How to write a Total Drama DxC Fanfiction

Welcome to the school of DxC Fanfictions! ;)

First thing to write is the description and title of the story:

For the title, you must make sure it has a title from a song. Then, you must make sure you put as much irrelevant information in it as possible. For example:

"Duncan and Courtney are in love. My dog's birthday was yesterday, dedicated to him. This is my first fanfic and I suck at writing summaries, read anyways. Total Drama never happened. Bye. Read and Review. I like corn =D"

Next you must make the story's rating. Make sure you put rated T or about, because otherwise no one will read it. Cause if you make it K+, it must be all about family and romance.

After you have written your description, name and rating, write the story. Make sure that that Courtney's parents hate her, and her only friends are Bridgette and Gwen. Duncan comes from a line of cops, he's either the new kid or the kid that nobody has the guts to talk to, and his best friend is either Trent or Geoff. Geoff, mostly. Gotta keep it mainstream. B) Duncan must call Courtney Princess in every sentence, and NEVER stop writing Author Notes in between the stories to bundle up the suspense. People love that. Make sure that the name of the high school they go to has the word "Wawanakwa" in it. You gotta make sure they live in either Toronto or Wawanakwa, and that Total Drama never happened. And put random comments in between that you don't know how to spell it. Have all the characters make random cameo appearances. Make sure the whole cast is in all of your classes. The most important thing to any DxC fanfic is to have each main character have a numerous amount of non-existing siblings, 3 or 4 each. And make sure 2 of them are twins, or one of them has a boyfriend or girlfriend that they gloat about. And just in case no one read your summary, just put the summary in the beginning of every chapter. You know, just in case people think your story is so cool it deserves to be read automatically because you're just that cool. Oh, and if your story is too short, add random lyrics to a song no one's ever heard of.

Make sure your readers (if you have any after reading this) review! And then write random crap about how much you want more reviews, and threaten taking the story down and never updating again.

And you are done! Your perfect story! Happy writing!


I hope you all never take this seriously! ;) I read something similar to this by Cereal-Killa today, and I loved it so much I'm making one for the Total Drama fandom and iCarly fandom! :) I've put all the annoying things I've seen in all the fanfics I've ever read, and made this ;) GLEE AND DANCE MOMS TONIGHT! OH YEAAAH ;D Unf. Ricky Martin is HOT! ;D Too bad Darren Criss wasn't in the episode. When they filmed that episode he was leaving for NYC to start How to Succeed rehearsals): Not watching Dance Moms till tomorrow, BUT, I think Payton is gonnabe the one auditioning for Candy Apples. Just watch. I just KNOW it. She's a spoiled brat and deserves to be with a bunch of snotty dance people at a snobby dance school made by the queen of snobs ;) LOL! And I really hope Abby lets Brooke back into the team! :D That'd be great. She wouldn't really make a good cheerleader, but that's just me. Anywaysssssss. Review! Bye bye lovelies(: