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"Hey Sarah!"

Sarah turned to see her friends coming toward her and smiled. "Hey guys, what's up?" she asked.

Will grinned at her. "The gang and I were going out to the park for a midnight picnic. We were wondering if you would like to join us."

Sarah's senses tingled and she sighed. "Sorry guys," she said. "I can't go tonight. I'm not all that up for a midnight picnic tonight. Maybe the next time you guys go?"

The others nodded with disappointed faces. Bailey perked up and waggled his eyebrows. "Pity, I thought I heard you say that you loved the full moon. It's going to be out tonight."

The blonde shook her head. "No, I said I didn't like the full moon, Bailey. Remember that was the game where we named things we didn't like and we had to give a reason?"

"Oh yeah," Bailey muttered, scratching the back of his head.

"Well, then, we'll see you later tonight when we get back." Will told her.

"Bye Sarah." They all chorused before going out.

Sarah went back to brushing Scarlet. She gave a forlorn sigh and Scarlet nuzzled her hand. Sarah smiled and stroked Scarlet's mane. "I wanted to go with them, but that would ruin the secret. I'll be fine girl. I think I'll head inside until the sun goes down."

Scarlet whinnied in agreement and headed into her own stall. Sarah went back into the house and prepared herself for the coming darkness. When the sun fully set about fifteen minutes after the gang had left, she hurried outside to Scarlet. There was a commotion in the stable and Sarah didn't want Bailey's parents to come see what was going on before she could get Scarlet out. The blonde approached her Arabian and they both took off into the night. When they were safely in the cover of the forest, Sarah slowed Scarlet so that the horse could rest.

"Good girl," she whispered to her. "Ugh, I just met these people a year ago and they're my friends. They think they know everything about me when they don't know one small thing. Oh Scarlet, I wish I could tell them. It's hard keeping a secret from them."

Scarlet nuzzled her shoulder and Sarah stroked her pelt. "Yeah, I guess you're right, huh? We have to keep it a secret. We don't want another episode like Ponyville."

The two stayed in the forest for the rest of the night. About an hour or so past midnight, Sarah heard her friends walking along a path near them. Peeking out of the bushes, she saw them walking up the trail. Alma stopped when she noticed Sarah's eyes peeking at her from the branches.

"Sarah?" she asked.

"What was that, Alma?" The others had turned to her and she looked back at the bush. Sarah hastily climbed a nearby tree and watched Alma turn back. "Nothing," she muttered. "I was just thinking about Sarah is all."

They all nodded in agreement. Sarah peered at them from the tree and decided to follow them since it wasn't that long until dawn. Every once in a while, she would look back to make sure her Arabian was following, but it was unnecessary since she could hear if Scarlet was behind her. The group of friends made it to the ranch a few minutes before the sun was supposed to come up. Sarah waited until her friends' backs were turned before leading Scarlet into the stable and locking her in her stall.

The rider gave Scarlet a pat and chuckled. "Maybe next time, don't try to get out of your stall on your own. You caused quite a ruckus last night."

Scarlet whinnied in understanding and Sarah stole out of the barn. She climbed up to her window, not feeling like going through the door. In just a few seconds, the sun rose above the horizon and she breathed a sigh of relief. She went down to the kitchen to cook herself something to eat. Everyone, including the twins Chloe and Zoey, were already down there eating. They glanced up at the blonde before going back to talking and eating. Sarah quickly made herself a beef sandwich (heavy on the beef), and sat down next to Molly.

"Hey Sarah," she greeted her friend. "You missed a really awesome party last night." Sarah chuckled and took a bite of her sandwich.

"Sarah, why are you eating meat that's not bacon so early in the morning?" Will asked her playfully.

The blonde shrugged and continued munching on her beef sandwich. "I prefer meat more than any other food." she murmured through my meal.

The others looked at her strangely but shrugged it off. When breakfast was over, the gang went out to practice on jumping. Moving into a line and taking turns, Sarah leaned down to Scarlet's ear.

"Remember, Girl," she whispered softly to her horse. "Keep the power to a minimum so we don't get caught."

"Don't get caught doing what?" Molly asked from behind them.

Sarah stole a glance at her before saying, "Nothing. It's nothing Molly. Really." Molly stared at her curiously and Sarah took that moment to take her turn. She guided Scarlet through the different jumps even though it was unnecessary; her mare agilely jumped over the elevated poles with ease, making sure to graze the tops of them so nothing looked suspicious. The others applauded the duo as they got back into line.

Sarah gave Scarlet a gentle pat and whispered, "Good Girl."

She whinnied in thanks and practice continued. Scarlet soon tired of jumping and refused to move toward the poles. Sarah patted her coat and found artificial sweat.

"Ok Girl," she murmured. "Hey guys?" the blonde called. "I'm taking Scarlet in, she's a bit tired." They nodded to her and continued practicing.

"Scarlet," Sarah scolded gently. "Just because something annoys you doesn't mean that you can just pretend to be tired to get out of it."

Scarlet whinnied in disagreement and her rider smiled. "Fine, but if they knew what you'd done, we'd be in trouble. Besides, this is one secret, I know we can keep."

Sarah sighed as she rubbed Scarlet down. "I just wish I could tell them. But they might not understand."

"Understand what?" six voices asked in unison.

Sarah gasped and turned to her friends, not having heard them come up. "Um, n-nothing. It's nothing guys, seriously."

The twins shrugged and walked away talking about the newest designer clothes, while the others continued staring at her. Sarah stared each of them down until she got to Alma. No matter how hard the blonde stared, Alma just kept staring back. Finally, Sarah pulled her lips back slightly and growled softly in her throat. Alma shivered and dropped her gaze, hurriedly following the others out. Scarlet whinnied at her rider and Sarah petted her fur sadly. "I know, Scar, I know."

At dinner, Sarah silently picked at her cabbage, not even eating the meat sausages in it. The others were all talking animatedly about a club Saturday night and Bailey turned to the blonde. "Hey, Sare, wanna come?" Sarah shook her head mutely and he frowned a bit before turning back to the others. Sarah went to bed early that night, knowing all the while that she wouldn't get much sleep.

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