In his office in Kumogakure, the Sandaime Raikage was sifting through the endlessly replenishing pile of reports and offical documents that it was his reluctantly accepted duty to oversee. The huge man growled low in his throat as he read yet another sheet outlining the supplies Kumo's hospital once again felt they were in dire need of. I swear he thought to himself as he approved the seemingly trivial list of demands, as soon as A's old enough I'm stepping down. I'm a warrior for Kami's sake not a fucking secretary!

His internal tirade was interrupted by a knock at his office door. "I's open" he growled, before lifting his gaze as his afforementioned son walked in. A slight smirk spread across his hard face, this was the one part of his job that he actually enjoyed doing. A marched up to his father's desk, briskly, before standing back stiffly at attention and waited for the Raikage to speak. Some other Kages, Like that bastard Sarutobi, the Sandaime thought to himself, might have enjoyed teasing their soldiers over such attitudes, but the Raikage wasn't one for teasing, and, as such, got straight down to buisness. Looking A over once, he said, "I'm sending a team of ANBU on a recon mission and I want you to accompany them."

A was visably confused by this and, while most would stay quiet, well, he could only hold his tongue for so long before his violatile personality burst through. It did now, in the form of, "I don't work ANBU, or recon for that matter."

The Sandaime's face hardened at that, "You'll do as I tell ya, boy! I need some more muscle on this mission and you're it, ya hear?" he grumbled.

Bristling at this treatment A glared at his father. "Why?" he asked.

"Because, I fuckin' said so." Was the reply.

A sighed at that, "No, why do you need some more muscle?"

This made the old man grin with a sadistic glee as he threw an open Kumo bingo book in front of him. The page showed a picture of a man with shoulder length shaggy blonde hair, bright blue eyes and sharp features. Beneath the picture were various facts about the man, along with the bounty that the numerous hidden shinobi villages had offered for him. A's eyes widened before a grin identical to his fathers spread across his features. The Raikage laughed at that, "You remember Konoha's Yellow Flash, right?"

A raced through the canopy of Konoha's vast forests towards the new origin of the Kyuubi's roars. The beast had appeared in the center of Konoha mere minutes ago, but the destruction it had caused was unbelieveable, as bad as the any of the times the Hachibi had rampaged through Kumo. He'd already left the ANBU squad behind, activating his lightning armour to increase his shunshin's speed in his haste. The Yondaime Hokage had used his hiraishin technique to get the fox away from the village which meant he was now fighting the beast alone. Whilst he and Namikaze were far from friends he greatly respected the man, and letting him face the Kyuubi alone was suicide. Invisible to all but the eyes of the famed Uchiha, the future Raikage darted through the foliage until he saw over the next ridge the colossal silhouette of the Bijuu. Then he went faster. As he reached the top of the ridge the clearing the fox had created came into sight, and there he could make out the image of two people, one evidently the Hokage, facing down the creature. Then, suddenly, as A had been about to rush to their aid, the beast made a new noise of a type he'd heard only one thing make before. A bellowing roar of fury and hate and despair. He watched as the Kyuubi's form distorted, strands of red fur being dragged towards the duo on the ground. The strands grew thicker and more numerous, until the entire beast was dragged into what ever they had used for the sealing. With a smirk, A watched as the two people embraced, before kneeling down to place something on the ground. They stayed like that for a moment, seeming to stare at the ground, before they fell down with a finality that years of combat told A could mean only one thing. With a look of horror on his face he shunshin down to them, watching as they came into focus. The ever cheerful face A had come to expect from numerous meetings over peace treaties, still had the same quiet contentment as always, and the beautiful woman beside him, her face marred by tears, was smiling slightly, smiling whilst death embraced her as he had moments before. And there, inbetween their protectively curled forms, was a small Hokage, wrapped in blankets, his eyes closed, as he wailed against the night. The Kyuubi Jinchuuriki. Suddenly, as A stood between them, a painful grip snared his right ankle. Looking down, he saw the bright jade eyes of the crimson haired woman as she glared at him with more strength and power than any warrior had before. His breath caught and a shiver shoot up his spine as he took in her blazing eyes and the mane of flames surrounding her fierce face. She's beautiful he thought, and then she spoke, her voice resonating in his soul.

"Protect him!"

