Chapter One

Once upon a time, in a land far away resides six amiable kingdoms. In these kingdoms there, of course, were six gracious Kings and six convivial Queens. All six Kings and Queens always wanted to be blessed with a child of their own. One divine day, their desires have been answered. The Queens has been given the wondrous news that they were carrying—each of their own a child. When the Queens had given birth to beautiful baby girls, the Kings had decided to throw an immense party—at the center of all six kingdoms—so everyone from far and wide can come and marvel at their beautiful little girls.

As the years go by the beautiful little girls has grown to be a lovely young ladies. Many princes have come and tried to charm them into marrying them, but unfortunately for them it wasn't meant to be. Then the Kings and Queens' closest friends from neighboring kingdoms had come for a visit and they all agreed to meet at the center of the kingdoms. That's when they saw them. I mean really saw them. They each stood with their backs towards them. Their posture was that of grace. To the young Princesses it was a posture to be in awe at. When they turned around they noticed the most compelling eyes anyone can ever see.

The first pair was a light purple that captured and pulled you in. His hair—his hair has two different colors in them. His bangs are grey while the rest of his hair is either a dark shade of blue or completely black. The second pair was blue eyes that went well with blonde hair. The third pair was brown that somehow went well with dark blue hair. The fourth pair was golden yellow cat eyes that went along well with black hair. The sixth pair were covered by glasses, but it look well with brown hair. The last pair was aqua blue eyes that stood out and distracts the person from the red hair.

The day went by without any commotion. Basically a normal day for the Princesses. That was until one of every six King's most trusted advisors tried to exterminate the Kings, Queens, Princesses and everyone else in the palace. When they didn't succeed they prepared a different plan.

Since no one knew who had planned to eliminate everyone, they continued with their second plan. They had asked the Kings for the Princesses hand in marriage but was denied. The Kings knew that their daughters wouldn't agree with it and they valued their daughter's opinion and view on everything. But the most important thing was that the Kings valued their daughters far too much to let someone who they don't approve of to take care of them.

Since their second plan didn't work they went to a sorcerer and gained unspeakable power. They knew that within the Tachibana, Fernandez, Rose, Wong, York, and Alster Royal Families there is great power that only they can wield. He had found out that the young Princesses on their seventeenth birthdays had been given a family heirloom that has inside it a creature—a guardian to the heir that's next in line for the throne. It is also the same for the Granger, Hiwatari, Tate and Kon Royal Families. Each heir to the throne has a guardian. The only ones that don't have a guardian is the Matthew family.

One night the six King were woken up to their palace's guards yelling. They looked out the window and saw that their trusted advisors have come, but with allies. They threatened to take everything from the Kings for denying what they wanted.

The king told their wives to wake up their daughters and to send then to the Grangers. The Queens did as they were told. They had woken up their daughters and led them to the back of the palaces. There stood some of their most trusted guards. They placed the Princesses inside the carriage, but before the Queens could get inside they were shot by an arrow threw her heart. The Princesses yelled, but the guards closed the carriage door and took them to the Grangers. They had arrived successfully and explained everything to them. The six Princesses stared at each other in surprise to see that they were going through the same thing. The next day, the remaining five palaces came. Days later they began marching back to the Princesses palace.

When they arrived an all out war began. The Princesses were about to be hit by an attack, but their guardians and their love's guardians blocked the attack. They looked at their love and the Princes smirked as they continued to fight. While they were planning this battle with the others, they had confessed their feelings to them and they returned them. They had promised that after this was over they would be together. That nothing would separate them. But unfortunately, that wasn't meant to be.

They looked around and saw that their friends, comrades and their loves were on the floor—dead. They got up, looked ahead and began advancing.

"What a shame." The ex-advisors said. "Here we were hoping that this wouldn't have had to happen, but this happened because of your foolish fathers." Then they realized that everyone they knew were gone. They felt tears brim down from their eyes. "You have two choices: marry us or be eliminated by our hand? Your choice."

For the first time speaking, the Princesses voices were calm and grounded. "I choose to fight and bring peace to every palace."

"This is your demise then."

They gathered up the rest of their strength for a final attack.

"Guardians of our royal families hear our voice" they began "We're asking you to give us the rest of your powers and assist us in defeating this evil."

A long staff appeared above their heads. They took it and aimed it at the advisors. An immense power came out and hit them straight on. When the smoke blew everyone who was safe saw that they were trapped. With the last bit of their powers, the Princesses along with their guardians sent them far, far away and restored the land back to the way it was.

Now when everyone could see again they saw that the Princesses were gone. They searched and searched, but they haven't found them. They buried the bodies of the fallen heroes. As they did this six voices came from the winds and said: Do not fret, for they shall be reborn because this battle is not over. We are the Princesses guardians and we assure you that they will come back. All in do time.

When the voices were gone they all began murmuring, wondering if it was true. Decades went by and they haven't gotten their beloved Princesses back. Until now…" The voice in my head said.

I woke up to the sun shinning through my window and the birds chirping. I look at my clock and saw that I was late for school. I got up and began getting dressed. Once I was done I headed downstairs and said goodbye to my mother and father. They asked if I wanted any breakfast, but I said no. I met up with my friends—who are girls only. They are Julia Fernandez, Mariah Wong, Mathilda Alster, Mariam Rose and Emily York.

When they were in my line of sight I saw them all tapping their shoes. I reached them and stopped to gain my breath. When I looked up they all had disapproving looks on them.

"I'll explain on the way because if we don't start running—like now—we'll be, I don't know late." I said.

"Then let's go." Julia said.

We arrived to homeroom on time. We sat down in the back in our respective seats breathing heavily. When our breathings became normal they all looked at me expectantly. It's a good thing that in our school we don't have to change classes—we just change teachers.

"Okay. Well I was dreaming about six kingdoms long ago. And I know it's going to sound fairy tail like, but trust me I feel like it actually happened. So then there were six Kings and Queens had always wanted a child their own. They got it and they lived a normal life until one of each of the King's advisors wanted everyone eliminated. They failed and then tried to marry the Princesses. One thing led to another and the Princesses defeated them and sent them far, far away and they used the last bit of their power for that and to make the place go back to how it was. When everyone else could see again the Princesses had disappeared. They looked and looked for them, but they couldn't find them. Then when they were burying the people that died in battle six voices came through the air and said: Do not fret, for they shall be reborn because this battle is not over. We are the Princesses guardians and we assure you that they will come back. All in do time. Then I woke up and now here we are." I said.

I looked at them and they were staring at each other. I was about to ask what was wrong, but then the teacher came in. I say she has impeccable timing. Before the teacher spoke they said that they have to tell me something important, but that they'll tell me later. The teacher did attendance and then spoke.

"Everyone we have an important assembly that will probably take the whole first period. That is all."

With that said she got her things and walked out the classroom. The girls turned around and faced me.

"Okay what's the important thing that you have to tell me?" I asked curious.

"Well while we waited for you we began talking about dreams for some reason. We each said our dream and we realized that we had the same dream. Then we began wondering if you had the same dream. Which you did." Emily said.

"What does this mean?" I asked.

We each looked at each other and shrugged our shoulders. Then the announcement for the assembly came on. We all headed to the auditorium. When everyone was settle down the principal came on.

"Everyone we have some special students that will be transferring to our school. Normally they would have been home schooled, but for some important reason they decided to come to school here—in Bakuten High School…" He kept droning on and on that I almost fell asleep.

Bakuten High is located in the center of town that is in between the six abandoned kingdoms. I heard stories about the kingdoms, but I just thought that who ever owned them probably decided to escape the luxurious life of royalty. There is also a legend about the six Princesses, but I didn't think that it was connected to the same dreams we had. I didn't even think about the legend at all. Then the principal stopped droning about who knows what and introduced the new students.

