Chapter 2-shattered peace

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The next few weeks' pasts rather uneventfully. Sabina had decided that the town was much too dull and 'didn't even have any good shoe stores! And this is Italy!' This resulted in Alex (who had just got his driver's license) driving her into the city about every two days. All in all, Italy wasn't that bad, but Alex kinda missed going to school. It would have never been any sort of problem before, when he missed every other week, but after getting used to normal life in the US he missed the typical clamor of a school day. Hell, he even missed the cafeteria food.

"Alex!" Sabina's voice jolted him out of his reverie. She was standing by a tall, stone fountain at the center of the square, smiling. "Let's go to that shop next, they have crêpes and I've always wanted to try a Nutella one."

Alex sighed but followed her into the small venue, inhaling the scent of baking pastries and chocolate. Sabina was standing by the counter, trying to communicate with the owner in broken Italian and sign language. Alex walked over and smiled at the tall man, "Ciao signore. Mi dispiace per il mio amico, lei non parla italiano." Hello sir. I'm sorry for my friend, she doesn't speak italian.

The man gave a good-natured grin, "Riesco a vedere. Beh, cosa posso ottenere i ragazzi di oggi?" I can see. Well, what can I get you kids today?

Alex turned to Sabina, "Hey Sab, what do you want?"

The girl considered for about ten seconds, staring at the menu (which happened to written in Italian), before giving up and shrugging, "Whatever you're getting, I don't care."

Alex smirked, "You need to learn how to read and speak Italian if we're going to living here for the next few months."

Sabina pouted, "Just because you know like, 10 languages, James Bond."

Eyebrows pulling together in frown, Alex fell silent. That was...had been, the insult Jack would use when she wanted to tease him. He turned back to the man at the counter who looked confused by his sad expression, "Avremo due crepes banane e nutella."We'll get two banana and Nutella crepes.

The man called the order back to the kitchen and minute later handed them two steaming hot, mouth-watering crepes. Sabina looked like she might die of happiness. With a quick 'grazie!' and a few coins exchanging hands, the two teens walked to the fountain in the center of the square and settled down to eat. Around them pigeons ate the bread crumbs thrown by the young kitchen boy of a local restaurant and an old woman walked by, pushing a wheeler filled with food from the morning market.

Sabina sighed happily and leaned back, staring into the perfectly blue sky, "This place is wonderful, I'm glad we moved here. I mean really, no classwork, really nice people, and the best crepes in the world. What more could you want?" She licked a bit of chocolate off her fingers.

Alex smiled, for the first time in months he was happy. Just sitting here with his friend, watching life go by in swirl of sounds and foreign voices was about the most peaceful he had done since his 14th birthday. Here there was no one to call him a druggie, no condescending adults, no MI6. Only the kind Italians and his maybe-more-then-friend who had known his secret and still stayed with him. He still felt the raw pain of losing Jack but he could dull it with the happiness in his new life. That's what she would have wanted right? For him to be happy and…normal? Well, whether she would have wanted it or not, he certainly did.

The two sat in peaceful silence for about five minutes before something prickled the back of Alex's neck. It was a feeling he had become used to in his years as a spy, the feeling of being watched. For all he knew it could have been some random women taking out her laundry but somehow the presence felt was more hostile, more malevolent. Out of pure instinct he dove to the ground, banging his cheek on the hard cobble stones. He heard one shot, a gasp, and was glad he had felt the sniper before he shot. He was pretty sure his death would have put a damper on Sabina's good mood. The presence was gone, it must have known it had failed and fled, and Alex stood, ready to reassure Sabina that he was fine and the bullet hadn't actually hit him when something stopped him in his tracks.

The bullet had hit its target, sending the person keeling over, wide, dead eyes staring at the sky. But the target hadn't been him. For laying one the ground, her heart bleeding out, was Sabina Pleasure.

That was when the screaming started


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