The Slytherin Princess 11

Shortly after Christmas Harry went back to Hogwarts. Hermione was pulled out of Hogwarts. She went before the King of Meekly. He had found out that she had gone to Hogwarts. Granted her grandfather was a wizard but he had made a promise for exchange for his daughter to marry a Meeklin that they would never go back to the wizard world again and Miss. Granger had disobeyed that command.

"As you had broken the laws of Meekly and thus were with the enemy your magic is no more. You are not allowed to interact with any wizard that is out there you will not be allowed to practice magic you are to be part of the Royal Guard but you will not be promoted in rank until three years do you understand this Ms. Granger"

"Yes sir"

"And you will be doing grunt work"

"Yes sir"

"You may leave Ms. Granger"

Hermione sighs and then she see's Mickey. He smirks at her and she glares back at him.

"You did this why" Hermione asks

"Because Marie I want you back"

"And you think this is the way to get me back"

"well I did blackmail you but you turned me down"

Hermione slaps him and left. She went to her dorm where she was mostly ignored by her roommates. She went to her bunk and sat there. Sophia came in and sat on her bed.

"Your not ignoring me"


"But your angry with me"

"Yes I am but I am more angry at Mickey how did he find out"

"I have no idea" Hermione says

Sophia sighs "this is suppose to be our last year"

"I know"

Sophia sighs "everything works in the end"

"I can't talk to Harry or the Weasely family"

"I'm sorry"

"Its my punishment would you do me a favor"


"Give this note to Harry tell him I'm sorry"

Sophia nodded her head "You'll get in trouble"

"I know can you do me a favor"


"Could you write Harry and the twins telling them I'm sorry I won't be able to talk to them"

"Sure" Sophia says

Hermione laid down on her bed as Sophia stroked her hair. "Everything will work in the end Mione you'll see"

"Thanks Sophia" Hermione says before falling asleep.

Sophia left the dorm and went to the library. She wrote to Harry and the twins about what had happen in the past few hours. She didn't know how she was going to send it. She saw Isabella-Mia.

"Can you do something for me"


"I need to get this letter to Harry and the Weasely twins"

Isabella smiles "oh"

"I don't know how to get it to them without an owl"

"Hm let's see oo a spell"

"what kind of spell"

"Hm lets see light of speed, light of light send this to one Harry James Potter at Hogwarts" She says sending it through the fire and the letter landed on Harry's bed at Hogwarts.

When Harry and Ron got back from Quditch practice Harry saw an envelope on his bed. He grabbed it. He didn't recognize the handwriting but he opened it anyway.

Dear Harry,

My life has taken a dramatic turn and I have to face the consequences of said actions. I had a wonderful time this past Christmas. This hard for me to say you remember Mickey this past summer right my ex well he blackmailed me. I didn't give in I am a true Gyfinndor Harry I did not give in and well HE told the King of Meekly where I go to school now and thus I have to cut all contact with the wizard world. I'm sorry I will try to find away to contact you some way or another but I am having my friend Sophia you remember her I am having her rewrite my letter so I would not get in anymore trouble then I have. Good luck this year and next for that matter tell the twins I'm sorry as well and that the girls and everyone had fun this Christmas with them they were a hit and that we'll all miss them and you. You're a breath of fresh air Harry.



PS. Burn this letter I don't want anyone knowing about this please

Harry sighed

"What's wrong mate" Ron asks


"So do you know where Hermione disappeared" Ron says

"Parents took her out of Hogwarts" Harry says

"But why" Ron asks and Harry shrugs his shoulder "I don't know"

Harry burnt the letter and went to take a shower. Ron looked at the fire. He wondered what the letter was about. He sighed and waited for Harry to get out of the shower.

Meanwhile Draco was wondering where Granger was. It was not like her to miss class. He had to find out her little secret. He wonder what it was and he wonder what his mother was hiding as well. He'd find out soon enough.