Author's note: This chapter was awesome to write. The episode had almost no Kurt or Dave in it worth mentioning so meant I could pretty much have full reign. This makes me happy. The chapter after this might be a couple of weeks again.

Thanks to Rubylis, Blueberrykisses and Cornflakesareglutenfree on tumblr for helping me with some brainstorming around Kurt's Christmas "wish".


"Dude, you're holding out on me…"

"What? No I'm not."

"Uh, yeah you are. You have a fucking hickey the size of my fist on the side of your neck." His hand flies to his neck, his body turning shivery ice-cold and he looks at Az. "So, who gave it to you?"

"Uh, I'd rather not say." His stomach clenches unpleasantly and he's not ready for this, but he doesn't think he'll ever be ready. He has to find out sooner or later what Az might think, but the idea of him suddenly losing his best friend, that he considers more of a brother than either of his two real ones…

"Look man, I'm not stupid. I know you got the hots for someone in the glee club. But the only single chick is Jones, and I know you wouldn't edge in on a girl I'm aiming to ask out."

"Rachel is single," he replies, mind racing and hearing Kurt continuously talk about his friends by their first names is what has made him use her first name rather than her last and he knows Z is going to pick up on it.

"You're macking it with Berry? Dude! That girl is crazy! What are you thinking? Oh wait, I get it… you aren't thinking. At least not with your brain."

"Oh fuck, no, I'm not making out with Rachel Berry. Or Mercedes. Or any of the girls in glee." He feels faint, breaths coming too fast. "I'm gay."

"What? No you're not man."

"Uh." He swallows. "Yeah. I am."

"No. You can't be. You aren't anything like Hummel."

"We don't come in one shape and size Az."

"No. Hell no. You expect me to believe that Hummel gave you that hickey?"

He nods, and fuck this was a bad idea. His breathing is sharp and shallow, heart pounding, blood rushing in his ears and as Az stands he fully expects a punch or something. Anything. Except Az just leaves, footsteps fast and heavy and he feels like crying.


Kurt stares at the message on his phone and knows he needs to go and… well, be there for Dave? He's not really sure, and a little part of him wants to dance with excitement that he's come out to someone, willingly, but that it hasn't gone well makes him feel awful, and he has no idea how Dave might be feeling. If he'll maybe blame Kurt for potentially loosing him his best friend.

"What's wrong?"

"Just… you remember that super secret conversation we had at Sectionals?"

"Oh, all about your Disney Knight-in-Shining-Armor that I still don't really believe?"

"Yeah. Him. He just told his best friend and it hasn't gone down so well… can you…"

"Wait up. You're actually serious? You and Dave Karofsky are actually… boyfriends?"

"You thought I was lying?"

"Well… I thought it was a creative lie to cover up something even weirder. No idea what, but figured you were blackmailing him or something…"

"No. I told you the truth. And now he's just come out to Azimio and…"

"Oh. I don't know if that would have gone so well."

"Yeah, and I don't think me talking to Azimio will exactly help matters."

"You want me to go do damage control? Give him the one-oh-one course on how to have a gay best friend?"

He grins at the way she's worded it, but he nods.

"Could you?"

"Sure. Why not." Her tone of voice and roll of eyes tell him she clearly thinks she has better things to do, but she gives him a quick hug before leaving him to go and find Dave.


Sebastian's not sure where Mercedes and Kurt are, but he guesses if he could escape the lame sing-song around the pitiful excuse for a Christmas tree then he would too. Everyone seems to be forcing the Christmas cheer just a little too much.

"Hey guys, what's this?"

"Oh, we're trying to get into the Christmas spirit Mr Schue. Christmas is totally my favorite holiday. And check out this awesome tree! I found it on the side of the road. It must have fell off some guys car."

"And the ornaments?"

"The guy who lives next door finally killed off his elderly mother. When they carted him off they left the house like wide open. I think she was a holiday hoarder."

"Ah, and the presents?"

"I lifted them from a display at the mall, but don't worry, they're empty."

"Guys, look, I appreciate the effort, but this isn't what Christmas is supposed to be like."

"For us it is. This tree is like a mascot for Glee Club. We won Sectionals for two years in a row, but according to everyone at this school, we still suck."

He has to agree, he was with Tina and Mercedes when they'd been the recipients of the full-frontal slushy-attack, and he'd fully expected Karofsky to be the perpertrator and had actually been a little surprised he wasn't. Although he guesses there's more than one asshole in the school.

