The Slytherian Princess

Max Granger was the Secetary of the Navy and a divorce dad who's daughter was in the wizard world doing god knows what. His ex wife god she was annoying and asks him for money every month for child support but they knew very well she doesn't take care of their daughter. He couldn't wait till their daughter turns eighteen. He loved her so much but he couldn't for the life of him wait till she was eighteen so he could stop paying his ex wife Anita. He was meant to go to the Agnagaol Ball and Agent Gibbs and his team, were suppose to be protecting him. Where was his daughter when he needed her the most.

Anita Zola was from Meekly. She went back to her maiden name when she and her husband divorced. She met Max when she was eighteen. Her parents were English but moved to Meekly when she was nine years old. She still had her English accent. She lived there during the summers with her grandmother. She came from a rich family like Max did. They both came from old money but his was slightly bigger then her family's fortune. He was a Navy Officer. He haled from Connecticut Hartford exactly. They had an attraction to each other he had courted her and two years later they were married and three years later in 1983 they had their daughter Honor-Marie Grace Granger. They were married for seven more years when she was eight years old they were divorced. Anita loved him but she fell out of love him. She was tired of being a Navy Lt.'s wife and when he aimed to for the highest officer which was Secretary of the Navy was the last straw. Through their families would always be connected forever their families business merged when they married and one day Hermione is suppose to take over and unite Rothschild Hotel industry together but it doesn't seem like that will be happening anytime soon god knows where daughter had run off to well she knew very well where her daughter ran off to that god awful wizard world. Anita sighs if only she herself was a witch she would drag Hermione back to her world but she made her choice.

Hermione Granger was sick of being in the wizard world. She just wanted to go home but she had to finish up her seventh year of Hogwarts. She also went to the Royal Academy and her friends helped her out there. She promised them that she'd go to her flight classes and combat classes as well as dance. So that left her no time to spend with Ron, Harry, and Ginny. On Hogsmede weekends she'd go and spend time with her royal friends they'd have wild parties. She'd always end up with Fox these days. She was through with Mickey. Ron wanted to be with her but she'd always be busy and she turned down the Head position as did Draco Malfoy she wondered why he turned the Head position down as well oh well it wasn't like he deserved it anyways. Harry or the Weasley do not really know her, no one really did here maybe some of the muggle borns like Penny Clearwater and the Crevey siblings but they were in a whole different class as her. So no one really knew her here only as the know it all bookworm. It was a wonder how she became the Smartest Witch of their age. Hermione shook her head. Today was Saturday and it was Hogesmede weekend meaning she was going to Meekly. She would apparate somewhere in Russia and she'd get McGee to take her to Meekly that's how it always worked. She wouldn't get back to Hogwarts until Sunday afternoon. No one would notice her missing only if they were looking for her and no one usually was not even Harry or Ron. They were usually playing wizard chess or Quditch with Ginny or Harry. So She had no worries there.

Hermione didn't bother telling her friends where she was going. They'd be at Hogsmede. She went with them today when she would usually feign that she'd had homework but Ron had convinced her to come out with them. She did but told them she'd be at the Bookstore. As usual everyone of them rolled their eyes and left. She aw Theo and Blaize

"Why hello Granger how are you" Blaize asks

"What do you two want" Hermione says frowning

"Just to have a little chat" Theo says smirking and Hermione rolled her eyes

"About" Hermione says

"We've been watching you"

"Spying on me don't you have better things to do"

"Nope" Theo says and Hermione rolled her eyes again

Hermione growls in frustration "If you two don't mind I would like to go find a book"

Blaize laugh "Yeah right you're going somewhere where your not suppose"

"No I am not" Hermione says

"Yes you are and we want in"

Hermione sighs and laughs "You two are crazy"

"I think not" Theo says and Hermione sighs and shakes her head "Keep dreaming Nott"

"We want in" Theo says

Hermione frowns "Excuse me" She walks away before either of them could grab her. What the three didn't know was that Draco Malfoy was spying on them.

