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Our life: the beginning

Training… working… pushing to the limits… going… never stopping… training even more… and it will never be enough for him… dad, no father.

I work, I do, but it's never enough. I gotta keep working or punishment will come. Gotta keep training, working harder to reach the goal, imaginary or not. Keep going on and on, further and further, more and more, don't stop, don't stop!

"Come on girl, pick up the pace. Stop slacking! What the hell's the matter with you?" He said.

"Yes sir, sorry sir. I'll do better," I said kicking harder.

-4 hours later-

"Leave your done, go get outta my sight!" my father said.

I scurried out of the basement/training center along with my twin brother, Mark, and together we headed up to the showers. Soon, we were done with our nightly routine and went to ask our father if we could go to bed. He submitted our request, and we went to our room dead tired.

My life is filled with work: my brother and I go to school come back and train till odd hours of the night, that is, until father lets us leave. He has been harder on us lately because we are moving again. This time it's because of his job. Our father is head of a special, classified branch of the CIA, so we have to move every few years, either because of that or people are starting to get suspicious of us, which isn't surprising. We only stayed here for two years this time. We are moving to Tillamook, Oregon, a small town with more rain than I've ever seen in my life. It should be exciting, but nothing is exciting anymore.

Mark and I are identical twins, born on January 1, 1996 at 12:15 and 12:20 am, to Luke and Elisabeth Callan. They had a daughter, Sara Alice Callan, two and a half years prior. We both have oil-black hair and brown eyes with birth marks on our right checks. At one glance you can tell we are twins, well except the boy-girl thing, and our heights. I am barely five-foot-three- inches, while Mark is five-foot-seven. We also have a large build from all the training, and Mark has his hair barely touching his ears, while mine goes just past my shoulders where it slightly curls when I have it down. Also, we look a lot like our mom, but we have some Luke in us too, although it's a tad less noticeable. Right now, I'm so sleepy. Yes, sleep; sleep is what I need right now, sleep…

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