Author note:I wrote this in first person, present tense, I don't think I've tried this before, nor have I written much about Itachi. What do you think?


Someday you'll rise to fly, and you will go to the very top of the world.

But once you get there you will look back down,

and miss everything you left behind.

My Weak Strength - Itachi

Tears fell and I expect them to be red, red as the blood on my hands and my clothing. Whispers and cries echo through my mind, but they are all swept away by the soft thump as I watch Sasuke collapse on to the ground in pool of blood stained water.

This isn't fair to anybody.

Hot tears roll down my cheeks and I instinctively want to pick my little brother up and embrace him as a goodbye, to perhaps give him some inkling of the hope and comfort, which I have just shattered.

It could be another way couldn't it? I could take care of him. We can say it was the masked man's doing; that he killed the Uchiha clan on his own, not I. . .I could carry Sasuke somewhere safe and we could both pretend together. . .That this in no more than a scary dream.

I know He'd believe me. Because for every time I lie to him, Sasuke always believes me. Why shouldn't he?

I'm his big brother. I'm strong enough to pass the hardest of tests, vanquish the toughest enemies. . . Destroy my own clan. . .

But I am not strong enough to hug my little brother goodbye.

If I do, the results will be disastrous. The mask man, Madara, will be watching, and he will see my weakness. He'd see my weakness, and for that we would both die.

I would break an oath with Danzo, something he would not take lightly. I would fail my duty.

How would it be though? To watch Sasuke grow? to. . .Take my parents' place as they requested before I literally slaughtered them both. . .

Of course not.

Of course not because I know that I wouldn't be able to look at him day after day, knowing the truth. I could lie in words but never in heart.

I would lie to gain his love, when all I deserve is his hate.

Because I am weak.

I turn and walk away, leaving Sasuke lying in the rain and the cold. I'm not strong enough to help him right now, because if I try. Madara would see. He would be watching, and he would know my weakness and he would murder it while it lay there helpless.

But If Sasuke lived, someday he'd be his own strength. His hate will give him determination, his love will give him will, and his spirit would fly from the past into something powerful and wonderful to defeat all that is wrong with this sad world.

My weakness will be my strength.

He will someday defeat the man I am not strong enough to face.