"Wait, you got slushied? I thought Karofsky and Azimio had stopped that?" "Yeah, they have. But Strando and Nelson seem to have taken up their cause."

Everyone grumbles and agrees, although he's pretty sure Karofsky would willingly throw a slushy in his face. Mr Schuester actually looks angry, as if he's about to stomp his foot like a toddler throwing a tantrum.

"No! I am not going to let you guys throw yourselves a pity party. Look, I'm the first one to say things haven't exactly turned how I would have liked them to this year. But Christmas is all about being grateful for the things that did."

"I thought that was Thanksgiving," Puck mutters and Sebastian agrees with him. He lets the flow of conversation wash over him but snaps back to attention when Mr Schuester claps his hands and raises his voice slightly, and he hears;

"-by singing about it! We're going to go classroom to classroom, caroling, to raise money."

Oh fuck no.

"Wait. Classrooms in this school with students in them?" Tina asks, and yeah, her tone of voice clearly indicates she thinks it's a suicidal idea.

"If there are no students in them, then whose going to put money in the collection boxes while we sing!" Sometimes he thinks Mr Schuester is high, because no one can be that enthusiastic and delusional at the same time.

"We're going to be killed." Quinn says and he nods, agreeing completely, although he'd go with physically maimed, a bit less melodramatic.

"No guys, it's Christmas. A time for miracles. We've got to try this," Finn interjects and of course Rachel is nodding and agreeing, but he isn't the only one rolling his eyes.

"Finn's right. So! Let's start rehearsing! This year, Glee Club is going full Santa."


It doesn't go well. They straggle back into the choir room and Sebastian looks around at the dejected faces of the other glee club members. It is kind of depressing, and it's something he's actually kind of over. Without the prospect of getting into Kurt's pants his sole reason for being in this lameass club is gone. Although he still has the number for that guy from the Dalton Academy Warblers burning a hole in his pocket. He hadn't wanted to seem too keen, but maybe now is a good time to give him a call. It'd definitely lift his Christmas spirits.

"I can't believe that that teacher let the students speak to us like that!"

"I can't believe she threw her shoe at us."

"I guess we're done caroling."

"No. Or not. Guys, we can't let what just happened ruin our Christmas spirit. Mr Schue got us this beautiful tree to inspire us. We're going to practice now and gear up for round two tomorrow."

"Pretty soon no one will bully us. Santa Clause can do anything, and this year I asked for the Glee Club to stop getting picked on."

He blinks and turns to Artie.

"She's kidding right?"

Artie shakes his head and motions them all closer and he lowers his head so he can hear what Artie has to say.

"Brittney still believes in Santa Claus."

He doesn't know why he's even a little bit surprised and when Sam says 'Last week she believed a comb had magic powers' he sighs and continues to listen to Artie's plan with only half of his attention. He has plans of his own.


Dave is annoyed with him and for that reason he's annoyed with Dave. He doesn't get what the big deal is about Az running off when Dave came out to him. He knows he probably wasn't the sympathetic ear that Dave maybe wanted, but really, it's not the end of the world. He shifts to his other foot, fighting the impulse to check his phone again to see if maybe Dave has apologized yet for storming off. He watches as Mercedes gingerly settles herself into Santa's lap and requests a pony. Brittney is bouncing up and down on the balls of her feet beside him and he smiles tightly at the others, still slightly disbelieving that they're even doing this.

He's up next and he sighs as he rests himself on the knee of a guy in a Santa costume. He really can't believe that they're doing this.

"And what's your name?"


"And what would you like from Santa Kurt?"

He lets out a long sigh and looks over to where the majority of his friends are standing and listening.

"I'd like a solo. And… well, a touch of romance in my life wouldn't go amiss either." He pauses and then lowers his voice. "Don't worry, I won't hold my breath on either account."

After being told to be a 'good boy' he rejoins Mercedes, folding his arms as he listens to the other's go up, asking for things ranging from chap stick, to bling, to something for stretch marks before it's finally Brittney's turn. Despite her lack of intelligence he does like Brittney's innocent nature the majority of the time. She whispers something to the woman dressed as an elf and then sits on Santa's lap, far more enthusiastically than any of them have.

"Ho ho ho. What's your name?"

"Brittney. You've gotten really tan."

"That's because at the North Pole there's a hole in the ozone."

"You're amazing. I know you're really really busy. So I only want one thing for Christmas. Do you see my boyfriend over there? For Christmas, I want him to be able to walk. You can do that can't you Santa?"

He has to smile, because of all the things everyone else has asked for, Brittney is the only one who is asking for something that isn't actually for her. Artie is making desperate head shaking gestures, but the glint in the Santa's eyes tell him that they're about to pay for subjecting him to a bunch of teenagers sitting on his lap and asking for ridiculous things.

"Sure, I'm on it." Kurt's positive the grin on the guys face is sadistic as he gives them one last glance before Brittney bounces off his knee and Artie is mumbling 'Now we're screwed' but the hand on his arm, tugging him away and he looks around to see the frowning face of Mercedes.


"We need to talk."

He lets her peel him away from the main group, and she actually looks a little angry at him, and he's wracking his brain trying to think of something that he done or said that she might be annoyed at him before. It wouldn't be the first time he's unknowingly put his foot in it. When they're away from everyone she turns to him, face drawn down in a scowl.

"Are you trying to win worst boyfriend of the year award?"

"I – what?"

"I just got a text message from Azimio. Dave is apparently crying, crying Kurt, saying that you don't understand."

"I – what?" He repeats.

"Him coming out, being out, is not going to be as easy as you think it is."

"Wait, you think me coming out was easy?"

"Kurt, compared to what Dave is facing, yes. I know you felt like it was a big deal, and it was, for you. But you also were accepted and loved and everyone pretty much knew anyway."

"So? How would that be different for Dave?"

She blinks and then pulls a face, head shaking.

"I can't believe you are actually this naïve. You think if the football team found out they'd all pat him on the back and sign a song about it? No. He'd most likely be beaten to a pulp. Possibly even killed. Have you met his family? Do you know how they might react? Jesus Christ Kurt… have you given this any thought?"

He bows his head, because when she puts it all like that, he hasn't. Not really. He has no idea how Dave's family might react, and you can't replace them. Oh god, now he feels terrible, remembering his blasé comment about how Dave can just find a new best friend.

"Oh god, I'm a terrible boyfriend."

"Yes well, you're new at this and apparently need practice. And Azimio told me that he was going to make Dave crying my problem, which makes it yours. You need to fix this."

"Azimio is okay now right? With Dave being gay?"

"Lets just say he's working on it. It was something of a shock."

"I bet."

"And he loves Dave, like a brother. They've been friends since pre-school. Azimio said Dave is like the brother he never had."

"This isn't making me feel better."

"It's not meant to."

He nods, accepting her judgment. He just wants to be able to do things with David that he sees other people doing, but he guesses he needs to accept that he won't be able to. He supposes he should be happy he even has a boyfriend in the first place, considering he didn't think that would ever happen. Plus it's Christmas, the season for miracles.


It's a long drive, but he hopes it'll be worth his while. He's sent quite a few texts, all heavily laden with innuendo and flirty overtones, and the guy, Blaine, has responded in kind, so he's pretty sure he's onto a sure thing. Fuck he hopes so. It's been months, and he's developed calluses on his hand from jerking off so much. Ostensibly he's going out to help him practice singing a song, but he knows the guy is good and has probably practiced it enough.

He parks his car and signs in, smiling winningly at the woman behind the counter as she gives him directions to the Warbler common room. He sets off, feeling a little out of place without the uniform every other guy his age is wearing, but it also makes him stick out, unique. He finds Blaine singing to an empty room and yeah, the guy is definitely fuckable, although he doubts that will be happening tonight. He presses the door closed super quietly and locks it, waiting for him to finish.

"From the top?" He suggests and Blaine whips around, eyes wide.

"Oh wow, you scared me a little."

"Sorry. Should have text you when I got here."

"I – well, my phone is up in my room, so that wouldn't have worked. Hi. It's nice to see you again…"

"It's nice to see you too," Sebastian replies, and he lets his eyes lower, sweep over Blaine's body, hoping his intentions are clear because he's really not in the mood for a gentle seduction. Not that that's ever been his style, but he'd maybe actually be willing to try it here.

"So, from the top?" Blaine asks, and he sounds a little breathless, lips wet and shiny likes he's just licked them, and yeah, he's pretty sure they're on the same page.

"From the top."