"We'll find out what's she up to" Theo says and Blaize rolled his eyes "And why is that why are WE doing this"

"Blackmail" Theo smirks

"Oh right but this boring she dodges us whenever we're around"

"Exactly she's hiding something BIG HUGE even" Theo says

Blaize shakes his head and Draco smirks from his hiding place. He'd be the first to find out what Hermione is hiding. He saw her leave with Luna hm maybe those two were hooking up.

"SO do they know"

"No I dodge them there"

"So you be back tomorrow"

Hermione nods her head.

"All you have to do is pretend to be me Lunes"

"Right and who is going to be me"

Hermione sighs "No we discuss this Luna you only have to be me until we get back from Hogmedes and you tell Harry, Ron and Ginny that your going to the library then you'd change back into yourself"

"Okay" Luna says

"Thank you"

"Why do you do this"

"I miss my friends I miss my old life"

"so why are you still here"

"I don't know really"

Luna sighs "You should leave then Hogwarts its not like you spend time with Ron and Harry or anyone really what will you miss"

"Your right but they're my friends"

"Who only use you"

"True I don't know exactly"

Luna shakes her head "Go home Miones"

"I just want to rebel against my parents I guess"

"Go home Mione"


"Get expelled or tell Professor MgNogal you want to leave why else are you not a Perfect or the Head Girl"

Hermione frowned her friend had a point. "okay"

Luna sighs in relief she didn't really know Hermione only that she went had to go to boring parties well at least that's what she told her. Hermione had a lot of secrets and trust issues and who could blame her. She's only been used in their world for other people's benefits and not her own no only really appreciated her. She sighs and turned herself into Hermione she might as well help her after all she didn't really have any friends either except Hermione. Hermione disappears right in front of her eyes as they went into The Leaky Cauldren.

Hermione sighs in relief as she sees McGee.

"You do know your going to get us all in trouble one of these days"

"Yes but when are one of you not in trouble"

"Lucy, Whitney, Rory I have a whole list of people who are helping you out who don't usually get in trouble"

Hermione smiles 'Thanks McGee can we get to my classes I don't want to be late"

McGee sighs "Okay"

They go to the Royal Academy and Hermione quickly dresses into the Royal Cadet uniform.



"I'm quitting Hogwarts"

"Why thought you loved it there"

"I did but I love it here more"

"Why the sudden change you do know everyone will be relieved and angry"

"Yes I know but a friend made me realize something"

"And that is"

"Their still predijuce down there"

"But there is predijuce everywhere"

"True but I feel like there is no one support me down there not like here anyways"

"Like how"

"Friends don't judge one another they support one another lets say I had gone out with Draco Malfoy or any of the slytherian's really Harry, Ron and Ginny would not approve and stop talking to me"

"Unlike here where we all disapproved of Mickey but respected your decision"

"Exactly that's what my mother does to she respects the decisions I make"

"And what does that have to do with anything"

"Nothing really they hate Fox and yet they still are my friends"

McGee nods his head

"But Fox we respect"


"He isn't Mickey"

"what's so different from them"

"He's laid back schemes but all around nice guy"


"Then there is Finn"

"God don't talk about him"

McGee laughs "WE respect him even more been friends with him"

"But he is friends with Logan and Collin"

McGee nods his head "Yeah he is"

"If only Logan and Collin knew" Hermione giggles

"Don't even go there" McGee warns and Hermione nods her head and heads off to class where her friends were relieved she stood by Sophia"

"Glad you could make it"

"I always do" Hermione smiles

"IF only we could clone you"

"Less rules we break the better" Hermione says

"Yeah right we are already doing that"


"And besides cloning you ha that never works it just brings out a different side of you"

Hermione nods her head. They had tried that once it didn't really turn out that good. The Professor came and they got started on their lesson in ice skating. She'd be here all day not just skating either two hours of this and then combat and English and Spanish that took six hours total and then it was time for the party.