A watched as the strength seemed to leave her. Fresh tears rolled down her face as she turned her head to the boy in the blankets, who he realised now was her son as well. She reached up with her hand to stroke his whiskered cheek, holding her hand there, almost reverantly, like this boy was the only thimg in the world that could ever matter. And as a sob racked her body, A thought he felt her heart break. Here was her little boy, her son, about to be left alone to shoulder the most unholy of burdens. All alone. More sobs followed the first, and as she turned her fierce face back to him, she said it louder.

"Protect him!"

A nodded, barely knowing what he was doing. He would do it. Who wouldn't? Who could not? At his nod, her form lost the tension it had held since she'd grabbed him, and turning her face back to the boy she collapsed again, never taking her eyes off him. She stared for the longest time, and A watched her stare, entranced, horrified, inspired. At last the cries he long since forgotten stopped and the boy settled down to sleep. She smiled then, a very watery smile, her eyes tearing up again as a crushing saddness overtook her. But she had one more thing to do, one more thing she had to say, the most important thing.

"I-I love you, Na-Na..."

Her last breath. The lights in those beautiful eyes of hers finally left, and A could look away again. He looked at the boy wrapped in the blankets sleeping soundly now, between the two who'd loved him their whole lives and a few tears of his own seeped through. He didn't allow himself long to cry though, steeling himself, he knelt and took the boy in his arms. Turning away, he used an ordinary shunshin to reach the trees again, where he found his team. They'd only arrived ahead of the Konoha shinobi because they hadn't been involved in the conflict. Looking at them as they took him in, and more importantly the child in his arms, he answered before they had a chance to question him

"He's coming with us. Back to Kumo." After a few seconds when nobody objected he said, "Let's go."

After 32 hours of ceaseless travel, the ANBU team were ready to welcome death with open arms. Not because they hadn't eaten or slept or stopped for the last 32 hours, not even because they'd been forced to shunshin most of the way, and not because of their rigorous ANBU training bcause that had been no help, no, it was because the hellish monstrosity wrapped in blankets in A's arms hadn't stopped crying for the last 32 hours. The boy apparently was opposed to the shunshin technique on a personal level, and had started wailing barely 10 minutes after they left Konoha. When one of them had pointed out, as they had on numerous occasions, that the boy seemed a tad upset about their mode of transport, they had been rewarded with a glare from their leader, who had responded by increasing both the pace and the volume of the boy's crys. Now, however, now, as they stood at the gates to Kumogakure, it seemed the boy had cried himself hoarse, and settled down to sleep soundly in A's massive arms. It is a testament, really, to the standard of the Kumo ANBU's discipline that none of them responded to this beyond the massive amounts of facial ticks and twitches that they failed to hold back. And of course, the glares that promised bloody retribution that they directed towards the small bundle. Taking their leave of their slave driving taichou, they went to get some sleep, before getting rubbered to blow off some steam. A, however, made his way slowly towards the Raikage building, where he knew, despite the early hour, his father would be waiting.

He earned many looks as he walked through the streets, people were quite shocked to see the legendary A carrying a child. A few people stopped to ask about the boy, his origins mostly. A responded without hesitation, "He's my brother." To civilians and low ranking shinobi this meant nothing more than what it seemed, however, to the higher ranking shinobi this was an obvious code, and they quickly shied away from the boy. A bit back his disgusted rebukes at their elitist behavior that he knew Bee had been forced to deal with for over a year now, but still, he hated them for it. They clammered to gauke at him when they believed he was just a baby, but once they knew he was a jinchuuriki the same superior looks of disgust appeared on their faces, begging A to tear them a new one for their oppression of his loved ones. And he loved this boy. Already. He was a part of him, now, as assuredly as if he'd been his own flesh and blood. He was his brother, just as Bee was, and he wished he could protect him from the hate that would follow him throughout his life.

Entering the Raikage building, he told the secretary to inform his father he was coming up. It was a code of theirs. Whilst normally he would just arrive at the door, knock and be let in, if he sent word ahead, it meant he had something major two tell him. Right now his father would be frowning, gnashing his teeth and thinking Gah, what's the little bastard got 'imself into this time, eh? A smirked at the thought. He certainly wouldn't be expecting this. Hey, dad, guess what? I got you a new son! The old hardass would be overjoyed! Chuckling slightly and being careful not to joist the baby, A knocked on the door to the Raikage's office. He received the familiar, "I's open" before he stepped into the room.

As his son walked into the room with a child in his arms the Raikage's mind went blank. He stared agape from the boy to A's smirking face and back to the boy again for a few seconds before he burst out laughing. Great bellows shook his form, like rock falling on rocks, echoing down the halls. A closed the door on the shocked faces of many shinobi, who come to see what had caused this horrifying phenomenon before turning back to the shaking mass that was his father.