"Everyone I would like to introduce you Prince Tyson Granger from the Granger Royal Family; Prince Max Tate from the Tate Royal Family; Prince Ray Kon from the Kon Royal Family; Prince Kenny Dickenson from the Dickenson Royal Family; Prince Kai Hiwatari from the Hiwatari Royal Family; Prince Tala Ivanov from the Ivanov Royal Family; and their fellow friends Prince Bryan, Prince Ian and Prince Spencer." There were loud screams from the girls that the girls and I covered our ears so our ear drums wouldn't burst. Then the principal began again when everything was quiet. "They would like you guys to treat them like any other person."

"So we can ignore them, I guess." I said to Julia who giggled.

"Hey girls look at them, but look at them good. Do they remind you of some ones?" Emily said.

"Yeah. They look like the guys from our dreams." Mathilda said.

When her words sunk in, we shot up pointing at them and said "It's them!"

By now every pair of eyes were staring at us. Including the Princes themselves.

"Eh heh, heh, heh." We said sweat dropping.

They continued to stare at us. I noticed that the door was still open and since we were in the back and near the walkway of the passage I got an idea.

"Girls." I whispered. They looked at me. "Run."

And run we did. We shot out of the auditorium as if our lives depended on it. When we neared the double doors that lead to the senior courtyard we stopped. We slid down the wall and began to calm our breaths down. I looked at the girls and they looked at me. Then we began to laugh. This situation is ones of those situations that show you who your true friends are. The ones that will laugh with you because you did something stupid and won't blame you for humiliating them. Then we heard foot steps. We looked up and saw the vice principal.

"Care to explain on what just happened in there?" she asked kneeling in front of us.

"Okay well we had this dream…" I said beginning to explain the dream. "Yeah and when we saw them we just you know shot up and said that." I said.

"Can't blame you. I would do the same thing in your shoes." Ms. Rey said smiling warmly at us. "Now its time that we head back."

"Do we have to?" Mariah asked.

"Yes. You owe them an explanation. You don't have to tell them what you told me so you might want to come up with an excuse plausible enough for them to believe it." She said.

She opened the door and we walked in. when we entered we got a few whistles and cheers from the male population of the school. Figures. Some girls or guys stand up and interrupt the principal and they get cheers. I swear the guys in our school may be cute and smart but they're not that bright when it comes to getting in trouble. The bell for second period rang and the principal dismissed everyone, except for us.

When the auditorium was clear the principal gave us the cold stare. We shivered. "Now who would like to explain to the Princes your actions?"

"Well" I began.

"We umm" Mathilda said.

"We heard about them—their names and all. And we began talking one day that we wanted to see who they were. And when you introduced them to the school we were shocked that it was them. So we shot up and said what we said." Mariah said. We stared at her in disbelief. Man when she needs to lie, she lies alright. "Sorry."

"Principal if they just wanted to meet us then I don't think you should punish them." Prince Ray said. "Nice to meet you…"


"Mariah. Lovely name." he said grabbing a hold of her hand, bringing it to his lips and gently placing a kiss on her hand.

Mariah's face turned the shade of a tomato at the gesture. Then I heard a male voice say: It will all begin again. The battle that has ended decades ago shall begin again. I looked around to see if someone else was here, but nope there wasn't.

"Hils what's wrong?" Julia said.

"I heard a male voice say 'It will all begin again. The battle that has ended decades ago shall begin again.' So I looked around to find out who said it, but I got nothing."

"A male voice?" Prince Kenny said.

"Yeah." I said.

"How long have you been hearing this voice?" Prince Tala asked.

"Since I was a little girl. It only came when I was in trouble or zoning out."

"So" Prince Tyson began "what are all your names? First and last."

