Disclaimer! i do no town Percy Jackson this is however my twist on the story.

Percy's pov

We, Thalia, Nico and I, entered the classroom early hoping to avoid being seen by any of the students. Each of us had on black shades and our band's electric blue, black, and silver colored letterman jackets with our respective names on the back. Now that I think about it though that probably wasn't too smart since we were in fact trying to keep a low profile. Eh, oh well.

Our shades were different of course, cant have people thinking we like to dress the same. Nico had a pair of black mirrored Aviators, Thalia had on some black Ed Hardy ones, and I just had a plain pair of black shades like the ones spy's wear in movies. Unfortunately mine cant record, do x-ray mode, or any of that cool stuff.

Anyways, we came in to the room and sat in the far back. a few minutes later the warning bell rang and students began to flow in at a steady pace. As our new classmates came in they were so busy chatting and laughing about what they did over spring break, that they didn't pay any mind to the three new kids already sitting down.

"And here we go." Nico sighed voicing both mine and Thalia's shared dismay about they whole thing.
Surprisingly no one even glanced at us until a red haired girl dressed in a very revealing shirt, and mini skirt came right for us. She had a Gucci purse hanging from her arm and was followed by two other girls dressed in similarly revealing clothes. They stopped and stood expectantly in front of us.

"WHAT?" Thalia finally yelled. The girls looked absolutely shocked at her outburst. Obviously they weren't use to this kind of treatment from someone.

It took a moment for the red head to recover but when she did she snapped back. "You're in our seats losers!"

"I'm sorry I wasn't aware, I mean I didn't see your names on it." Thalia gave a fake apology.

"Yeah, well now you know so get up."

"No." Shocked gasps escaped her and her company.

"This is going to be hell." Nico determined.

"Excuse me"

"I said no." Thalia said it s calmly and with an uncaring coolness that i think it might have pissed the girl off even more.

"Listen you-"

"Whoa, whoa calm down you two." I said interrupting the girl.

"Aww come on Perce I haven't seen Thals take down another girl since Amsterdam." Nico said from my left side.

"Yeah not helping Nic! " I said to him and he just shrugged before leaning back in his chair. The girl looked like she would have said something else but the finale bell rung and the teacher came in.

"Every one take your seats, class is starting." She turned to the board an wrote her name, Ms. Davis. Her eyes landed on the three girls and I could see in her face that she wasn't in the mood for whatever this was about to be
"Ms. Dare," The red head turned to face her. "Is there a reason why you are still standing when I literally just called for everyone to be seated?"

"They're in our seats." The girl pointed at us.

"Tattletale." Nico snickered under his breath.

"Well this isn't kindergarten, there are no assigned seats so how about you and your friends find ones without students already sitting in them."


"NOW Ms. Dare!" She didn't argue again. Her and the two other girls found three seats together in the front.

"Now," Ms. Davis started. "Welcome back to Goode everyone! I hope you enjoyed your Spring, I know I did. Check your schedules make sure your spring schedule has you in this class. There is no shame in slinking out if you aren't in the right one."

A kid wth shaggy brown hair cleared his throat and shuffled out of the room causing a few students to snicker.

"Alright for those of you who don't know me, I am your teacher Ms. Davis and this is your homeroom class Music Industry 101. Normally you'd start with the history of the industry but i'd like to start presently. So what is presently the dominating music company out there right now?" The red head raised her hand.

"Yes, Ms. Dare."

"Olympian Records."

"Correction," Thalia said turning to us. "This is Tartarus." We nodded, agreeing whole heartedly.

"Correct and how did Olympian Records start out?" This time a blonde haired boy with an joker grin raised his hand. "Yes Mr. Castellan."

"The world famous music producer Kronus Datony left the company to his three sons and they have been running it together every since as a nice, great, and successful family business. "


Thalia, Nico, and I snorted in unison, "As if!" Our eyes met for a second and then we started laughing. It quickly died down though when we noticed everyone looking at us.

"Do our new students have anything they would like to say?" Ms. Davis asked. We got quiet, neither of us eager to speak out. Nico nudged me and tilted his head forawad and Thalia shrugged.

"Yeah okay," I sighed. "Um...what they Castellan boy said was wrong." I said and my cousins nodded agreeing.

"Oh and would you care to tell us why?" She dared. If they weren't watching before the whole classes attention was on us now.

"Thals." I prompted.

"Well for starters, Kronus Datony didn't leave his sons anything he left it all to his wife Rhea who wanted to give it all to their youngest Joseph, or as people call him Zeus." Thalia said the Nico continued.

"But the other brothers Christopher and Nicholas, or as people call them Poseidon and Hades, felt cheated and wronged so they tried sharing the company which was very…..interesting should I say. They found it very hard it to run it together while constantly arguing so they made a bet."

"You see," I said. "the Datony brothers were known for their… ways with getting women so they made an oath or bet to stay away from women and the first two the break it would be kicked out the company."

"This oath went unbroken for three weeks before all three of the brothers broke it. Zues fell for an actress named Julia Grace and they had a baby girl." Thals said.

"Poseidon fell an author named Sally Jackson and they had a baby boy." I said.

"Hades fell for a nurse named Maria Di' Angelo and had twins, one girl one boy." Nico said. "All of the kids were born with in the same week so the brothers couldn't really blame the others. With the kids in their lives they decided to just put the problems aside and try to run the business together for the sake of their kids."

All the kids and including the teacher were looking at us, obviously unconvinced.

"You have an interesting theory there but it is however incorrect." Ms. Davis said.

"Actually you're incorrect." Thalia scowled with annoyance. "What we told you was completely true."

"Oh? Well and just how do you know this Mr., Mr., and Miss….." I looked at my cousins and they shrugged.
Might as well get it over with! I stood and took off my shades and I saw Thalia and Nico do the same.

"I'm Percy Jackson son of Poseidon."

"Names, Thalia Grace daughter of Zeus."

"Yo i'm Nico Di' Angelo son of Hades."

When everyone found out who we really were there was this moment of complete silence, two girls even fainted.