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+++ With Marcus +++

Awoken from his slumber, Marcus felt the missing sensation of the living form that had occupied the room next to his. Rising, he took note that a commotion was happening very close to him and with that he was gliding down the hall to the throne room, where Milly was resting on her knees, begging for forgiveness.

"What is going on here?" Viktor stepped forwards, bowing his head slightly, Amelia snarling harshly towards his actions but remained in her spot. "Viktor what is this madness? This wasn't what I had in mind doing right as I awoke."

"Then you'll forgive me Marcus, for I was just giving this maid punishment for her actions." Raising an eyebrow in question, he noticed the fear resonating within Milly's eyes as she silently begged for forgiveness. Stepping forwards he had her rise, her lips turning in a thankful smile.

"Now explain. What's going on?" Amelia stepped forwards this time, bowing her head to Marcus as he recalled her experience.

"It seems, Marcus, while we were sleeping that our newly acquired guest slipped through the gates and into the forest. Milly here was telling us of Miss Elizabeth's action and Viktor decided that she be punished for allowing the other to leave." Elizabeth was gone? Marcus recalled the feeling of loss that gathered in his chest when he woke and then things became clear. But what troubled him the most was why Elizabeth decided to head out to the forest.

"Milly did she speak of why she left? Was there something she said to you?" Milly shifted nervously and told the events leading up to Elizabeth's departure.

"I tried to spot her master. I really did but she wasn't even listening. Before I knew it she was out the gates and headed to the forest. Some of the guards watched her go and said that since she left, she has yet to return." Marcus paced slightly. Had she foolishly gone in thinking that she would come out alive like last time. Realizing that he knew not what she had been thinking, Marcus gathered some of his men.

"We'll set out to find her then. She may have escaped death once but I highly doubt this time will be any different. Viktor, deal with this as you may but be warned that Milly is still under my rule and is still to be Elizabeth's person maid after all this is over." Viktor nodded his understanding before turning his eyes almost hungry, towards his prize. A vampire stalked close to him as Marcus, Amelia and a few others exited the room, not once turning back when they heard the screaming begin.

Gathering everything they need up and readying their horses, their search party was soon set but a shout caught everyone out of their thoughts. The gate were raised as a pure white horse galloped through, bucking his head this way and that, clearly upset about something. A few guards formed around the horse, grabbing the reigns and trying to calm the creature down.

"Where did this horse come from?" One guard, a young man of only about twenty years old stepped forward.

"This be the horse that Lady Elizabeth took earlier sir." So what he had feared was soon coming to pass. He only hoped that this time he wasn't too late. Rushing through, their search party headed forwards, trying to cover as much ground as possible, pushing their horses to their breaking point. Marcus was almost frantic. He knew his brother well enough to know that whatever happened between him and Elizabeth in the clearly wasn't about to happen again, only he hoped that William did not decide to make her a meal.

+++ With Elizabeth +++

Light cascaded through the tree's, breaking Elizabeth from her slumber. Letting a small groan escape her lips she tried to remember what had happened. She remembered seeing William, calling out to him and hoping that he wouldn't turn away. She could remember heading back towards the castle and then everything went dark. Rubbing her forehead she went to sit up, only to feel the world shift. Falling back onto the cold ground she let her mind settle for a moment.

That's when everything came crashing down, fear gripping her chest. Bolting up, she pushed away the dizziness and the urge to throw up before taking a look around. She was still in the forest that was for sure but it wasn't the spot she was previously located. In fact, she just then seemed to notice that she was in the entrance of what appeared to be a small den, maybe made by a bear long ago.

The sun wasn't rising, which meant she had not been out long but it also arose the question of how she got there. A twig broke off to her left as her head whipped around to investigate. Standing not that far off was the man from earlier, his eyes studying her form just as her had from before. He moved closer still, in his arms what appeared to be fruit and bread.

"Um...did you save me?" Her voice broke through the silence as he rested before her, crouched down. Holding out his findings, she gathered them in her arms and soon took to eat, her stomach clearly catching up with her need for nutrition. Taking another look over the man, she noticed that he wasn't wearing very much which allowed for his well defined muscles to show. He must have been a farmer or maybe even a mason but that prompted the question of what he was doing all the way out there in the forest, much less with the wolves roaming.