Pushy much, I thought. "You already know Mariah, but her full name is Mariah Wong; the girl with the glasses is Emily York; the girl with dark blue hair is Mariam Rose; the shy one is Mathilda Alster; the dual hair girl is Julia Fernandez; and I'm Hilary Tatibana. Nice to officially meet you your majesties." I said bowing—showing respect. The other girls did the same.

When we stood straight we saw them wide eyed. I looked at the girl and shrugged. Something was up. And whatever it was the Princes knew what it was.

"Eto, are you all okay?" Mathilda asked.

"Huh, yeah." Max said.

"Hn." Compliments from Kai.

Then I felt like someone was watching us. I turned around that I probably would have gotten whiplash. The girls stared at me. I got off the stage and headed to the doors that lead out the school. I looked around, but saw no one. The same voice spoke.

Milady you might want to be careful. A great evil is out there. Waiting for the moment that the Princesses will be known so they can eliminate her highnesses. Stay close to the Princes. Their guardians will protect you. Soon you shall remember.

Remember what? I thought. I headed back to where the others are at. The principal and the Princes stared at me—confused. The girls were staring wide eyed at me.

"You felt and heard that? Right?" Mathilda asked.

"Yeah." Mariah, Julia, Emily and Mariam said.

"Good then you guys felt what I felt and heard what I heard." I said.

"Is that why you left?" Julia asked.

"Yeah." I said. "What voices did you hear?"

"You mean whether male or female?" Mariah asked. I nodded my head. "I heard a female voice."

"I heard a male voice." Emily said.

"Female." Julia said.

"Male." Said Mariam.

"Male." Said Mathilda.

"Why did we hear different voices?" I asked no one in particular.

"It doesn't matter." Said the principal. "What matters is that I need you girls to show them around. When you're done come back to the office and I'll let you get the rest of the school day off, but tomorrow you're going to have to catch up on what you missed. Now you can go and show them around."

With that he left. I sighed and began walking. We showed them around. Julia was telling them little facts, but I didn't participate in this. My mind was still wrapped around why we felt what we felt and heard what we heard, but mostly on why we heard different voices. I shook my head and let it go. But in the back of my head was the answer. I knew it, but paid no attention to it. When we finished we headed back to the office.

The principal kept to his word. He gave us the rest of the school day to ourselves. He said that we could go to the senior courtyard if we wanted to. I told him we would; but that the girls and I needed to get our things and that we need to give our teachers a note. He said that he would take care of that, but to go and get our things. We began walking back; the Princes said that they would wait there.

When we entered the class, the teacher didn't even look up. She told us to get our things and to head back to the guys. When we were exiting, she called us and winked. We blushed and told her that it wasn't like that. I swear the female adults here are weird. We arrived back to the main office to find out that the guys went to the senior courtyard. We huffed and walked to the courtyard. Mariah was ranting on how Princes these days have no manners. I began laughing. Soon the others joined in. We arrived to the courtyard only to find the guys attacking each other with swords.

I was about to step in, but was interrupted by an older males voice.

"I wouldn't if I were you. They're only practicing. They're not going to kill each other. At least I hope they don't." We looked at him. Surprise written across our faces. "Oh, I'm sorry. I'm Hiro Granger. Tyson's elder brother."

"Nice to meet you." We said.

"I'm Hilary Tatibana."

"Julia Fernandez."

"Mariam Rose."

"Mathilda Alster."

"Mariah Wong."

"And I'm Emily York."

He stared at us wide eyed, but composed himself. "Nice to meet you." He said bowing to us; we bowed back.

Then I asked him something that came to my mind. "If your Prince Tyson's brother, than aren't you the heir to the throne?"

"Nope." He smiled. "I turned it down because I knew my little brother was the right person for it."

I just nodded my head. We looked back at the Princes. They had finished and were now taking a break. Sitting on the grass—relaxing. I nudged Julia and whispered something to her. She nodded her head and went to the table that has a place to plug in her mini stereo so we can listen to our iPods. Mariam, Mariah, Emily and Mathilda stared at her and then at me.

