Little Luna Lovegood was known for being a weird one, but what most never guessed was just how perverted the young blonde was. Like all girls her age, Luna was bursting with hormones and couldn't resist masturbating every night. First she'd experiment in her bed at night, touching herself as quietly as possible until she archived orgasm then drifted off to sleep, along with the other girls. As time went on she began to notice signs that the other Ravenclaw girls were doing it too. Some nights she noticed, other girls wouldn't start until she had, and she was almost certain they were doing it purposely with her. She'd enjoy the thought of that, and she'd often moan aloud and mumble words to her self, responding to the sounds of gentle sighs around her.

It was her routine. Wake up, attend her classes, eat some food and wonder around on her own then end up in bed with her fingers inside herself. It was one warm evening, Luna had been strolling the grounds barefoot for hours when she decided to take rest on a large patch of crass, darkened by the shadow of the oak tree she now rested her back on. Humming a tune quietly to herself, she allowed her eyes to close and she drifted into sleep.

Because of her routine, her body was unfamiliar sleeping without having orgasmed before, and she woke rather suddenly with that familiar fire between her perfectly smooth legs. "Oh no, not now! Silly vagina and your feelings, always taking control of me like this!" she spoke to herself softly, a giggle leaving her lips. The feeling just wouldn't go away and she couldn't possibly make it back up to the castle without cumming.

She sighed deeply, parted her legs and lowered her hand which soon found her hairless vagina, which she cupped and moaned to herself, it had already began dripping. The tiny blonde didn't seem to care that she may be in full view of anyone, the sensations from her pussy were just too good to ignore. "Yes, oh wow yesss." She spoke rather loudly as two fingers clamped around her now soaked clit, which she began pinching and flicking roughly.

Her legs opened even wider and were now fully spread in front of her. She let go off her clit which throbbed, raised her hand then brought it down onto her pussy, slapping the soaked clit hard. She moaned loud and continued slapping herself, reaching around with her other hand which soon found her tiny anus, which seemed to twitch at the light touch of her petite fingers. "Hmmm, you need attention as well, yes?" speaking to herself again seductively, the question did not need answering.

Collecting some of her wetness with a single finger, she covered her anus in her own juices and forced two fingers in, a smile of absolute pleasure forming on her flushed face and she stroked her insides, her moaning increasing in sound. Both of Luna's holes were now filled with her fingers, thrusting in and out with practiced speed, when suddenly a bird chirped from above and she came to the sudden realization; she was fucking herself in both holes in the middle of the Hogwarts grounds!

It all hit her at once, her hardened nipples brushing the fabric of her uniform, her ass hole squeezing her fingers and her clit and g-spot being stimulated perfectly, and with the thought that someone might be watching her, she came with a loud scream, squirting her juices on the inside of her thighs with a satisfied "Oh goodness, yes!".

She soon calmed down, removed the fingers from her pussy and lapped up her juices like a kitten. She did the same with the fingers that had stimulated her anally, and started giggling lightly to herself. She kept her damp legs spread, let out a very deep, very satisfied groan and began to piss on the grass in front of her. Her warm crystal clear piss trickled down the sides of her legs and all around. The satisfaction of releasing her bladder turned her on all over again, and before she knew it she was spanking her pussy again and making herself squirt for the second time. She ran a finger along a line of piss and treated herself to a taste before finally packing up and leaving, her piss and pussy juice still covering the area which she had claimed her own, and an area she couldn't wait to return too.

She never did know if anyone had seen her, but she liked to think they did, and she liked to think that when they came, it felt as good for them as it did for her.

The following day, Luna woke in a heightend state of arousal after dreaming of the previous days antics. She began teasing her nipples through her night wear, staring at all the other girls around her who were still sleeping. She felt adventuours, and positioned herself so she was on the outside of the covers, completely exposed had anyone been awake to see her. She sat up and had her legs open, toying with her pussy which started leaking onto her sheets. She kept her eyes on the faces of her housemates, which only increased her arousal.

Crawling over to the post on the left side of her bed, she pressed her pussy onto the cold surface of the wooden beam and gasped aloud at the shock. Before she knew it she was full on grinding the smooth surface, her hairless lips parting either side, her throbbing clit being rubbed by the cold surface. She held on with her right hand and rode the pole for all she was worth, then reached behind with her left hand to cup her bum cheeks then finger her anus, which accepted the intrusion with ease.

Luna came suddenly. Caught off guard by the sudden and quick orgasm she moaned loudly then covered her mouth with her hand. A few students stirred in their bed but none opened their eyes. Luna watched them like a hawk, breathing heavily, her tiny breasts bouncing slightly, her fingers still deep in her ass. "I really do wish they could see me piss. Here it comes, ohh, such beautiful relief!" she whispered, hoping someone might wake up and watch her. Giggling as quietly as possible, Luna pressed four fingers at the top of her vagina and lifted up, then began to spray her warm piss all over the bed post she had just grinded on. She held her hand out into her line of piss then rubbed it over her chest with a satisfied groan, her fingers fell lightly out of her bum and she collapsed backwards onto her bed, taking them into her waiting mouth.

She rolled back under her covers, her feet resting on the damp spot that now began to soak through, and watched her fellow Ravenclaws wake up one by one. She giggled to herself because they had no idea what she had done, and it certainly wasn't the first time she had done stuff when they were asleep. She turned her head to the side and rested on her pillow, looking at the chest to the side of her bed, inside which was pairs of underwear she had stolen from the girls, which she often masturbated with. A happy sigh left her parted lips as she thought about where to cum next.