Unknown Human Emotions

by Happy-Valley

Summary: Elizabeth is a normal village girl who just happens to stumble upon the feeding session of the vampires. Chased down through as the next meal

Elizabeth takes refuge in the forest, not knowing of what lye beyond. As she escaped she unknowingly stumbles across William and soon is

forced into a life of love, tragedy and heartbreak. Will Elizabeth be able to love the first ever Werewolf? Will William

finally be able to take on a human form after so many years? And what happens when

William is taken by the vampires and put into


**I do not own the Underworld Series only Elizabeth and a few other OCs along the way. All Rights belong to the creator**

I could feel the cold winds whipping at my cheeks as they raged past. My horse's breath came heavy as he dashed through the underbrush, hooves pounded against the snow covered grounds. Black hair as dark as the night sprawled around my form, my moonlight blue eyes darting back and forth across the grounds in hopes of catching a short cut for escape. I could hear the steady thundering of their own horses behind me, gaining closer and closer, swords waving above their heads, their lips spread showing the glinting silver dagger like teeth that threatened to rip me limb from limb. Daring to take a look back, I noticed them gaining closer and closer. Urging my horse forwards I felt the snow begin, what felt like small shards of glass slicing the my reddened cheeks. Tear stains had longed dried but I could feel more begging to be released as my heart pounded quickly within my chest. If they were to catch me I know what would await for me. Having stumbled into their midnight meal I knew that sooner or later I would be the next one of the menu. As my horse quickened I thought I heard the hooves behind me beginning to slow. Taking a glance back I noticed they had stopped, the animals they rode getting nervous, tossing their heads back and forth. As curious as I was to why this was happening, I didn't take a chance that they might once again follow me.

+++Vampire's POV+++

"Should we follow her?" One of the riders asked, his teeth bared stilled and the blood of his last victim not dried upon his lips. The others wanted so badly to follow after the little vixen but as the leader held a hand in the air, they stood still. Taking a look into the dark forest that rested ahead, the man on top the lead horse smirked and shook his head.

"No.. let her go. After all she wont last the night in there. Let's head back." Turning the vampires soon made their way back towards the castle, aware of the howl that echoed through the woods. No one would dare to follow that human into the forest, not unless they had a death wish. What lyed beyond was a death trap for both human and vampire alike. Yet, even though the vampires knew, they could only smirk and pray that the girl would find a quick an easy death.

+++Elizabeth's POV+++

Pulling the horse to a slow trout, Elizabeth turned her head and let out a sigh of happiness. They weren't following her anymore, which was good and yet at the same time they had forced her into a forest that she didn't know. Taking a look around she held her breath. Slipping from the saddle of her horse, she walked forwards, the reigns held tightly in her hands in case she needed to flee once more. Walking forwards, her toes almost frozen to the bone, her dress ripped from the branches that snagged it as she rode past, Elizabeth took in the beauty that rested before her.

The small opening in the forest seemed almost untouched, the trees rising higher than she would dare to climb. The snow fell slowly, almost making the whole area a magical place. Tying her horse on a nearby fallen tree trunk, she dared to walk forwards, her feet making small imprints in the snow. Around her the whole forest seemed still, no birds sang, no animals moved. All time had seemed to pause in front of her. Raising a hand to the sky, snow melted on her fingers and dotted her hair. Blue eyes searched the heavens as she let her lashes caress her cheeks. A smile tugged at her lips as she soon realized she was standing in the middle of this sanctuary.

All seemed perfect until her horse whined in protest. Turning her head in the direction she was startled so see what looked like glowing yellow orbs watching her. A few more popped up as her heart began to race more. Now the horse she rode neighed in fear, shaking his head wildly as he tried desperately to escape from the creatures that neared his position. Elizabeth held her breath as she turned in circles, growls ripping through her chest and body, sending shivers of intense fear through her spine. Tears sprung at her eyes again as finally with one last pull her horse broke free and escaped into the woods. Howls echoed as a few of the ears turned and ran with the escape of her friend.

