well…it has to be better. It's like a mantra he repeats in his head. He has Glee, and that got him through last year, and he knows it'll help him get through this year as well if everything turns to custard.


An AU, set back in the innocent days before the events in Never Been Kissed. Kurt never went to Dalton, and therefore never met Blaine.

A new student, Sebastian, transfers to McKinley. He's arrogant, selfish, talented and out and proud. He's determined to bed the only other out kid at the school he feels he's too good for, and so constantly makes sexual advances towards Kurt.

Kurt now has the fun 'option' of either getting shoved into lockers by Karofsky, or being pulled away and groped by Sebastian. When Sebastian's sexual orientation becomes apparent, the news travels like wildfire, and Karofsky realises that he may have competition for Kurt's potential affections.

Then, the kiss incident happens, when Kurt chases after Dave, furious from having to put up with all this crap. Later, Dave corners Kurt in the parking lot after school and begins to demand to know whether he's slept with Sebastian. Kurt is not far off from having a nervous breakdown, and says no and that he hates Sebastian. Dave tries to ask him to be his boyfriend, but all he can say is: "I don't want you to have sex with Sebastian." Kurt asks him why, and Dave then asks: "Why did you push me away?"

Eventually, Kurt grows tired of Dave's procrastinating, and makes him an offer. He tells Dave that if he stops bullying him, and protects him from Sebastian's advances, he'll be his boyfriend. He tells him that he can't do just sex, as he wants a bit of happiness and stability. Dave tells Kurt that he wants a relationship with him, but that he can't come out. Kurt says that he's okay with this for now, but that, even when they're ready, he won't have sex with Dave until the boy is out. Dave = o_O )X

TL;DR AU, pre-NBK (initially). Sebastian transfers to McKinley, and begins to hit on Kurt, who doesn't want the attention at all. Dave is jealous of Sebastian. As the advances get more physical, the incident in the locker room between Kurt and Dave happens as in canon, and later Dave confronts Kurt about Sebastian. Kurt makes the offer: If Dave stops bullying him and protects him from Sebastian, he'll be his boyfriend.