"My name is Elizabeth, may I inquire yours?" Resting beside her, his eyes roamed her form taking in the injury upon her forehead. Reaching out his finger tips ghosted over the wound, but she felt no pain. Elizabeth could help but stare, their eyes caught in a silent battle, neither wanting to turn away from the other. At that moment, it didn't matter that he never spoke his name. Staring into those moonlit depths, Elizabeth was soon overcome by recognition.

There was something about those eyes that she knew. Clearly she'd never met this man before and yet something about his eyes made her believe otherwise. Their faces were inches part now as both man and woman continue to search the others soul. That's when it dawned on her. Those eyes. That sorrow that never left her mind. Her hand reached forward almost on its own, tracing over the skin of the man's face.

"William..." The sound that came from her lips was weak, almost a whisper but with it brought confusion on the others face. How did she know his name? Letting her fingers continue their search she let a small smile grace her lips. "It is you..."

"How do you know me?" The deep rich baritone voice that slipped through his slightly parted lips sent a shiver down Elizabeth's spine. During the time she sat at her window hoping to catch a glimpse of William, she imagined what his voice would sound like. Of course what his voice would sound like if were able to take human form.

"Marcus... he...he told me your name." Something lit up William's face as she spoke his brother's name. Maybe Marcus was wrong about William. Clearly he was able to take a human form, for he was sitting right in front of her. Not once since he arrived did she feel threatened or scared. "How? How are you..."

"Human?" Nodding her head, she did not trust her voice any longer as he gazed at her. Shrugging his shoulder slightly he spoke. "I do not know... It is a strange thing to be in this form..." For years he wished that he could take his human form once more, to be able to walk among humans without fear of their screams, or without the fear of harming anyone ever again. The anger that took complete control over his body had at one point felt almost impossible to sate and yet her he was, feeling as if a weight was lifted from his shoulders, his fur all but gone and his form that of what he once was.

Letting her hand fall from his face, Elizabeth tried to keep her beating heart from escaping her chest but it was getting hard and hard to by the minute. Almost as if sensing her discomfort he raised a hand to her forehead, letting the cold winter's air that chilled him cool her.

"You have a small fever. It should go away in time but she should return back to my brother." Hearing those words, something inside her seemed to fall, the pain in her chest returning. Noticing the look of abandonment that her eyes took on, William leaned forwards and placed his forehead on her own. Looking back into those wonderful emotional orbs, Elizabeth felt her breath leave her. "We'll see each other again."

A blush rose to her cheeks as he placed a claw free hand upon her cheek this time. Feeling as if their time was cut short, William turned his head to look out among the trees, the steady sound of hooves heading in their direction. Elizabeth began to hear them as well before a death breath had her head turning back to William. There sitting in his place was the white wolf from before, only this time she knew they were one in the same. Running a hand down the side of his face, she watched his eyes close at the feeling of her hand running through his fur.

With one last look, William regrettably left, Elizabeth watching him go in sadness. Yes there time had been cut short but she was glad, happy that she had finally been able to met him, to see him up close again and this time he stayed with her till the last minute. Rising to her feet she heard Marcus' voice call out to her. As the group approached she collected herself hoping the smile that rested on her lips wouldn't give away the interaction that she just had.

Upon seeing Marcus' upset face though, her smile dropped. She was in trouble for sure and she could only hope that he wouldn't send her home now. Home... thinking about her mother and father had sadness gathering in her heart but her mind kept telling her that they more then likely believed her dead and it would be in her best interest to stay close to William by any means possible. A hand resting on her shoulder brought her out of her thoughts and come face to face with Amelia who smiled with relief.

Now doubt she would be questioned upon her return, but no matter what she would say nothing about William. What happened between them was a scared moment and she wasn't going to spoil that by letting other know, especially not with the growing feelings that were blooming within her chest. Taking one last look back towards the cave she noticed William's form peaking through the darkness and let her hand raise in a small goodbye, knowing that they would be seeing each other again soon, one way or another.

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