"We have to practice for cheer. Remember, since we didn't stay yesterday?"

They nodded their heads.

"Ready!" Julia said.

We got into place. Julia asked Prince Kenny if he could push play on the iPod when I nodded my head. I looked to see if we were all in place. I nodded my head and he pushed play. The song began and we waited. Then we began when it reached an up beat. I did a back flip. My hand held me up while I spread my legs horizontally. I heard a whistle. We continued. When the end came I did front flips and pushed myself into the air and did three spin flips and landed on the ground with my right arm holding my right leg vertically up.

When the music stopped I relaxed. I looked at the girls and we began laughing. The guys were staring at us as if we grew a second head. When we finished we sat down.

"Okay that was good, but not our best." Julia said.

"You think. I mean I miss one practice and I'm rusty." I said stretching.

"That's because you're used to practicing so much, Hils." Mariah said.

"Yeah, yeah." I said smiling. Then I felt my phone vibrate in my boot—which matches my school uniform, which consists of a white shirt with the school insignia over the heart, a black and red plaid vest, black and red plaid three inches up your mid-thigh skirt, either red or black knee high socks, and what ever shoe you want. I told the girls to cover me. I pulled out my phone and saw that my elder brother, Darren sent me a text. It read:


Have you heard that nine Princes from afar have come? If you have then you and the girls should behave. Treat them with respect. I mean if you ever meet them. Oh and if you meet a guy named Hiro, tell him I said 'Hi.' 'Kay? 'Kay.


I stared at my phone. I swear, sometimes I think that my parents had dropped him when he was younger. If not then he whacked himself when he was younger. Then it hit me. How did he know Prince Hiro? I looked at Hiro, wonder crossing my face. I put my phone away and got up.

"Prince Hiro?" I said.

"Just call me Hiro." He said.

"Okay. Hiro?"

"Yes? What is it?"

"My brother, Darren, says 'Hi.'" I said.

"Tell him I said 'Hi.' Too."

"Okay." I said somehow self-consciously.

I continued to stare at him. Wondering if I should ask or not.

"What's up?" he asked seeing through me.

"Eto…how do you and Darren know each other?"

"Oh. Well my parents, years ago, came here for a visit when you were four. I snuck out from where we were staying and walked around. I got into trouble and luckily your brother was passing by. He helped me and we became friends. Since then we kept in touch. I guess I forgot to tell him that I was coming." He said scratching the back of his head.

"You're a good friend." I said sarcastically.

"Hey people tend to forget some things every now and then." He said defensively.

"I know. I'm just kidding." I said smiling. He looked at me blushing. "Eh, why are you blushing?"

"Huh? Oh it's just that you remind me of a girl I used to know. She was cousins to a well known royal family, but they also went missing. Plus you look cute when you smile."

"So you miss her and just how old are you?"

"Twenty two. I'm the same age as your brother."

"Word of advice." I said. "Never tell a girl who isn't of legal age yet that she looks cute; you'll get in trouble." I said teasingly.

"What? Hey!" he said chasing me.

I began running and laughing. He was close to catching me when I hid behind Prince Ray. When I knew what I did I jumped away from him. Bad idea. Hiro grabbed me and began tickling me. I got a flashback, but paid no attention to it.

"Okay, okay. Stop, please!"

I sighed in relief when he stopped. Then the bell that ended the school rang. I got up and went to get my stuff.

"Hey Hiro, if you want you can come with us to my house. He should be there. If not than we can go to his work."

"Sounds good. You guys want to go."

"Sure." They said.


We began heading to where the buses were at, but we were pulled back and led to a big limousine that held at least twenty people. Hiro asked me how we get to my house I gave him the address and the driver put it into the built in GPS. I looked at the girls and saw that they were also uncomfortable.

When we arrived I saw that my brother wasn't the only one that was here. So were my parents. We stepped out and I led the way. I unlocked the doors and led them in.

"Darren, mom, dad! I'm home!" I said. "And we have company. Not the usual type, but the royal type."

