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So this idea won't leave me alone :) Of course, I should be working on my other story (go read it!) but I have to listen to my muse. It seemed like such a fun crossover and it just fix. Please enjoy.

The problem of Peeves

"I just can't take it anymore!" Ray buried his head in his hands. Even the clotted cream and scones in front of him was not enough to lift his mood. Peeves had teased him one...two, three times too many. But there was nothing he could do about it, so Ray just sulked.

Egon nodded his head in silent agreement. He had nothing to add, so instead of saying any useless words, he just continued to shove sweets into his mouth.

It was an average morning at the Dining hall at Hogwarts. They were in their fifth year in Ravenclaw and excelling in every class, all but the social aspects. They had met up with Peter in the third year. He was a Gryffindor but he had been the one to introduce Egon and Ray to each other in fourth year; after that they had become inseparable.

Ray felt a weight next to him but he didn't lift his head. "What's wrong, Ray? Not sleep well last night?" Suddenly his head shot up like a rocket and he faced the voice. "No, no just Peeves again. He can be a mood wrecker occasionally." Before Sam could answer, another voice spoke up. "Yeah, a real 'mood' wrecker." Sam and Egon greeted the new voice in unison, "Hey Pete." Ray just sputtered and blushed.

Taking a seat between Egon and Ray, Pete grabbed a biscuit and shoved it into his mouth. Ray finally caved in and grabbed a biscuit after Peter. "So, what mischief are we getting up to today?" Sam let out a laugh, "Mischief? I don't know. How about we head down to the lake and see what or who happens upon us?"

"Do you think there could be anyway of getting rid of Peeves?" Ray asked the air, having missed the conversation happening to either side of him. Acting as if Ray hadn't said anything, Sam and Peter continued to discuss their plans for the day.

It was a gorgeous summer day outside. Sam laid out under a big tree with Egon, Ray and Peter. She was reading a book, while Peter stared off into the clouds, and for once Egon and Ray weren't reading but Ray had managed to get Egon excited about doing something to dishearten Peeves teasing.

"I don't want to hurt him but...I do want to scare him. At least into not harassing me." Ray said in a pitiful voice. Sam looked up from her book, "How in the world can you scare something that's dead?" Egon just shrugged his shoulders and went back to doing mental calculations. The only thing he hated about Hogwarts wasn't being able to use his calculator. "Maybe if we drill a hole in his head...?"

"It would have worked."

"No, Egon. No."

Ray let out a sigh. "Okay, original track of thought. Ghosts, capture, elimination and para-normal activity. We may be wizards but some of this stuff still confuses me." After a moment of silence, Egon finally had something constructive to state. "If I can get some reading on a ghost, we could get somewhere but with the field of magic around Hogwarts, I can't get the equipment here that would give me the ability to test my theories."

Sam put her index finger in between the pages of her book, unable to concentrate. "Maybe if we used the wands as conductors. You know, convert the power to whatever will work inside the castle walls."

Ray's face shone with the light of realization. Egon looked slightly disappointed that he hadn't thought of it sooner. Peter just grunted a noncommittal sound.

"That's it Sam! Your fantastic." He looked like he wanted to hug her, but he thought better of it and just blushed instead. "But we have to wait till vacation. Urg, I don't want to wait that long!" Ray through himself his back to the ground and contemplated his different choices.