Chapter 1

Trunks and Kagome were limping home from a once-again-lost fight with the androids. The pair of almost-robots had slaughtered an entire city this time, and a helpless child was caught in the fray when the demi-saiyans and androids were battling. Android 17 had picked the child up, and shot him with ki right in front of Trunks and Kagome. It made Kagome so angry, she ascended to Super Saiyan.

Trunks had already become one; watching the death of Gohan, the pair's mentor and older brother figure did that to him. Androids 17 and 18 had beat them badly, so they swiftly – and smartly – retreated.

"Damn them!" Trunks shouted, "Damn them!" Kagome looked slightly worried about him. "Relax, Trunks. Bulma said she had something that could help us, right? Let's hurry to your home." She gave the lavender-haired man a light kiss on the cheek, and they continued to what was left of Capsule Corp.


When Bulma saw the battered and bruised Trunks and Kagome walk into her home, she ran up to them, panicking. "Oh dear! What happened to you? You tried fighting the androids again, didn't you?" she babbled quickly. Trunks let out an exasperated sigh. "Mother, can you get the first aid kit? I'm pretty sure it's back by the lab." Bulma walked away after a slight nod.

Kagome let out a chuckle after Bulma had disappeared behind the door. "She's so protective," she smiled. Trunks looked slightly irritated, saying, "Mother just doesn't want to lose us after losing the rest of the Z gang."

Before Kagome could reply, Bulma came back in. "Here you two go! Fresh bandages. When you two finish, I'll show you something I've working on for a while," the bluenette said with a wink.


Trunks and Kagome stared at the strange machine. Then at Bulma. Then back at the machine again. "You expect the two of us to fit together in that thing?" they shouted in unison. Bulma looked slightly sheepish, but said, "I only had a limited amount of supplies! Be grateful I managed to find even this much! And besides, you are a couple, so I figured it wouldn't have been that big a deal if Kagome had to sit in your lap."

The pair blushed. They had only been together for a few weeks. Chi-Chi had been really happy for them, saying that she wished Goku, Gohan, and Goten were here to see them as boyfriend and girlfriend. Kagome felt slightly depressed when thinking about her brothers (Goten and her were twins) and father, but was happy Chi-Chi approved.

"Fine. We'll do it." Kagome stated suddenly, "I want to see if we can save Dad, Gohan, Goten, Vegeta, and everyone else." She looked extremely serious, contradicting with her normally positive personality. Trunks looked at her for a moment, then gave up, sighing. "Fine, I'll go with you," he said, smirking, "I mean, who knows what kind of trouble you'll get into without me?" "Trunks!" Kagome huffed, pouting. The boy merely shrugged and walked over to the time machine.

"Well, are you coming or not?"


(With the Z gang in the Present)

"Man, it's hot out," Krillin complained. The group was looking for Frieza, for they had felt his ki in this area. "Shut up, weakling," Vegeta growled, "look for Freiza, and don't start compla-." As the Saiyan was speaking, there was a loud crash. Everyone stopped until they saw a… Super Saiyan? But he looked nothing like any of the Saiyans or demi-saiyans they knew! And then there was a girl with jet black hair and blue eyes right behind him.

He quickly killed Frieza and King Cold with a sword he had on him. Then the girl, who looked no more than seventeen, walked up to their remains and turned them to ash with a pinkish light that was most definitely not ki. She muttered about it being better than they deserved and walked up to the Super Saiyan. The boy powered down, and he had purple hair and purpley-blue eyes. He strpped the sword back onto his back and was wearing a Capsule Corp. jacket.

Vegeta stalked up to the pair, shouting, "How is that possible? You cannot be a Saiyan! I know there are only me, Kakarot, and his brat left!" The boy just looked at him. "We can't tell you who we are, but we can tell you that the one you call Son Goku is arriving here in about two hours." Bulma gave them a skeptical look, questioning, "And why should we believe you? Or even trust you?" "Because we may be your only hope!" the girl screamed.

The boy gave her a comforting hug and looked to the Z fighters, "I have sodas. Just wait. Please?"


As Goku descended from space, Gohan jumped up, shouting joyously, "Dad! Dad, you're back!" Goku hopped out of his ship in strange clothing, which was not his usual gi. "Goku!" they all said in unison, running up for a giant group hug. "Hey, guys! How've you been?" He looked so happy-go-lucky and carefree. Trunks hated to ruin it.

"Um, Goku? We need to speak to you. Alone."


(A/N: Oh my God! It's so crappy! Please, someone give some critisism. I know it went a little too fast, but I had no idea how else to write it! I apologise to TheElegantFaerie, of whom's challange it was. I'm so sorry! xD)