Eidos owns the Deus EX characters, and Bioware owns the Mass Effect characters.

Also, this chapter is from Miranda's perspective, I thought with her being the commander until Denton can either get his own ship or engineer a mutiny we should spend some time looking through her eyes.

Command Performance

It is a misconception to think that I want power. Power after all comes with responsibility, with strings, and expectations. Of course, my creation served to place certain strings upon me, so if I already had the responsibility I might as well take the power needed to see it through, even if I could fail. The captain's cabin was just a nice well equipped work area, designed to relieve the increased tension that come with being a commanding officer, besides it wasn't really that special compared to the bed room I grew up in.

In any case I wasn't here to rest, I was here because the reports on JC Denton and his nano augmentations were only accessible from 2 computer terminals and I didn't feel like spending time in the sick bay, even if Mr. Gardners cooking said otherwise. In retrospect the nano machines were my first clue that Liara had betrayed us and switch the bodies, nano augmentations haven't been seen since the Denton brothers cured the grey death. Revealing that the nano machines in their bodies were the same ones that caused the grey death had put the cork on that lamp long enough that by the time people were open to the idea again biotics had already surpassed it as the next big thing. The fact was that nano augmentation on the scale that I saw reviving Denton was inefficient in today's day and age. It wasn't that nano augmentation wasn't used, just not on this scale, heck the official text books would have said this scale wasn't possible until now, except that the textbook was written in order to create this man. I had too easily allowed the fact that they were proving invaluable in resurrecting the body to look more closely, a mistake I may not be able to correct.

Denton is naive, he seems to think that every alien wants to be friends with humans. I considered revealing that Denton had been created to merge with an AI to the next Quarian he saw just to show him how alien they were. Maybe I should save that surprise for later though, after all it'd probably attract the attention of the council. The use of AIs had been hard enough before the Reapers were revealed to be timeless sentient ships, even if the council is trying to pretend otherwise. In any case Omega would be the perfect place to cure him of his delusions about relying on the kindness of strange beings.

As if on cue EDI informed me of our arrival at the Omega station. Requisition list in hand, I made my way to the bridge to oversee docking, and smooth any ruffled feather's Mr. Morreau's protectiveness of 'his ship' may have caused.

"Miss Chambers, could you send agent Denton up, we'll docking shortly," I paged hoping that she had in fact gotten a chance to begin evaluating him.

"I haven't seen Denton at all," the comm responded in Miss Chambers tones. I was going to have to arrange for them to meet somehow it seemed, either that or wait until he broke down because of culture shock. As much fun as it might be to watch him slowly come unhinged the mission needed him to at least be sane, for him anyway. Besides keeping him in line would be easier with a psyche profile on hand.

"EDI, where's Denton right now?"

"Agent Denton is with operative Taylor in the cargo hold."

"Jacob, why are you in the cargo hold, we're docking with Omega in a few moments."

"Cerberus sent us the specs on a new Arc Cannon they thought would be useful, Denton and I are testing it out. We'll stop by the armoury to reload and meet you at the airlock." Jacob reassured me.

"Docking clamps in place ma'am." Mr. Moreau reported, I didn't remember feeling it, either I was distracted trying to get my team together or he was really good, and judging by his tone he wanted me to know he was that good. "A Zaeed Massani is waiting at the docks." EDI chimed in as I approached the cockpit.

Disembarking it was easy to spot Zaeed, even among the people of Omega he had the grizzled look of a man who had been forged on the battlefield rather than simply born, well that and his out of date cybernetic eye. When he glanced in my direction the Batarian he was with seemed to think I was distracting enough to enable his escape. He was very wrong, and his legs felt bad after Zaeed casually shot his knees out, while suggestively commenting "so you're the famous Miranda Lawson, if you're willing I could be convinced to refund some of the Illusive man's money."

"I'm not," I reassured him flatly.

"For the best I 'spose, most of the fee is in the form of an exchange of services anyway." He brushed off his defeat. "I should take this scum in before he stinks the joint up, you'll be talking to Aria I expect?" He left before I could even respond.

Without further ado we made our way to the afterlife and up to Aria's private booth, where Masani was already waiting. Before I even had a chance to get down to business Aria started "you've got some nerve to turn up here Cerberus."

"Pardon me," I stumbled.

"So you don't know anything about the plague, which just happens to target every species except humans and vorcha? A plague that doesn't match anything from any of the species it affects, and so must have been engineered. An engineered plague that will ultimately strengthen the position of humans on Omega, doesn't sound like something Cerberus might do at all does it? On top of that you show up with a lackey who's not in a single data base."

"Check UNATCO, look for Denton, it's a long story. As to this plague, I have no idea what you're talking about, I'm just here to recruit Mordin Solus' scientific expertise." I replied coolly.

"Funny thing, Mordin happens to be in the same sector as the plague. Supposedly he's close to a cure, still needs some way to administer it though. Assuming the residents don't kill him for being a human sympathiser." She reasoned in a bored tone.

"One more thing, you wouldn't know where to find Archangel?"

"In the obituaries by tomorrow would be my guess. Archangel finally managed to get the mercenaries around here mad enough that they decided to team up and take him down. The sign up is over there with the blue suns, but I don't think he'll last long enough for you to get to your appointment with the doctor." She dismissed us with a bored gesture.

As we made our way down the stairs Jacob piped up "I guess we can knock Archangel off the recruiting drive."

"Not necessarily," Denton countered.

"Mordin Solus is the only free agent with the skills to come up with a counter measure for the seeker swarms, and even if we could get Arch Angel out before the people in his neighbour hood get to the clinic, how many people would die?" Jacob replied indignantly.

"That wasn't what I meant, actually, one of us could go extract Archangel from whatever trouble he's got himself into while the rest stop the plague." Denton corrected.

"I suppose you think you're the best man for the extraction of Archangel of course? That I'll let you go off by yourself for the sake of one man," I accused.

"Zaeed and I are the only real candidates for it unless you think the Blue Suns will just tell you where to go and hope that Cerberus doesn't feel like claiming their prize. Every person in this bar knows the two of you, if I'm reading their eyes right. A lot of them know Zaeed too, but he's just another mercenary as far as they know."

"Actually Denton, the Blue Suns and I go way back, and as much I'd like to save Archangel just to piss them off, they know that." Zaeed Massanni added.

"So. I am the only one for the job, and you'll let me do it because you need Archangel, just like you need me," Denton smugly summarised.

"I need you, but I'm going to send you, alone, against three mercenary groups?" I countered.

"Sure," Denton responded before turning toward the recruiting area. Just before the doors closed he added, "we could make it a race if you want."

"Let's find that doctor, I have a head ache," I ordered Jacob and Massani.