With that my parents came out from the study and you could hear Darren running down the stairs. There was a yelp and a bang. I looked at my parents and sighed. I headed to the stairs. I was welcomed to Darren on the floor, rubbing his head. I sighed, once again, and helped him up. We went back to the front door.

"Hey Hiro. Been awhile." He said going up to Hiro and both did a handshake.

"Darren. They're royalty, treat them like it." Mother said scolding him.

"It's okay. I've known him for awhile now." Hiro said.

"Really, than please come into the living room." She said motioning for them to come in. "Hilary come and help me in the kitchen real quick."

"Okay. Just let me put my things away into my room. And let me change real quick." I said heading for the steps.

"Hurry." She said from the kitchen.

I entered my room and placed my things on my bed. I went to my closet a pulled out a dress the hugs my chest and stomach, but is loose at the bottom. It reaches mid-thigh. The sleeves hug my arms and become loose halfway down my forearm and cover half my hands. The dress is very simple, but elegant. It's pink, but not one of those obnoxious pink colors. I took of my red knee length socks and put on white ones and put on my white, casual boots. I took one look in the mirror and went downstairs.

I went into the living room briefly.

"Girls, if you want you can go into your rooms to change and put your stuff away." I said.

"You all live here?" Bryan asked.

"Yeah. Since all of our parents are usually never here because of work we live together with Darren because he's our guardian." Julia said.

I went into the kitchen to help out mother. She took one look at me and smiled an approval. I stared at her.

"Maybe you'll capture one of their hearts." She said winking.

"Mother! So not appropriate." I said.

"You're no fun." She said. "Take the trays with the drinks and go give it to them while I finish the treats."

"Okay." I said taking the three trays.

I place one on my head and held the other two. I entered the living room. Mathilda was about to get up but I told her it was fine. I place the tray on my right hand on the coffee table first, then the one on my head and then the one on my left hand. I left the living room and went back into the kitchen. Mother had finished the treats and she took two trays. I took the other two.

We place them on the coffee table and sat down. Mother sat down next to father and I sat in Darren's lap. He smiled at me and handed me a cup with soda. I took a sip of it and reached for a cookie. Mother glanced at me and went back to the conversation that father and Hiro were having about politics or something. I paid no attention and went to staring out the huge window we have in the living room. I was brought out of my trance when Prince Kenny was calling my name.

"Yes, Prince Kenny."

"Call us by our names." Prince Ray said.

"Okay." I said a tad bit uncomfortable. "What was it Kenny?"

"How did you manage to carry three trays all at once?"

"Honestly, I don't know. I've always known how to balance many things at once." I said.

"Just like a princess would." Spencer said.

"Yeah right. Hilary a princess? That's funny." Darren said. His voice tense for some reason.

"Yeah and you being a prince would be bad."


"Guys no fighting, please." Father said.

"Sorry." We said.

The guys began laughing. All except for Kai. I looked at Kai wondering why he was so quiet. Almost like a loner. Hiro made a comment on how we remind him so much of Tyson and himself. Then the doorbell rang. I got up and said that I would get it. I opened the door and was bombarded with the press asking questions. I had difficulty closing the door. I called for the girls. Everyone came out of the living room.

"Girls quiet standing there and ah—" I yelped. "help me. Hurry!"

They ran and helped me close the door. Once the door was closed I ran into the living room and closed the shades and curtains of the window. I ran to the other windows and did the same. The girls helped me make sure that the windows had the shades and curtains closed and were locked and that all the doors were locked too. When we were done we went back into the living room.

"Mr. and Mrs. Tatibana all windows are locked and covered and the doors are all locked." Mariah said.

"Girls how many times have we told you not call us that? Call my husband Jake and call me Rosemarie." Mother said smiling at them.

"Okay." They said.

"Sorry." Hiro said.

"For what?" I asked sitting on the floor.

"For the trouble we're putting you in." Ray said.