They sing and dance, and he rolls his eyes internally at the showmanship of it, but it gives him the opportunity to get into Blaine's personal space, rubbing up against him, touching him, growing bolder as the song progresses and as Blaine responds positively. While it starts out as a game of cat-and-mouse, them both playing a little coy it suddenly isn't and with the dark-brown leather sofa between them he cuts the song short, leaning forward and capturing those soft lips with his own. Blaine doesn't pull away, instead presses forward, then hands are in his hair, pulling him closer and yes he can definitely go along with this.

He scrambles over the sofa, kneeling and not stopping the path of lips as he places kisses over cheek, jaw, neck before going back to Blaine's mouth with a little more force. He's a bit worried that stopping will result in not starting again, and that's something he isn't okay with. There are quiet moans though, little jerky body movements which tell him that Blaine likes it. He moves his hand to the fly of Blaine's pants, rubbing at the hardening length, and a part of him is glad he hasn't lost his touch.

He's not sure what to go for, and he's pretty sure the way Blaine is responding, thrusting into his hand, that he's not done this before and might not last long. That's okay, he's not planning a marathon session, now is not the time or place, and if he plays this right he can get repeat performances over and over until something new catches his fancy. He presses Blaine back so he's lying on the sofa, whispering quiet words 'you're so hot, so fucking sexy, make me so hard' as he continues placing kisses on every bared surface of skin.

He insinuates a leg between Blaine's, letting the other hand over the side where he can get more leverage and he supports most of his weight on an arm as he grinds down, eliciting a groan from the body beneath him so he does it again, moaning at the friction against his own erection and pulling at Blaine's bottom lip with his teeth.

"Not here," Blaine gasps out, "the door…"

"I locked it. It's okay…"

"Oh…oh fuck."

That sounds really odd coming out of such a preppy looking face, although the hair is mussed beyond recognition, eyes clenched shut and his mouth is open and panting. It's a good look on him and he resumes the kissing-grinding combination, relishing the feel of fingers scrabbling at his back, digging into his shirt, the mumbled and incomprehensible words being uttered with half a breath, body arching up to met his.

He licks and nips at the small amount of skin available above the collar, wishing he could lay him out naked on his sheets and see how responsive he really is all over. The scent of fresh sweat, shared arousal, something he hasn't smelled in a longtime fills his senses, combines with the feel of the body beneath him, the sound of them together and it's a sensory feast, and this is what he enjoys about sex. All his senses heightened as he gets off.

"You going to come for me?" He asks, before sucking an earlobe and dragging his teeth over it, savoring the sudden bucking of Blaine's body and grunt of what he thinks might be a precursor to Blaine coming.

"I, close, please…"

He wants to keep thrusting against him until he comes, and he can't believe he's actually resorting to dry-humping, but he slips a hand down, cupping Blaine's erection and rubbing briskly, watching his face as the tendons in his neck tighten, eyes screw shut and bottom lip caught between teeth so hard the surrounding skin goes white. Blaine's body continues to thrust into his hand, and he knows he's close. When his eyes shoot open only to close again he knows that was it, although the full body shudder and long groan are also huge clues.

He resumes his thrusting, really wanting to take his dick out and stroke it, but figures that might freak Blaine out a little too much, and he doesn't want to do that if he wants a repeat performance. He focuses again on the senses, and he's sure he can smell come now, and even if he's imagining it, the knowledge that the scent is there somewhere, because Blaine has come in his pants because of him, it makes the pressure in his balls coalesce and he lets it go in one smooth rush, moaning as his orgasm flows through him.

It's not the best orgasm he's ever had, but beggars can't be choosers, and he continues a gentle thrusting as he comes down from the high. An orgasm with someone else is still better than one alone in his book, and he kisses along Blaine's jaw before initiating a slow thorough kiss, running his tongue over teeth, the roof of his mouth and along his tongue before slowly pulling back.

"You okay?"

"Uh, yeah. That was… um, a little unexpected."

"Good though?"

"Uh yeah. Good."

Blaine looks a little embarrassed and he kind of finds it a little cute but pulls back, doing his best to ignore the slimy wetness in his pants. The idea of driving back to Lima just became doubly unpleasant.

"Well, I'm glad you liked it. And I hate to love and leave you, but I have a curfew I have to get home for!" He stands and straightens his shirt, trying to ignore the look of disappointment on Blaine's face but leans down and gives him another quick kiss before walking to the door and unlocking it, sending the still slightly stunned looking Blaine a wink.

"I'll call you!"


"Mr Schuester. You're at my house."

