Dawn broke over the sleepy London that the Doctor had landed them in, and with it, so too did the Time Lord. Yawning in a rather loud fashion, the man rose his arms up in a stretch and went to roll over, but was stopped. Frowning, brown orbs slowly opened and looked down, hoping that the lump was just his sheets mashed up like usual.


Shuffling backwards across the mattress and falling right off the other side, the Doctor missed Rose racing into his room, or the two eldest children following.

"Doctor what-"

"What is that thing doing in my bed?"

Peeking over the side in a manner that was normally considered cute, Mary tilted her head. "Why are you on the floor? It doesn't look very comfy."

Glaring up at the green eyed girl, the Doctor waited until Anna had retrieved her sister, before standing.

"She just had a nightmare, that's all," Anna explained, patting the other's hair as she did so. "Dad and Papa would let her sleep in with them when she has one, and being away from them, it isn't exactly surprising that she had one."

"Yes, well," the Doctor sputtered, looking quite ruffled. "Just make sure that it doesn't happen again, right?"

Rolling her eyes at the man, Anna strode out of the room holding her little sister close to her chest.

"I guess Papa was right," James hissed just loud enough for them to here.

Folding her arms across her chest, Rose lent against the door. "Was that really necessary?"

"What?" the Doctor huffed, pulling his fluffy red bathrobe around his shoulders. "Yes. Of course it was necessary. That-that, Thing! Snuck into my bed!"

"Because She was scared and needed reassurance," Rose pleaded, confused as to how the Doctor could not sympathise. "She was pulled away from her parents and home, and if it wasn't for the fact that her brother and sister was here with her, then she would be all alone."

Sliding on his slippers, the Doctor puffed loudly. "They shouldn't even be alive!"

"That is no reason to be so harsh!" Breathing deeply, Rose flicked some hair out of her face. "They are scared stiffless and you are not helping. Just- give them a break yeah?"

Ignoring the Blonde, the Doctor waited for her to leave the room, before he sat back down on the bed. They just should not exist. He couldn't even wrap his head around it. It wasn't like he wanted them all to die, but it was the only way to stop-

-no, best not think about that.

Pulling on his bathrobe tie, the Doctor stood back up and made his way out of the room. If the answers wouldn't come to him, then he would go to the answers, and he just happened to have three children just bursting with them.

Muttering to herself as she flipped the bacon over in the pan, Rose was oblivious to the whispered conversation that was happening behind her.

"What bad can come from telling them?" James whispered, glaring at his sister for being so impossible to work with. "It's not like they're not going to figure it out. He is our P-"

"No!" Anna hissed, glancing quickly over at Brit she would one day call Aunt. "You know what might happen if we tell them. He needs to meet Dad, and he won't do that if he already knows."

"But what if-"

"Here you go."

Placing four plates filled with bacon, eggs and toast down on the table, Rose took her seat and smiled. "Well, go on then. I haven't poisoned it."

But the fact that Rose Tyler was not a good cook ran through each mind as they slowly picked up the cutlery. Swallowing down her first bite, Anna nodded slowly, trying to hold back a cough. "Yeah, um it's nice, thank you."

Grinning at the comment, Rose picked up her own fork and began to eat. It wasn't until they were almost done, when the Doctor in all his pyjama wrapped goodness, sauntered in.

"Good morning."

Ruffling James' hair and stealing Mary's last slice of toast, the man ignored the glares he received, and lent against the sink. "I have decided, that since we're stuck with you lot till your parents 'magically' show up, we are going to go on an excursion."

Not trusting the man for one minute, Rose narrowed her eyes. "Where to?"

"Outside of course."

"And where exactly are we, 'outside'?"

Knowing that the Blonde would pick up on it too quickly, the Doctor forced his grin a little wider. "London."

Not taking the bait for one minute, Rose stood and faced the man that was irritating her more than she ever thought could be possible. "When?"

Ignoring the last question, the Doctor turned away and started walking towards the door. "We leave in twenty minutes. Be ready."

Glaring at the back of the man, Rose waited until he was out of sight, before throwing her arms up in the air and growling. "God that man is infuriating."

"It's alright," James smirked. "You should wait until he has k- Ow! What was that for?"

Closing her eyes at the idiocy that was her brother, Anna turned to Rose and smiled in what she hoped was a comforting manner. "Don't worry about him, he'll come around."

Looking down at the girl, Rose snorted. "Yeah, when pigs fly."

"So where exactly are we Doctor?"

It was nearing night by the time the party made their way onto the streets of London. It looked nothing like the city Rose grew up in, and if she had to guess, she would say that they had gone backwards, not forwards in time like they usually did.

"Well to tell you the truth," the Doctor puffed as he kept a steady step. "I'm not quite sure."

Halting all movement, Rose grabbed onto the man's leather jacket and growled. "What do you mean, 'you don't know'?"

"Well, you see," the Doctor stuttered, not at all liking the way that his friend was reminding him greatly of Jackie Tyler and her temper. "The navigation cut out along with many other systems when the children arrived, and I had to land the Tardis so that she could re-energise, and also it-"

"Yes alright," Rose yelled, not in the mood to listen to the Time Lord get into another one of his rants. "So what do we do now?"

"Well for one-"

Twirling around to face the small group, the Doctor grinned in a somewhat hysterical fashion. "We are going to take these children to a nice safe place, and have a bloody good time."

Knowing that the Doctor was defiantly up to something, Rose oped her mouth to growl at him some more, but was stopped when Mary pointed up. "Isn't that a little boy?"

Glancing up to the spot she was pointing at, the Doctor and Rose nodded in agreement.

"But what's he doing up there?"

"No idea."

Deciding that it would probably be best for one of them to go up and get him, they played paper, scissors, rock, deciding that the winner would take the children to find out what year they were in, and the loser would go retrieve the boy. Grinning like a loon as he watched the Blonde make her way up the fire escape, the Doctor turned away and ushered the children towards the nearest pub.

"Now," he mentally giggled, happy that his luck had pulled things around to his way. "I'm just going in there to find out when we are, then you and I are going to have a little chat, ok?"

Nodding slowly, Anne watched as the man that would one day become her father entered the dingy pub.

"Isn't this when-"


Wrapping his arms around his two sisters, James steered them over to the closest bomb shelter, and opened the door.

"Do you think we should tell them where we are?" Mary asked, holding onto her teddy like it was a life line. "They may be unhappy we left?"

"No." Locking the door behind them, James shivered slightly as the bomb sirens started up. "Papa will be busy saving lives, and Uncle Jack will be charming the pants off Auntie Rose."

Wrapping her arms around her younger siblings and pulling them close, Anna sighed deeply. "Besides that, we'll wait out this wave, and then when it's over, we'll head back to the Tardis and wait for them there. Everything will be fine"

Snuggling even further into her sister's embrace, Mary whimpered as another bomb landed, shaking the shelter down to its very foundations. "I hope you're right, Anna."