"Nah! Don't be." I said. "This is the most fun we've had."

They looked at me and we began laughing. Then it was five o' clock and they had to get back to the hotel that they'll be staying at. I called the police and they had gotten rid of all the press. Mother closed the door when they were out of sight. She asked for the girls and me to help make dinner. We went into the kitchen and began helping. When dinner was ready and dessert was made we sat down to eat.

"So Darren care to explain on how you met Hiro?" mother asked skeptically.

He explained everything to them and mother said that what he did was good. When the dishes were done and put away the girls and I went into Julia's room. We began talking on everything that happened so far.

"It's a good thing that today's Friday." Mathilda said.

"Yep." We said agreeing with her.

Then we all heard the six voices again.

Stay with the Princes no matter what. They shall protect you. Be their friends and you soon will remember. Never forget about your dreams and about the stories and legend you have heard. They will come in hand, Miladies.

We stared at each other and wondered what they meant. Then we decided that we have enough time for it. Then we each went into our rooms and went to bed.

The next day I woke up and began getting ready. I was wearing the same dress as yesterday, but this time in crimson. I went into the dining room. The girls were already there. We saw that we were wearing the same thing, but in different colors. We began laughing. Mother was about to make breakfast, but the doorbell rang. We went to see who it was. There was a guy with blue hair and blue eyes and a girl with red hair and black eyes standing in front of us.

"Um yes?" mother said.

"I'm Kane and this is Salima." He said. "The Princes have sent us to pick up a milady Hilary, milady Julia, milady Mathilda, milady Mariah, milady Miriam and a milady Emily." He said.

"That would be us." We said stepping in front of mother, father and Darren.

"What do they want?" My father asked going into father mode.

"They have asked us to come and get them because they want to have breakfast with them and they wish to get to know them better. Plus his majesty Hiro has asked to also take a master Darren along so they can catch up." Said Salima.

"Then they can go." I stared at father.


"Go. They personally asked for you girls and we make no promises that your mother and I will be here later on." He said smiling warmly.

I felt a pang in my heart and forced a smile at him. We followed Kane and Salima to the limo. The driver opened the door and we went in; fifteen minutes later we arrived outside of Bakuten Hotel. We entered and followed Kane and Salima to an elevator. They hit the top floor button. Salima said that the top floor is a pen house that was made especially for the Princes. I wonder if they're spoiled or not? I thought. When we reached the top floor we were welcomed to maids in two lines. Some on the left, others on the right.

"Welcome miladies and master." They said bowing. We looked at each other and shrugged.

We continued to follow Kane and Salima into this huge dinning room. There stood the Princes and their parents. So there were a total of nineteen people waiting for the seven of us. I looked at the girls and our eyes mirrored what we were feeling. Shock and uncomfortable-ness—if that's even a word. The maids sat us next to one of the Princes. Julia was seated next to Tala; Mathilda next to Tyson, Mariah next to Ray, Mariam next to Max, Emily next to Kenny; and me next to Kai.

Great I get the silent one, I thought. At least Darren was seated next to his friend Hiro. I looked across and saw that Julia was seated across from me. I looked at her my eyes pleading for her to help me. She looked at me and shrugged. I knew what it meant. She couldn't because she was in the same mess I was. Tala maybe silent, but at least he says and responds when he's being spoken to. Kai doesn't.

The maids served us breakfast. It was hot beignets with yogurt and rosemary-scented raspberry sauce; ricotta with coffee-poached dates, pistachios, and sunflower honey; and poached eggs with Dungeness crab, sesame oil, and Japanese sea salt. The girls and I stared in awe, but then we began eating. When we finished Kai's father spoke.

"Girls we would like to thank you for the hospitality that you showed our sons. If it were any other person, they would have used those moments to get publicity for themselves."

"It was no problem." I said calmly.

The calmness in my voice surprised me. They looked at me and smiled. They got up. We began getting up, but they stopped us.

