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Peeves returns

Ever since the first kiss, Ray was pretty sure his eyes were permanently two-times bigger. Plus he knew it wasn't just a mild sunburn that was keeping him red all the time. It had been about a week and Ray still didn't know how to act.

After the kiss, Sam had pulled away from him and looked him straight in the eyes. "I do not like Winston." Sam continued to eye him and waited for something. Ray was beyond speechless, so instead he went in for another kiss.

Ray didn't know when it had happened but Sam was in his lap. They were both staring at the fire and barely two words had passed between them after the second kiss. He cleared his throat. "So does this mean you like...me?" He felt Sam move in his lap and felt a light slap on the cheek.

Ray turned to face her and Sam had a look of disbelief on her face. "Do you think I go around doing this with anyone?" Ray tried to sputter out an apology but was quickly quieted when he got a kiss on the same cheek she had hit. "Yes, Ray I do like you. Even though you are thicker than the walls around his castle."

Ray wasn't sure what that meant, but he was just happy that Sam seemed happy again. "So..." Ray wanted to ask a million questions but he couldn't form a single one into his mouth. Finally it was Sam who asked, "So, does this mean you like me?"

Ray knew he saw a wicked smile on her lips. Ray knew she liked him, but those three little words 'I like you' can be very difficult to say. So instead Ray said something else. "I love you." This time it was Sam who did the violent blushing and was speechless.

"Too fast?"

Finally the shock was wiped off of Sam's face and she went in for another kiss. Ray knew he could easily get used to it.

When Ray still saw Sam and Winston being 'buddy-buddy' it didn't bug him in the least. Now that he could hold her hand and kiss her...and when Winston first saw them holding hands he had stated, "About time." This was quickly agreed upon with the rest of the group.

They were eating dinner and none of the ghosts were present. After the little incident in the abandoned classroom with the Baron, the ghosts had made themselves sparse. The whole school seemed less than surprised but Ray was slightly disappointed by it.

"You know Ray, I don't get it. You wanted the packs to trap Peeves because he teased you. Now he's too scared to come out in the open. Problem solved." Peter concluded with a mouth full of mashed potatoes.

Ray rolled his eyes. He knew Peter had a point but still it didn't feel very fulfilling. Ray took another bite from his drumstick before he answered. "Yeah, but..."

"But I want to trap something!" Sam finished for him. Egon nodded his head in agreement. They had spent so much time making the equipment and then after all the anticipation, it felt like a let down to not use them to their fullest ability.

Winston's eyes got big and everyone realized it was time to seal lips. Walter Peck had started to make rounds to their table and they had all thought of a 'shut up' sign without really saying it. Then again they could usually hear him snarling before he was even close to them.

"Oddly quiet again?" Peck eyed them down but they weren't saying anything. Ray had no idea what Peck was expecting bothering them so frequently; if anything Ray was beginning to think the Slytherin was getting his jollies by just bothering them.

Peter practically had to bite his tongue in half to keep quiet. If they kept their mouths shut, Peck had nothing to mock so he quickly disappeared. After a few more moments of awkward silence, Peck made a sweeping motion with his hand. "Carry on." Peter speared a roasted red potato as soon as he had walked away. "I swear we need a pack to trap him."

Another week went by and everyone was feeling restless. Even Peck had started to leave them alone. The ghosts had slowly started to come back (not the Baron!) and Peeves had been so quiet that even though he was a pain the teachers had begun to worry about him.

However as if to prove that he was far from gone, Peeves finally showed up on a sunny Friday afternoon.

Ray had been thrilled because it wasn't only the weekend but a Hogsmeade weekend. It would be the very first time Sam and he could go on a date and he wanted to do it right. However all of that had been forgotten the moment he felt cold ink being spilled over his head. Ray had been so absorbed in this thoughts that he couldn't figure out what was going on until he heard the crack of Peeves from up above.

Instead of screaming, Ray asked Peeves, "Where the hell have you been?"

Peeves gave a thoughtful look. "Well, I didn't go to heaven or hell."

Ray rolled his eyes. "Ha-ha."

Peeves finished emptying the ink jar onto Ray's upturned face. "Don't worry. I'm back for good!" Ray couldn't get in another word in before the ghost shot up through the ceiling.

Ray wondered the halls back towards the Ravenclaw tower. He heard a gasp escape from Sam before he could see her. She went running up to him and pulled out her handkerchief to wipe off some of the ink. "Ray, What happened?"

Ray answered in a flat voice. "Peeves is back."