"Ah yeah, Hi Kurt. I wanted some holiday help. I don't know if you know this, but I am really terrible at holiday shopping."

He glances behind him, wondering if he should even let his teacher in, and it's kind of creepy him turning up unannounced like this and he knows Mr Schue is in love with Miss Pillsbury, but flashes of Mr Ryerson go through his head. He's not alone though. He's meant to be, groveling to his dad for some alone time with David so they can have a romantic movie and instead his choir teacher has turned up…

"Hey Kurt, you want the marshmallows in your mug or. – oh, hi Mr Schuester."

"David. Hello."

He turns and looks at Kurt, and he clearly wants to know the answer to the unspoken question.

"We're friends now. Getting over our differences one hot cocoa at a time…"

The expression on Mr Schuester's face make it blatantly obvious he doesn't buy a word of it but he doesn't care, it's none of his business who his friends are, especially considering how little Mr Schue did last year in response to the bullying he experienced.

"You said you wanted to ask me something?"

"Oh, right. The faculty are having a secret santa gift exchange, and I drew Sue's name. I was wondering if you could maybe help me out with a gift suggestion? You're great at shopping."

He gives him a blank stare, a little annoyed that his evening has been interrupted for something so frivolous.

"A tracksuit. With fur trim. She'll love it." He starts closing the door, feeling a little rude but can't find it in him to care, he has a boyfriend he has plans with.

"Oh, I… thanks Kurt. Have a good night. Are you sure you're okay with Karofsky here?"

"Oh, I am more than happy he's here. Good night Mr Schue."

He goes into the lounge where Dave is sitting, looking uncomfortable. He's already apologized for being insensitive. They've actually talked a lot, rather than making out, which is their usual pastime when they're together. He knows his dad is fully convinced that they're going to rip each other's clothes off and have sex on the dining room table or something, but he actually just wanted to have something bordering on a normal date. Plus they needed to talk.

"You okay?"

"Yeah. Just… I'm sorry you can't tell people that we're together."

Dave sounds truly upset and he shakes his head, gripping his hand and then lacing their fingers together.

"The important people know. My dad, Carole and Mercedes. And now Azimio. That's enough." Yesterday he would have added for now to that, but he now knows differently. He can't push Dave into anything. He needs to support him and accept his coming out is his own and he can't rush it to suit his own purposes. The idea of Dave being hurt simply because he's gay makes him feel physically ill, and he wishes things were different, that they lived in a different city.

"Yeah. Z will come around. I think Mercedes talked some sense into him."

"I imagine she did more than just talk, but I am glad she could help. You know I really don't want you to loose you oldest and closest friend."

"Yeah, I know. Thanks."

He leans over and places a kiss at the corner of Dave's mouth and when it causes an automatic twitching of lips up into a smile he feels warmth radiate from within.


Dave's hands are shaking, but he knows he needs to do this. His mom is the least of his worries really. In comparison to Az this should be a walk in the park. And he wants to do this. Having Mr Hummel and Mrs Hummel-Hudson just welcome him into their home as Kurt's boyfriend, to be able to have that freedom… he wants to have that with Kurt and his family. Invite him around for dinner. He knows logically that the more people that know his secret the more likely it is to get out to people he'd rather didn't know, but he doesn't want to live with that fear hanging over him for the rest of his life, and starting now seems as good a time as any; although throwing up first might be a good idea.

"Mom, can I talk to you?" He asks, and she's in the middle of doing the laundry, a chore he knows neither of his brothers will interrupt.

"Sure honey. What is it?"

"Uh. Well. I'm not sure how to say this exactly, so I'm just going to blurt it out…" his mom looks a bit worried, but he figures it's probably her imagining the worst possible things, like killing someone. At least he hopes that's what she's imagining. "I'm gay."

"Oh… oh," she repeats, looking a little relieved, and he guesses she probably thought he had killed someone or something. "Are you… okay?"

"I… mom. I should be asking you that. I'm fine. Really."

"Okay. Okay then. Oh. Does anyone else know?"

"Ah… well. Z. He's not really coping with it so well. Um."

"Well, it's a lot to take in," his mother says, and she looks a little dazed.

"Yeah. I know…" he replies, laughing a little at himself depreciatingly.

"Anyone else?"

"Uh," he swallows. "My boyfriend."

"Wait, you have a boyfriend?"


