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6's deep, peaceful sleep turned out to be a coma. He slept for three days, and on the fourth day, he finally woke up.

He slowly blinked his eyes open and glanced around. He was in 2's workshop. No one else was there except for 0.

6 slowly sat up, and 0 jumped on his chest, nearly knocking him back down. The bug chirped happily, and 6 scratched his back to calm him down.

"I'm okay, buddy..." said 6 tiredly, his voice barely louder than a whisper.

Once he managed to calm 0 down enough, he looked down at himself. The wound on his midsection had been tightly sewn back up, this time with his Keeper on the inside. He looked at his temperature.


Still a bit higher than normal, but 6 figured that would happen. He doubted he would ever be able to get his temperature back to normal. He looked at his pulse and saw that it was 65.

Slowly, 6 sat up all the way. He was still incredibly weak, and he figured it would take him a while to get his strength back.

That was when he saw it.

His foot twitched.

6 sat bolt upright, now very awake, and cautiously flexed his feet.

They moved.

He reached down at touched his leg. He could feel it. He wasn't paralyzed any more!

A wide grin stretching across his face, he cautiously swung his legs over the edge of the bed and rested them on the floor, simply excited by the fact that he could at least feel the floor. He glanced at 0 and then quickly stood up...

...only to collapse on his knees, a sharp pain spreading through his right leg.

"Maybe you should try taking it a bit slower next time," said a voice from the other side of the room. 6 looked up and saw 5.

Smiling, 5 moved forward, gently lifted 6 off the ground, and set him on the bed. As soon as 6 was sitting, he threw his arms around 5, hugging him as tight as he could. 5 immediately returned the hug.

After a minute, 5 let go and then sat down on a block of wood next to the bed.

"I'm so glad you're okay," said 5, a wide grin splitting across his face. However, his grin faded. "Do you remember what happened?" he asked, almost nervously.

6 thought back for a moment before slowly nodding. "I-it's a bit blurry..." he muttered. He foggily remembered heat and pain, and then darkness. Anything after that was all gone.

"So... what did happen...?" 6 asked after a minute.

5 looked down at his feet, nervously tapping on his leg. "Well, we killed the Scorpion, and 0 got your Keeper back. But... well... w-we installed it too late, a-and..." 5 stopped, unsure if he should continue.

"I can handle it..." said 6 quietly, sensing 5's reluctance to continue speaking.

5 glanced at 6 before looking back at his feet. After a moment, he finally said what 6 had suspected.

"Y-you died..."

6 was quiet for a moment, his face blank. 0 crawled up next to him, and 6 pulled him onto his lap.

Finally, after a minute, 6 spoke up again.

"Then what happened?" he asked quietly, looking down at 0.

"Well... the last piece of your soul came out, and all the other pieces joined back together... A-and then you were there and you said goodbye to everyone, and then you disappeared..."

6 nodded after a moment. "Anything else?" he asked.

5 looked up at him, slightly confused. "What?" he asked.

"What else happened...?" asked 6, a hidden meaning behind his question.

"Uh, y-your key started glowing green, and then it stopped and you woke up..." said 5, weakly shrugging.

6 nodded and fingered the key around his neck. "Oh..." he muttered. "That explains it..."

"What?" asked 5.

6 didn't answer. Instead, he asked: "Do you know Harry Potter?"

5 simply stared at him.

"It's a book," explained 6. "The twins showed me... There's this... thing... called a horcrux."

"A what?"

"Horcrux. A thing that holds a piece of soul..." 6 looked up at 5. "My key is a horcrux... It held a piece of my soul..."

5 nodded a bit, only understanding a bit. He would have to ask the twins later.

"So... your key held a piece of your soul, and after you died, we put your key back on, and then you came back to life...?" said 5, working it out.

6 nodded. "But... that's not enough... What else happened? When I was dead?"

"Well, you put 9 in a coma for about two days..." said 5.

"Oops..." muttered 6. "Did I... come in contact with anyone...?"

"Uh, just about everyone," said 5. "There was a lot of hand holding and hugging."

6's eyes widened. "Oh..." he mumbled. "Sorry about that..."

5 narrowed his eye. "About what...?"

"My... my soul was... gathering strength... by borrowing a bit of energy..." he said, looking down at his feet guiltily. "Once it was strong enough... it used my key to come back..."

"So that's why you disappeared..." muttered 5, the pieces of the puzzle coming together after days of waiting.

6 nodded. Then he looked down at his legs for a moment before looking back up at 5. "What's wrong with my leg?" he asked.

Now it was 5's turn to look guilty. "Well... after you fell asleep, we brought you up here to fix your legs and give you the feeling back... but... there was one thing we couldn't fix..."

6 tilted his head a bit, confused.

"The Fever partially melted one of the wires in your knee," 5 explained, gesturing to 6's right knee. "We've got the wires to replace the damaged one, but the problem is... well, we can't get to the wire without taking your leg off..."

6's eyes widened and he quickly shook his head. "I'm fine..." he said quickly. "Doesn't hurt..."

5 nodded and smiled slightly. "I thought you'd say that. That's why I made this while you were sleeping..." 5 quickly stood up and walked out of the room. He returned a moment later with something in his hands. He handed the long thin object to 6.

That was when 6 realized what it was. It was a crutch, made out of thin aluminum tubes and several pieces of wire and cloth, along with a small piece of rubber at the end.

