Harry Potter and The Exodus of Light

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In canon, nothing much changed with the end of the War. The purebloods bought themselves out of trouble, and things went back how they were before... Not really, it's time for the purebloods to see what has changed. AU from last battle, H/HR.

Other info:

Weasleys: Fred and George are good (and both are alive and well), Ron, Ginny, Percy and Bill all took the 'easy way out' when the Ministry tried to cover things up at the Battle of Hogwarts and play no part in the story (as planned yet), but might get bashed a bit (fair warning). Charlie is an unknown at this point, as are Molly and Arthur, but both are unlikely to show up in this story. *Note, it seems like the Weasleys may be asked to play a larger role in this story than I had originally thought, please vote in the poll on my profile page (refer to the note at the end of the chapter) for determination of this role.

Romance: Um, I don't know. I, personally enjoy a little romance (or some smut, sometimes both) in stories that I read, but I have never tried to write either. The story is almost guaranteed to have no lemons/limes or other varieties of citrus at all. As for other romance, Harry and Hermione are engaged to be married as the story begins, what happens from here... I have no idea, whatsoever, so... I guess we'll find out together.

On the rating: As you might have noticed just above, citrus is extremely unlikely, the rating for this story is to make sure that the concept does not exceed that allowed. There are mentions of prostitution/rape in the prologue, but that is likely to be the worst that happens throughout the story, I will not rule out violence, but there is not anything like that currently planned (although that is not saying much as not much is planned as of yet).

We'll just have to see where this goes, and, as this is only my second published creative writing in, easily, the past decade (the other was uploaded here a couple of months ago), I welcome any and all advice and ideas that may come my way, thanks.

Now, on with the story...

The Exodus Of Light, Prologue: Setting The Board

Nearly all of the younger generation who fought on the side of the Light at Hogwarts in the Spring of 1998 knew it was coming, it was simply a matter of time. It had been three years come May of that battle when our story opens, and the preparations for leaving Britain were in their final stages.

Had anyone cared to look carefully, it would have been clear what was going on. Unfortunately for those being left behind, they had never looked carefully before, and the victory over Voldemort, having come at such a low cost to themselves, did not exactly require any critical thinking skills or even average attention to be paid to the government installed when Voldemort fell.

Few of the 'Heroes of Hogwarts' were often seen these days. Ron Weasley played Keeper for the Chudley Cannons and they had actually managed to win a game this last year. His sister, Ginny played Seeker for the Appleby Arrows, who retained their own position as second-worst in the League. Draco Malfoy was seen frequently in and around the Ministry, although the bribes he was able to afford made many of the members of said institution wish for the good old days when bags of galleons were exchanged for the smallest of favors and where exotic prizes were often the result of the larger… bits of advice… given to the Ministry. Such prizes were of course still offered today, but they were of a more, muggle, variety. A choice from a pureblood's stable of slaves was still a popular prize, but none of them could afford to capture Veela from the Continent anymore, and the public did so frown upon slavery of even Mudblo…Muggle-borns, so the choice was primarily of Muggles, the largest…advice might get you access to the 'lady' of the manor with the appropriate memory charms to be used later… pureblood society had fallen so far. Finding Ministry officials crying was not unheard of, blubbering over a few too many fire-whiskeys, especially soon after each Wizengamot session.

The Man-Who-Won and his fiancee were perhaps the most frequently seen of the 'Heroes' as of late, at least one would show up for each Wizengamot session, although they rarely took official part. The most observant of purebloods had, with appreciation, noted the number of goblins within Gringotts had seemed to decrease over the past few years, and even more had happily grabbed up the real estate that had become available after the Battle of Hogwarts, eagerly spending money to get in at the bottom of the inevitable boom. The boom was taking some time, but the purebloods were patient, it was coming, it had to.

We open on a morning where the Wizengamot is about to meet for the fourth time in a month, it is an emergency session called the previous night by the current Minister, Percy Weasley, who had just left Malfoy Manor just before an obliviate was performed upon Pansy Malfoy (Mrs. Malfoy would wonder for months why her husband had to drink a fifth of fire-whiskey before he could take her to bed). The Minister had to hurry, he had only two hours to prepare the legislation that was to be introduced today, the notes that Mr. Malfoy had given him were just that, notes, and not good enough for introduction to the Wizengamot.

Note: I wish to first apologize for anyone expecting a new chapter. Two things caused the editing I am currently working on. The first, I was informed by a reviewer of a mistake where I used 'fiance' instead of 'fiancee' , as you may know, one 'e' is used when referring to a male, while the second 'e' is used when referring to a female.

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