That causes his mom to sway and then she's leaning against the wall, staring at him with wide eyes and he wishes he knew what to say. Maybe he shouldn't have dumped all of this on her at once.

"Uh, his parents know as well I guess. Well, his dad and step-mom. Um."

"Who, who is it?"

"Um, Kurt Hummel?"

"Oh. Burt Hummel's little boy?"

He frowns, he wouldn't exactly call Kurt a little boy, but he guesses it's one of those parents things where everyone is stuck at the age you first met them or something.

"Uh, I guess? I mean, Kurt doesn't have any brothers. Apart from Hudson, and he doesn't count…"

"Finn Hudson?"

"Yeah. His mom and Kurt's dad got married a couple of weeks ago. I uh, went to the wedding."

"How long have you been going out with him!"

"Uh, like four or five weeks?"

"Oh sausage…"

"Mom." Fuck he hopes she never calls him that in front of Kurt.

"I just feel very old all of a sudden. You've been dealing with this and I didn't even know, and you have a boyfriend and… well. Can I meet him?"

"I… yeah. I'd like that. Just… not yet. I was kind of hoping you could tell dad, Drew and Ricky."

"Of course. And I won't let your brother's give you a hard time about it either."

"It's fine mom. Really."

"Do you think I should invite Kurt's family around for dinner?"

Fuck no! Is his first instinct and he shakes his head, knowing his mom's love of throwing dinner parties and reaching out to people and really not wanting to encourage that.

"Uh, how about we wait a while for a joint family dinner. Please."

"Okay. If you're sure. But I want to meet him as soon as possible, he was always such a sweet child. Such a shame about his mother…"

He agrees wordlessly, and slowly relaxes, releasing the tension from his shoulders at the fact that he effectively just came out to his family.


The next day at school Dave's not sure how he's been commandeered with the other guys to talk to Coach Beiste, but Puckerman drags him along, telling him to just go with it. The other glee guys have clearly though it through, and despite the strange looks they accept his presence without comment. It's weird and as he listens to them outline their completely insane idea he knows Coach Beiste and him are totally in the same page when the guys insist she needs to dress as Santa and talk to Brittney.

"Are you guys punking me?"

"You've got the perfect Santa body type."

"Watch it Puckerman."

He shakes his head, he really wants no part in this crazy ass plan of the glee guys to ensure Brittney keeps on believing, but when Artie explains the whole trip to the mall and how she asked for him to be able to walk he has to smile at the sheer innocence of the request.

"She asked Santa for the impossible," Artie finishes and that's actually really sad, and he can tell Coach is thinking the exact same thing, that she's about to agree with the crazy-assed scheme and go along with it. Evans is making some sort of comment about elves and stem-cell research and he should just shut the fuck up and he's pretty sure Beiste agrees just so he does.

"Right, so now we just need to break into her house," Artie states.

"Wait! No way!" Beiste exclaims, and he's totally with her but Artie is waving his hands in the air.

"The backdoor will be open. I talked to her parents. They really want her to believe as well."

That seems to be the end of it and Puckerman slaps him on the back as the rest of them leave for glee club or whatever and he sits there, stunned into silence at somehow being included in one of their completely hare-brained ideas.

"That group is a force to be reckoned with. I swear, they have more balls than the entire football team combined. Big hearts too. Since when did you become friendly with them?"

"I'm… not. They just seem to have adopted me. It's actually kind of scary."

He didn't mean to be funny but she cracks up laughing anyway, and he gets another thumb on his back, much firmer than Puckerman's before being told to get to class. He doesn't need to be told twice.


Sebastian is speechless when he walks into the choir room, and he can't believe that this has actually happened. He's only been at the school for a few months and he's shocked that someone would even do this. The choir room looks like vandals have attacked, and before he can even ask what happened Mr Schuester is walking in behind him, asking what has gone on.

"They took everything."

"Including all of Sue's secret Santa gifts that we were going to give to the homeless kids."

"Only further proof that everyone at this school hates us no matter what we do," Rachel snaps, and he bites back a comment about her being the reason why so many of the other kids seem to not like their group but he keeps his mouth shut, but Santana catches his eye and he can tell she was thinking a similar thought.

"It's not the school. It was Sue."

"It wasn't Sue, it was Santa. He said a light was out on the tree and to fix everything we just had to let him do his thing."

Wow, Brittney's naivety is truly astounding and he shakes his head.