"Give it a try," said 5, coming over to 6's left side. 6 cautiously put the crutch on the ground and, with 5's help, he stood up, leaning heavily on his crutch, which was the perfect height for him. Slowly, 5 let go of his arm, and he was standing on his own for the first time in more than a week. 0, who was standing at 6's heels, bounced up and down in excitement.

Then 6 slowly started walking. He was shaky at first, but after a moment, his legs finally remembered how to walk. He had to adjust because of his crutch, but he would make it work. Being crippled was better than being paralyzed.

"Can we go downstairs?" 6 asked eagerly.

5 laughed a bit and nodded. "Sure," he said, gesturing to the waiting elevator.

Smiling, 6 quickly limped into the elevator. 5 entered right behind him and closed the door. He moved over to the lever and pulled it, disengaging the breaks. As the elevator started to slowly lower down, however, 6 gasped and grabbed onto the edge with his left hand, suddenly getting hit with vertigo.

"6?" asked 5, noticing 6's death grip on the rim of the bucket elevator. He also noticed how 6 had his eyes squeezed shut. "Are you okay?"

After a moment, the feeling faded and 6 was able to open his eyes without feeling nauseated. "I'm fine..." he muttered. "Just... vertigo..."

5 nodded. "I'm not surprised," he said.

6 looked up at him. "Why?" he asked.

"When we were running from the Scorpion, we all got in the elevator and let it free fall," explained 5. "You're probably still remembering that..."

6 slowly nodded, but he didn't release his grip on the elevator's side until it had safely touched down on the ground floor. 6 quickly stepped out of the elevator...

… and was instantly ambushed by the twins. They hugged him so hard that he would have fallen over had they not been holding onto him. 0 happily ran around in circles at their feet.

As soon as the twins let go, 6 was hugged from behind; the hug was so powerful that he felt something inside his chest bend a little bit before snapping back into place when the stitchpunk hugging him released him. That was when he got to see who it was. It was 7.

"I can't believe you're alive!" she exclaimed happily, pulling 6 into another death hug.

Suddenly, 9 and 2 came out of nowhere and joined the hug. 5 and the twins were starting to feel left out, so they piled on top. Then 6 had the strangest sense of déjà vu when 8 came up behind them and lifted them all up off the ground in one massive hug that nearly crushed him. It was just like when he had woken up with the Fever, except happier, now that he knew that he wouldn't die.

After a minute, 8 set everyone back on the ground. That was when 6 noticed 1, slowly walking towards the group. Once he reached them, he opened his mouth to say something, but he was interrupted when 6 suddenly rushed forward and hugged him. 1 stood absolutely still for a minute before slowly returning the hug.

"D'aww..." muttered 8.

After a minute, 6 stepped back and looked at everyone else who had gathered. None of them looked much worse for wear, except for 9. He still looked slightly off balance, and all of the burlap below the elbow on his left arm had been replaced by burlap of a slightly lighter color.

Suddenly, 6 saw something out of the corner of his eye. He looked up and saw the window. Outside, the sun was starting to set, turning the cloudy sky a brilliant bright red. 6 quickly limped over to the table under the window, which the others had somehow managed to repair after the attack.

Using a large pile of books, 6 climbed up onto the table and stood at the windowsill, watching as the sun slowly dipped below the horizon. That was when he realized that he wasn't alone. All of the others had followed him, and only then did 6 realize that they were all standing at the window with him.

Slowly, a smile crept onto 6's face, and he and the rest of his family watched as the sun sank until it was just barely visible. Then, just as the last rays of the glowing orange orb disappeared, a brilliant flash of green shot through the sky, seeming to come from the sun itself. For a split second, it turned the entire sky bright green. The same color as a soul. And then the sky went dark.

6's smile widened. It was almost as if his sunsets were welcoming him back...

The night was dark and peaceful. A gentle wind blew across the Emptiness. A few stray clouds drifted across the brightly shining moon. Everything was quiet...

… until 6 woke up in a panic. He sat bolt upright in his bed, shaking and gasping for breath. The movement woke 0, who quickly jumped up on 6's bed and crawled up onto his lap.

6 quickly picked 0 up and set him down on the bed next to him. Then he rolled off of his bed and onto the floor, where a large blank piece of paper was waiting. He quickly scribbled down what he had seen. Once he finished, he sat back and looked at what he had drawn.

The creature had a small circular head with a larger circular body. It had six legs, three on each side of the body. The legs were razor sharp and most likely serrated. It had three sharp and tiny spikes with hooks on the end running down the center of it's back. It had three circular eyes, the one in the center larger than the other two. Above each eye was a small horn. It had three fangs with the center one being much larger. Three sharp spikes protruded from it's chest below it's head. The creature ended up looking like some kind of terrifying mutant spider.

6 stared at the picture for a moment before turning to his wall. He found an empty space right above the floor, which was convenient because his crutch was on the other side of the room. 6 crawled over to the wall and started to hang the picture up... but he stopped. He looked over at 0, who was sitting on his bed, watching curiously. Then, after a moment, 6 backed away from the wall and crawled back over to his own bed. Once he got there, he lifted up the cotton socks that served as his mattress and gently placed the picture under it. He then gently lowered the sock back down on top of the picture so that the ink, which was still damp, wouldn't smear. He looked up at 0 and slowly put one finger to his lips, the universal sign to remain quiet. 0 tilted his head a bit and then jumped down off of 6's bed and returned to his own bed.

Smiling tiredly, 6 climbed back up into his bed and curled up on his side, immediately falling asleep. His last thought was that he shouldn't tell the others. It probably wouldn't happen anyways.

There was no need to worry anyone...

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