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Chapter 1

Annabeth's POV

I walked into the infirmary/training room at Goode High school to see my best middle-aged friend Mark… the trainer after school during sports practice (A/N: for people who don't know what a trainer is they are sorta like a nurse but for sports injuries and other things like soreness after games). As I walked in Mark was wrapping a 10th grader's foot.

"Maaaaaaaaaaaarrrrk." I chanted like a little kid about to tell on someone as I sat down on one of the tables.

"Percy hit me with a stick." I said matter-of –factly as Percy came sprinting down the corner and couldn't stop himself so he missed the door. In a short pause he ran back into the room.

"It was a field Hockey stick!" he said to Mark trying to clear his name.

"He still hit me with a stick." I told Mark.

"We were playing field hockey!"

"He still hit me with a stick."

"It was an accident!"

"He still hit me with a stick."

The whole time Mark had been wrapping the 10th grader's foot and hadn't looked up once.

"I'm not really good at field hockey!"

"He still hit me with a stick."

"She was in the way of the stick!"

"He still hit me with a stick."

"I love her!"

"He hit me with a stick Mark, you really think he loves me?"

"But I do!"


Mark cut me off by saying –

"Percy, you should be ashamed of yourself, hitting your girlfriend like that."

"Yeah Percy." I said like a group of little girls ganging up on a little kid." You should be ashamed of yourself"

Percy playfully slumped his shoulders and looked at the ground.

"As a punishment" Mark started "You get to wrap Annabeth's leg were you hit her."

I smiled sweetly at Percy as he turned to look at me.

My heart sped up a little bit as he put his hands on my knees and put his lips next to my ear.

"It's your fault if I do this wrong." He whispered in my ear and pulled back smirking at my horrified face.

He went to the supply table and got the things necessary for wrapping my leg. He ended up doing a more than awesome job on my leg and offered me a hand off the table. As my leg hit the ground I playfully pretended to fall. It was pretty fake and everyone in the room new it. Percy caught me and picked me up bridal style. He carried me out of the room toward the parking lot zig sagging through the halls and Mark called after us –


"I WILL!" I shouted back.

I realized Percy and I were silent so I wrapped my arms around his torso still in his arms.

"Don't worry, I still love you!" I said squeezing him.

He kissed my hair and said

" I know. I love you too."

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