"Oooh-kay. Are you sure Santa was a boy and not a girl Brittney?"

"I swear on my life. Santa's a boy. Everybody knows that."

"It was probably one of the boys on the football team," Rachel states, and he actually has to agree with her. A staff member doing this seems extreme, even for this school.

"I guess it wasn't Sue," Mr Schue mutters, and he wonders if the guy is obsessed with her or something.

He can hear the still ongoing Rachel and Finn drama, then he hears Kurt's response as Rachel pleads with him to help her reason with Finn.

"Look Rachel, Finn's my brother now, and my first pledge of loyalty is to him. And now I know I should have wished for all your sweaters to miraculously disappear."

He lets out a snort of amusement, because her sweaters are pretty hideous but all he gets from Kurt is a glare and he rolls his eyes at his melodrama – he's just as bad as Rachel.


Kurt goes along with Finn's suggestion of caroling in the staff room. At least they're away from the perils of attacking students here, and there's actually a rising sense of Christmas spirit, which actually feels pretty good. The fact that they're so close to the end of school for the year probably helps put the teachers in a more positive frame of mind at least and he sings along with the others, mind on what he could possibly give Dave for Christmas. Or whether they are even exchanging gifts. Surely they will. Right?

His mind is a little distracted as he heads back to the choir room after lunch and he stops when he sees Artie, standing there, taller than everyone and Brittney is talking about how Santa came through and there's quiet whispering and as he joins the others in watching Artie walk he does actually feel like it's a Christmas Miracle.

Now he just needs to figure out what to get Dave for Christmas.


Everything has been good. Calm. Way better than he expected really. His dad had taken him into his room and sat him down, asked him if he was sure and if there was anything him or his mom could do… he's not quite sure what his dad meant by that, but he'd shaken his head, because them just accepting it means so much. Az has also come around, although he finds him staring at him a couple of times like he's trying to work out a weird puzzle. They'd teamed up against Drew and Ricky and whipped them repeatedly, both calling out taunts to the losers and when Z had chucked out the insult about them being gay, Ricky had just turned around and said 'wrong brother' which had almost made him cry with relief.

His brothers are close, and while he's always felt like the outsider they've both come to him in the last week and made sure that he's okay. Both postured and threatened to beat anyone up that is giving him grief and he'd told them he can take care of himself but he knows where they are if he ever needs them. That had seemed to satisfy them.

He hasn't told Kurt he's come out to his family, is kind of saving it up as a kind of big reveal as part of his Christmas present. Not that he thinks hanging out at his place is any great thing, but being able to introduce Kurt to his family, as his boyfriend, because he's proud to be able to call Kurt that, it's something he can give Kurt that he knows Kurt wants.

He finishes up working out. Coach Beiste has given after hours access to the gym at school and he's taking full advantage of it, even on Christmas Eve, although it's not quite that time yet, it soon will be and his mom will fully expect them to all dress up go to church, but he has time, several hours in fact. He shoves his workout clothes into his bag, scrubbing at his hair with a towel and hoping it won't freeze too bad when he goes outside. He does have a hat, but he always feels like such a little kid when he wears it and he fingers the woolen brim as he walks toward the exit.


He almost jumps out of his skin and he turns, seeing Coach Sylvester standing there with her hands on her hips like he daren't disobey her.

"Ah. Coach Sylvester?"

"You don't celebrate this useless holiday! Come with me!"

He'd like to interject and point out that yes, he does in fact celebrate this holiday but he sighs and follows her to her office and huh, there's the answer of who ruined the glee club's Christmas. She instructs him to package all the gifts into her car, gives him cash to go and buy a tree and tells him to deliver it to her house, giving him a key. He takes it cautiously, and he can only assume that the silly season has made the teachers even loopier than normal.

"Now, while you at it, go round up the glee club with whatever brute strength you have remaining and make sure they're all at that address by five sharp!"

"I don't know anyone in the glee club…" he protests weakly and he knows she doesn't by it by the incredibly condescending look she gives him.

"Who do you think you're fooling? Because it ain't Sue Sylvester. Don't think I haven't noticed you and Twinkle Toes getting all friendly with one another." He freezes and she chuckles, patting his cheek. "Don't worry secret gay, I won't tell anyone. Now just do as I say."

He nods jerkily and gets into his truck, pulling out his phone and ringing Kurt. His number is the only one he has, although Z probably has Mercedes' number by now.

"Merry Christmas Dave!"

