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-Eight Months-

I had to leave. To just go, he, he would of, no I left, so now he can't do anything not him, not father, and not uncle who came two days after the Cullen's announced that Carlisle got a job in New Hampshire a week after Mark disappeared, but had applied for a month before school ended. He arrived the day after the Cullen's left; father brought the recruit for protection or rather 'because the poor kid didn't have a place to stay and not enough money for an apartment.'


I rummaged around the attic for my passport making decisions that clearly had nothing to do with what I was doing to throw Alice off, and snuck out going to the Cullen's old house to see if I could find any money, plane tickets are expensive. The closer I got the more uneasy I felt. What if Jasper actually managed to get Peter and Charlotte to watch me? I haven't seen any new faces around, but who knows. Suddenly I heard a branch snap to my right; I leapt up to the nearest tree and climbed up it until I could see the surrounding area. What saw made blood boil. Toni Carson was stumbling like a fool through the woods. I jumped down from my branch mere inches from where she was startling her.

"What are you doing?" I asked her in a low dangerous tone.

"Well, I'm being chased through the woods trying not to die and then I run into you," she panted, glaring at me completely and thoroughly pissed.

"What the hell are you talking about; I see no one. We're alone out here." I started to grin wickedly.

"You're pretty freaking stupid! How the HELL do you think I got out here? Oh, I was just have 'in a nice drive on a cool night when I hit someone and fled the scene of the crime into the woods. What do you think Anna is it the first or the second answer?!"

"Watch how you talk to me child. I'm in no mood. For all I know you could be going to my house to spy some more! You and I both know you can't drive until your eighteen so why. Are. You. Here?" I saw some movement out of my peripheral to my right, but I focused on the pathetic excuse in front of me.

"Really you're impossible, and you really need to get over this grudge you have against- what was that!" Toni said fearfully.

"Stop trying to distract me! I will gut you if you keep avoiding my questions; now answer me!"

"Spy on you!? You've made it perfectly clear that you hate my guts! I don't have time to deal with your bitching right now, so get out of my way! I didn't come out here interested in seeing you at all!" Toni glared seething at me. I took her arm as she tried to pass me and jerked it behind her back knocking her feet out from under her and putting her face first onto the ground. She struggled, but she was never a match for me.

"Now the truth bitch. If someone was chasing you what. Did. They. Look. Like." I was fed up now.

"A freaking light-skinned Mexican woman, uh she was short, had dark hair… and her eyes they were red like freaking Bloody Mary red scared the living daylights outta me," Toni said with glazed over eyes looking as if she wasn't even feeling the pain from the position I put her in.

I froze, oh no some vampire is in the area and it's after Toni, which I could care less about, but I have to get out of here. Still that description sounds familiar like I've heard of her before, but where? "Shit," I said getting off a her. "Get up we have to get moving immediately! Hurry! Maybe we should split up, or I know where the Cullen's house is from here we can go there I guess, but if you fall behind I will not come back for you." I told her walking away.

"Oh leaving so soon chicas? I really wanted to play some more; especially with you mijo, and your… powerful friend." I spun 360 degrees on my heel, looking at the accented voice that came from above and behind me. I froze when I saw her; I knew that description I heard sounded familiar. I was looking at the creator of Jasper.

"Maria, what a pleasant surprise," a look of shock flashed across her face before she carefully masked it. "I'm sorry to say that the Major isn't here right now, but I can take a message."

"Major?" Toni looked at me crazily. "This is the freaky lady that's been chasing me you realize that, right?"

Maria ignored her only glancing in her direction, "You know my Major?" she asked rolling the 'r' in major.

"Yes and I also know he left you, but you don't need him Maria he is very happy with his family." I told her knowing that this might upset her maybe help in the long run. "You were very… powerful in the South when the Major was with you," I told her when I saw her anger rise, "but you don't need him to get that power again."

"What are you suggesting?" she pondered looking at me eagerly.

"Me? I'm not suggesting anything. I'm just sayin' that you, as a powerful woman, need no one like the Major and just think; the Volturi won't be on your ass if you keep Ja- the Major out of it."

"Oh silly, silly niña, I'm not looking to keep the Major if I find him. I need some help training my new newborn army, and maybe," she said as she turned her head towards Toni, "a couple more newborns."

It wasn't working, I was using all my power all durin' that conversation, to try and get her to leave here back to the South, thus leaving me and the Cullen's alone.

"Anna, What the heck is going on!?"

"Shut up Toni!" she was beginning to tick me off, and she knows nothing about this, so keeping my eyes on Maria I walked towards Toni like I was about to tell her something.

"What- what are you doing?" she asked in a skittish manner. I just slowly brought my hand up distracting her from my feet. I swept them under her bringing my knee to her head at the same time knocking Toni Marie Carson out.

"Sorry she knows nothing about us and was getting on my nerves. Now Maria what-" she cut me off.

"No more games, you are very powerful. Yes, it looks like I don't need my Major after all." I saw a blur and then the short Mexican was at my neck pumping me with venom. I felt the pain as she let go then she said one more thing, "If you could try to make me leave here then imagine you as a vampire. Yes this will work…" she slipped into Spanish as the pain grew and grew.


-The Cullen's-

As the venom was beginning to pump through minutes after she was bit. Mark, her twin, fell in the middle of the Cullen's living room. Everyone rushed to him, but he was out of it. His eyes glassy and his body stiff.

"Edward what's wrong with him." One of the Cullen's asked. "Why was he sucked in again? It hasn't done this since we left Tillamook."

"Carlisle listen is his heart slowing down?"

"All I can hear from him are screams," Edward said wincing, "I'm sorry I have to go." He told them rushing out with Bella and Renesmee following him out.

"Alice get my bag, something's wrong."

"Carlisle he's not breathing! Do something!"

"Jacob, I have to bite him if we want to save him do I have your permission?"

"Doc do whatever you can. I need to find Nessie."

"Emmett take him upstairs and Rose start doing compressions now, Alice have you seen anything from Anna? We might need Peter to go and check on her earlier than usual. How far away is he Jasper and how fast can he get there?"

"He told me this an hour; he was in Portland and that she has skipped town. I was coming to tell everyone now, but then… he got the news from well the news actually. He said that he can't get anywhere near the town actually, something about to many police officers in the surrounding area… but that he'll keep trying."

"That's all I ask." Carlisle told him from upstairs where he was starting to change Mark.


After three and a half days of excruciating pain the Callan twins woke up one in Oregon and the other in New Hampshire. One was taken to the woods where he feasted on animals; the other was through a pleading Toni Carson who was begging the vampire to let her go back to her family, but she was dead in less than a minute. After having his fill of animals Mark went back to the Cullen's letting them welcome him into his new vampire life. Anna not having her fill of humans ran towards a house not too far away, and wait she recognized this house. She grinned evilly as she watched making sure there weren't any extra inhabitants, because this should be only a family affair.

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