"Stay and hang out here with them. We have some businesses to attend to." He said.

With that said they got up and left. We sat there in complete silence. Then Hiro came up with an idea. He told us to wait while he and the others went to change. Once they were out of hearing range I spoke up.

"Okay who else feels like a fish out of water?" The girls raised their hands except for Darren. I knew that in the time that Hiro was here years ago he hung out with him. "Good. Then I'm not the only one."

Then the others came in. I stared at them in surprise. Who knew that they would look like any other person in regular clothes?

"Okay lets head out." Tyson said.

"Huh?" we said.

"We changed so we could go out and enjoy the beautiful day. And so no one would be able to recognize us."

"Okay." We said getting up.

We headed to the elevator and went to the front of the hotel. There were two limos waiting for us; we got in them and once the doors were closed the limos moved forward. The girls and I were in the same limo as the Princes. Hiro and Drew were in the other one. I got a text from Darren.


"Darren." I said. "He texted saying that Hiro and he are going to an arcade. That they'll meet us at the park after we leave the amusement park." Then I did a double take. "Amusement park?"

"Yep." Max said smiling.

"Why?" Mariam asked.

"Because it's a good way to spend the day." Was all Tala said.

I looked at the girls and they knew what I was feeling. Fear. Don't get me wrong, I love amusement parks it's just that I'm absolutely terrified of rollercoasters. I once went on one of them with my father and when we got of I was clinging on to him as if my life depended on it. Ever since then I haven't gone on a rollercoaster. When we entered the amusement park I stared at all the visible rollercoasters. I took a deep, shaky breath.

We began with small games. Then Tyson said that he was getting bored so we went to a rollercoaster. We waited in line for like fifteen minutes, and then it was time for us to go on. We sat down next to the same guys as breakfast. When the rollercoaster began moving I started shaking. Then the roller coaster was at the tipy-top of the hill, and then it shot down. I didn't scream like the others—except Kai—but I knew that I was pale. When we got off, I grabbed onto Julia.

"Mathilda go buy a soda and something that Hilary will be able to eat." Julia said.

Mathilda ran as if she was saving a life. Which she kind of was. The guys looked at me, confusion crossing their faces. Julia led me to a bench. She began fanning me, hoping that I'll get color back into my cheeks. Unfortunately that didn't work. Mathilda came back with a cold coke and some chips. Julia opened the coke and handed it to me. I took a sip and felt slightly better. I grabbed the chips with a shaky hand and opened it. I began eating it.

"What's wrong with her?" Ray asked kneeling in front of me.

"Nothing. It's just that she's always been terrified of rollercoasters. When she was little she went on one of them with her father and she hung onto him like a life preserver. This is why we don't go on them. She becomes like this." Julia said still fanning me.

When I was done with the chips and soda I got up. I wobbled a little. Ray was at my side, helping me stand.

"I'm fine." I said.

"Okay, but we're not going on many coasters."

"Don't." I said. "If you guys want to on them go. I'll be fine waiting at the exit for you guys." I finished. I knew I was still sweating.

"Nope. If you girls don't want to go on a ride tells us and we'll do something else. Your health and opinions are more important than our happiness." Kai said.

I stared at him, surprised. He hasn't said a word since we first met. I smiled at him. "Thanks."

"Hn." He smirked.

The rest of the time we spent at the amusement park went by quickly. We met Hiro and Darren at the park that I used to go when I was younger. When we arrived I went straight to a swing set that was there. Julia took the one next to me. We began swinging, reminiscing about the past. Half hour later we were heading home. When we arrived I saw that my parents' car was gone. We stepped out and walked to the front door. We waved goodbye to them and headed inside. Darren looked at me and knew something was up.

"Don't worry. They'll be back soon." He said.

The girls understood and hugged me. This time in a long time I cried silent tears. We ordered Chinese food for dinner. When everything was cleaned up we headed to our rooms. The rest of the night I slept soundly.

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