Taking a step back, she felt the creatures gathering closer and closer. She had heard stories from the villagers of men turned into wolves who prowl the forests in search of their next victim. Because of these stories and the fear that one night these said beast might raid their village, the children would hide in their beds as the sun would set. Elizabeth was one of the many would ran to her parents and as she grew older she still would never escape her home at night. If only she had listened to her father when her warned her of villagers going missing.

Turning her head she heard the loudest growl of them all stalking forwards. The others stopped, retreating back into the darkness as something began to trug towards her. Elizabeth held her cloak closer, eyes wide as she rested them upon the sight of what looked like a pure white wolf entering the clearing. The only difference was that he stood on two feet, only every few steps falling back to four as he grew closer and closer. A few of the others entered the clearing as well though they were so much different. The hairs on their bodies were pitch black, their faces still like that of a human's though slightly distorted. She grew scared now, her tears slipping down her cheeks as she felt her heart beating faster and faster still.

Shuddering she tried to hold out a yelp as the white wolf roared in her direction. She wanted so badly to curl up into a ball and hope that it was all a dream. She wished she was back in her bed, safe and warm, her mother and father sleep in the next room over. Yet she knew this was no dream and that she would never wake. It was her own personal living nightmare. She held her whimpers in but a few escaped just as her tears did. Seeing her distress the white wolf seemed to pause but kept moving forward. Her head was screaming at that point for her to run but her legs felt like a lead and she couldn't move.

Finally the white wolf was at full height in front of her, his teeth bared, the smell of rotting flesh escaping his lips. Elizabeth's eyes went wide as she relived her short twenty year life. Towering over her she waited for death to come but was suddenly shocked as the white wolf closed his lips, his nose pressed slightly against her now freshly stained cheeks. It was cold to the touch, much like the dogs that lived in her village. Looking up at the monstrous beast, she thought she saw a glimmer of human emotion running through those eyes. Loneliness stood out the most. Her heart seemed to stop at the moment as the wolf in front of her stared her down.

That's when she heard it, the steady beat of hooves on the ground. The wolves surrounding the area looked out into the forest as they soon scattered. The white wolf in front of her paid no mind to the horses approaching but seemed to keep staring into her eyes. As if she had been magically forced to keep her eyes locked with his, she stared back. The nose rubbed slightly against her cheek before Elizabeth felt something warm lick at her tears. Shocked to say the least, with a shaking hand she reached for what she believed was the chest of the beast, wanting for some odd reason to reassure him that she was okay. Just as her hand was about to be placed over his heart, a howl broke through the trees, and the white wolf was gone. Staring at the spot in front of her she didn't move a mussel as a group entered the small clearing.

Just as the horses entered the clearly and the people on them walked towards her location she felt her knees finally growing weak and with one last breath, she collapsed and her vision darkened. Yet before she was completely overtaken by the darkness she swore she saw a man, standing out of the reach of those around her, in the darkness of the forest. His hair was as white as soon, his eyes as white as the moon that shone over head. She wanted to reach out for him, but as soon as she saw him the darkness took over and she fell into a deep sleep.

+++Marcus' POV+++

The girl collapsed as the other death dealers rushed forwards to her aid. A group had informed the elders that they had chased a girl into the woods and of course it rose alarm. No one dared to enter the forests now that the werewolves swarmed there. Though upon the decision of both Amelia and Marcus himself, he soon lead a search party hoping that she would by pure luck be alive. Watching as they carried her to a waiting rider and horse, the elder thanked whatever god was watching over her. As many turned to leave, Marcus took one last look back and almost stopped dead. There, standing out of the light of the moon, covered in shadows was William. His breath let his puffs of smoke and Marcus could of sworn he had heard the whines his brother let out as the girl was picked up. Raising an eyebrow he watched his brother disappear into the woods, before he soon followed the group back to the castle.

What was William doing there? Why was this girl still alive even though upon their arrival the woods were almost covered with werewolves? Why was his brother, having been a monstrous killing machine, whining as they took her away? These thoughts bugged Marcus and he only hoped that once the woman awoke she could answer all that he wished. Along their way, no enemies dared to moved towards them which rose more suspicion from the vampires in his group. Why weren't they attacking? It matter not for soon they had entered the fields leading towards the Corvinus Castle and their worries were lifted.