"Uh, hi Kurt…"

"What's wrong? You sound stressed."

"Uh. Coach Sylvester just asked me to do a bunch of stuff…" He outlines what she's asked, which isn't a lot if he delegates the role of glee club gatherer to Kurt, and he knows Kurt is listening, making little hmming sounds. He repeats the address she gave him and that's when Kurt stops him.

"That's not her address. That's Mr Schuester's address. Wait. She has a key to his house? Ew. Something about the lives of teachers I do not want to know. Okay, so I'll get everyone there and… hopefully I'll see you?"

"I – yeah. Hopefully."

They actually have plans to see each other tomorrow but he doesn't need a reason to see Kurt so he'll definitely find a way of sticking around. As long as there aren't too many of the glee club, because en masse they are a scary bunch and after the thing with the guys he's already starting to feel like he's being dragged into unwillingly. He goes and buys a tree, glad he's not the only person on the lot looking and then goes to the address to find Coach Sylvester waiting. He hands over the key and feels distinctly awkward as she directs him to put the tree up and then carry all the gifts inside, along with boxes of Christmas decorations he's not seen before.

"Karofsky? What are you doing here?" Berry. Awesome. Why couldn't it have been Mercedes, or Kurt…

"Uh –"

"He's Santa's little helper. Go hang these up."

He shuts his mouth again as she shoves a box of decorations into Berry's chest and then pushes her toward the tree. More of them arrive and Sue directs them like an army, and he's just wondering when Kurt will arrive when he breezes in, looks around and then jerks his head toward the front door. It's ridiculous, but he looks toward Coach Sylvester, receives a sharp nod of whatever and follows Kurt outside, closing the door. Kurt's arms go around him in a tight hug and he smiles, hugging him back but he's also a little baffled. They only saw each other a couple of days ago.


"Hi. You smell good. Piney."

"Yeah. The tree… Kurt? You okay?"

"Yeah. Just… it's nice to see you."

"It's always nice to see you," he replies, and isn't that a telling statement, but he doesn't think Kurt noticed.

He knows Kurt didn't notice when he feels a hand slide into the back pocket of his jeans and he glances toward the door nervously, but then relaxes. He's pretty sure Sue won't be letting any of them out of there any time soon so he lets his hands settle on Kurt's hips, stepping closer and closing the gap between them.

"Merry Christmas."

"Mmm… Merry Christmas."

He feels so ridiculously happy, repeating the sentiment back to him, and then Kurt's pressing his lips against his, and he can feel that they're tilted up in a smile like his own, and he flicks his tongue out, playfully, but also wanting to give him a proper kiss. It goes from being softly inquisitive to hard and passionate almost instantly and he can feel Kurt's hand pulling at his shirt, wanting to get access to skin and despite the logical part of his brain screaming at him that here and now is not the place he doesn't listen.

"Whoa. What are you guys doing?"

Fuck. Hudson.

"Kissing Finn. Mistletoe," Kurt states, and he hadn't even noticed the sprig above the door but also he's pretty sure Hudson's not going to buy that. He's not that dim, although he has to give points to Kurt for trying. It feels okay now though. His whole family knows, it's only right that all of Kurt's family knows.

"Not that I need an excuse to kiss my boyfriend, but yeah, that's mistletoe."

Part of him is actually amused at the speed at which both Kurt and Hudson's heads whip around him. Kurt looks surprised and happy, and Hudson just looks confused.

"Kurt's your boyfriend?" Maybe not so confused after all.

"Well you sure ain't. Yeah, Kurt's my boyfriend."

"How did I not know this? I didn't even know you were gay… you are gay right?"

"Yes Finn, he's gay. And you didn't know because it's a secret Finn. You can't tell anyone."

"Oh," Finn says, and he actually looks kind of happy at being told a secret, and maybe it's some weird step-brother bonding thing, but Kurt is looking really happy.

"Look, you make your escape and I'll see you tomorrow okay?"

"Tomorrow," he agrees, giving him a quick peck to the cheek despite the nerves making his stomach clench that he's doing it in front if Hudson. He walks away, turning and waving, grinning at Kurt's little finger wave and hearing Hudson ask how long they've been going out…

Merry Christmas indeed.

Author's note 2: I have in my head an Azimio/Mercedes conversation of what was said. Let me know if it's worth writing down. Also I am not sure if I can redeem Sebastian, given what he's done so far. Thoughts?