Grinning now he approached the desk, "Right, shut up now, it's not that funny!"

The Raikage looked up, his eyes filled with mirth as he struggled to speak around his laughter. "No, haha, no wait, ahhaaaa! No, even you canny fuck up that badly!" He said before he succombed to more guffaws.

A sighed and decided to wait this one out. Looking at the somehow still sleeping child in his arms he smiled, rocking him back and forth whilst his fathers roars quieted. Finally his father looked at him, eyes still gleaming continuing.

"Where the fuck did ya get that, then, eh?" he asked, before chuckling again.

A looked up, a sad, sorrowful look now on his face, which sobered the Raikage up.

"He was in Konoha."

"Konoha! You took a child from Konoha! What the fuck did ya do that fer!" The Sandaime shouted.

A only laughed at his father's reaction, a humourless laugh. "Wait" he said, "It get's better, he's the Yondaime Hokage's son."

At this the Sandaime Hokage stood, leaned over his desk to look A right in the eye, potent rage plain on his face as he grumbled, low and dangerous, "You'd better have a bloody fantastic explaination for why you kidnapped the Yondaime-fuckin-Hokage's son!"

A smiled again without humour, and looked down at the boy wrapped in blankets held securely in his arms. He continued to gaze at the boy as he continued, "I'm still not done, you know. He's also," here A looked his father straight in the eye, "the Kyuubi jinchuuriki... and an orphan."

The Sandaime Raikage was an old man, he'd fought in all three of the great shinobi wars, but even so, that last scentence held a little too much weight for him. The Yondaime Hokage, dead! His son a jinchuuriki! His jinchuuriki son in Kumo, in his son's arms! The Raikage fell back into his chair and for once gestured for A to do the same. "Tell me what happened."

So A did, from the Kyuubi's spontaneous appearance in the center of Konohagakure, to the Yondaime's hiraishining it away from the village to the beast being sealed in the boy now wrapped in blankets, held closely in his arms. Finally, he told him about the boys mother, her last wish. At this point the boy stirred in his sleep, made a quiet noise, but did not wake. The whole time the Raikage listened intently, adding a question here and there to get a better picture of the events.

"Are you sure he's a jinchuuriki then?" he asked when A was done. A slowly unwrapped the blankets to reveal the spiral seal on the boy's abdomen, right above his core. The Raikage sighed and fell back into his chair. "So, Minato Namikaze's dead." There was none of the glee you might expect when a man discovers an old enemy's died. They'd both grown to know Minato since the peace was made, both learned what a charismatic, charming, likeable person he was. A looked out the window over Kumogakure, the voice of the unknown Konoha Kunoichi echoing through time, still resonating in his mind Protect him!

"Will you adopt him?" he asked his father. The Raikage looked up from his own reflections, before looking at the sleeping boy in A's arms. His face softened then as the boy turned in his sleep.

"Aye. Aye I will." He said. He walked around the desk then, and motioned to take the boy from A. Wrapping the blankets tighter around him, A gave the boy to his father, their father. The Sandaime Raikage smiled down at his newest son as he moved in his sleep. The first hours of his life had been tumultuous, terrifying, yet here he was, sound asleep, not a care in the world. Good thought the Raikage humourously, Doesn't scare easy! Make for a good shinobi he will. Like his fathers. Thinking of Minato brought another question to the Raikage's mind. Turning to face A he asked, "She didn' give a name, did she? The mother."

A shook his head. "No, she tried to, I think, but, all I know is it begins with N."

The Raikage beamed at that. "An' was wrong with that! N! Good, strong, simple, easy to remember! N!" He looked down at the boy in his arms again. "Fits too, with Namikaze I mean. N. Aye, N will do just fine for him!"

A smirked at that, easy to remember, is that where they all come from! Lazy old ass!

Just then the door to the office flew open and in walked a six year old Bee, shades and a smile in place as always.

"Pops, yo, big bro! Wha's up, know?"

The Raikage laughed aloud at that, Bee's rapping always entertained him. "Yo, B, come here and say hello to your little brother, N"

Without missing a beat Bee sauntered through the office up to the boy in blankets and stuck his fist in front of him. "Yo, wa's up little bro, N, like for Nitro! Whee!"

The Raikage's laughs at the impromptu nickname could be heard all through the Raikage building, and by the next day, everyone knew of the Sandaime Raikage's third son, the Kyuubi jinchuuriki, N of Kumo!