A Glance

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A glance.

Shock, look again.


Green into Brown.

Brown into Green

A greeting.



Small talk.





Walking along the pier.

Holding hands, never wanting to let go.

Getting to know one another.

Small kiss at the door.

I had a good time… she whispered… her fingers sliding up his arms.

Kiss. Kiss

Fingers tracing her cheeks.

Me to…whisper against her lips.

Kiss. Kiss.

A swipe of his tongue. Sucking her bottom lip.

Kiss. Kiss.

Can I call you tomorrow.. He whispers

Kiss. Kiss

Nibbles on his lips.. Kiss

Please.. she murmurs. Kiss


Good night..

Kiss.. Kiss.

Mmm. Night. Kiss.

A text sent…

Is it tomorrow yet? He asks.

I wish ; ) she sends back.

Soon. he says.

One minute after midnight there is a tapping at her door

She opens.

Its tomorrow he say..

Kiss. Kiss. Kiss.

Hands touching.. Pull each other closer.

Come in, she whispers..

Tip toeing to her room..

Kiss. Kiss. Kiss

Kiss. Kiss.. Tongues caressing.

Her hands in his hair.

His cupping her ass.


Rock hard….


Friction needed.

Is this too fast? he whispers.

I don't know.. She whimpers…

Kiss. Kiss.

I just know I don't want you to leave..

Kiss. Kiss.


Squeaky mattress

A little giggle..

So soft she almost missed it. You are so beautiful my Bella.

Tell me about you, he whispers.

With finger tips softly sliding.

Little whispers.

First her.

Then him.

Stolen kisses.

Gentle strokes.

Breaking dawn.

Whisper all night long.

I'm falling. he say on a sigh.

Glancing up, to see…

A smile.

I'll catch you, if you catch me. She replies. .

Kiss. Kiss.

Tongues caressing. Hands clutching

Kiss. Kiss.

A little giggle.

That tickles…

Kiss. Kiss.

Oh, God! Edward... so close... oh right there... Oh God...

Belllllllaaaaaa.. he shouts.

Kiss. Kiss.

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