As Kagome finished speaking, there was a large growl. Trunks jumped up, startled, and looked around. His sword was out until the whole group looked at Goku to see him rubbing the back of his head. "Hehe, I'm pretty hungry. Does anyone else want food?"

Bulma laughed. "Oh, Goku! How much food do you eat?" Chi-Chi replied, "Well, so much that I'm out of house and home here!"

Kagome watched the scene almost enviously, wishing that she had been able to see this type of family, that the androids hadn't existed, but she snapped out of that train of thought. C'mon, Kagome, don't think about the past!

She chanced a glance over at Trunks and saw that he had been thinking the same things. He had unconsciously grasped her hand in his, squeezing it. "Hey, Trunks," she whispered quietly, "just remember. We're here to save this for them." He merely nodded and kept holding her hand.

Breaking the pair out of their reverie, Gohan called over, "Hey, guys! Come on, we're going to go eat. Want some? My mom's cooking is the best!" He was surprisingly calm and happy for a kid who had just learned he was going to die around the age of twenty if his younger sister hadn't come to help.

The Saiyans all ran to the dining room, and there was some food already laid out. They heard Chi-Chi's muffled voice say from the kitchen, "You can never be too prepared!"

Goku and Vegeta were already stuffing their faces, one or two plates piled up next to them. Kagome and Trunks sat next to Goku, hands still intertwined. Once everyone sat down, the couple and Gohan began grabbing food and filling their plates, and once the sustenance reached their lips, all manners were lost on them.

The humans watched in awe – and also slightly disgusted – as the food on the table disappeared bit by bit, only able to grab some rice or meat here and there.

Once everyone was full, they returned to the living room,

And so, the story continued.


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