Hi everyone! yukihime211 here. It's been a while, huh? So here, I present to you my latest fic. Which revolves around Nyo! Japan. There will be several pairings involving her in this compilation of one shots, sometimes two shots (maybe even three if I need to break the chapter's down some) Also there will be several side characters as well. So feel free to send in your favorite pairings and I'll try and add them into the story. Anyways, most of these short stories will be set in an Alternate Universe and sorry in advance if some of the characters are a bit ooc. I'll only have a few that are done intentional. But I try to keep the main characters in...well in character. (Or at least as much as possible) So without further ado, here is my first installment!

Pairing: Canpan Canada x Japan

Yao Wang is normally a protective elder brother whenever it comes to Sakura Honda, his younger sister. However, with her always stuck inside doing who knows what on the computer, he takes matters into his own hands to set her back into the wild; AKA, the real world. It was supposed to be a simple trip to the ice rink, but things don't always go as planned….The inexperienced skater is left to fend for herself until a chance encounter arises. She unintentionally bumps into Matthew Williams, a young man known for his hockey skills and his ice skating. The event spirals into lessons Sakura pleads to receive in order to save face. Matt takes pity upon the girl and from there something seems to spark. The bubble of content is burst when another guy jumps into the mix and begins to form a rift between the two. Will the rift become repaired, or are the two destined to part for good?


Hetalia World Academy a prestigious school filled with students from all around the world. The building was large and brimming with flora and fauna with a forest nearby. The Academy housed students up until their university years.

Inside the high school branch of the Academy, two very distinct people would soon find their very destinies intertwined.

"Yo, Sakura!" exclaimed an upbeat male voice.

Honey colored eyes shifted from the several papers in hand and met bright blue ones.


The cheerful blonde gazed down at the petite girl, her raven colored hair neatly tucked into place.

"How's it hanging?"

Sakura was use to his strange ways of greeting, so she nodded lightly.

"I'm fine...Is there something you'd like to talk to me about?" she asked curiously.

An embarrassed, dimpled smile crossed his features and he fixed his glasses slightly.

"Well, yeah. There was actually. Ya' see, usually I'd be the one being the hero, but there's something I'd like you to help me with..."

Sakura stared up at Alfred expectantly.

"Really, and that would be...?" she trailed.

Alfred took a step forward and placed a hand on her shoulder.


A red figure bolted in their general direction and suddenly, Alfred was pushed a good few feet from his previous spot. Alfred's brow twitched in annoyance when he spotted the professional body guard that is… in his eyes anyway.

Now, you'd expect the so called body guard to be all buff with arms filled with numerous tattoos. But this one...well not so much. This one was a little under 5'7 with silky black hair tied in a ponytail, cat like amber eyes, pale, almost translucent skin, and a slim figure. If you're wondering...yes this body guard is indeed male no matter the outward appearances.

"Ah, Sakura! There you are. I have been looking all over for you, aru."

He ushered the girl towards the door.

"W-wait. Yao-nii. I was just in the middle of a conversation with Alfred-san," she explained, looking back at the poor boy.

Yao stopped in his tracks and glanced over at Alfred almost menacingly.

"Oh really, I hadn't noticed."

His tone was rather cheery, but Alfred had caught the spark in his eye just before Yao reverted back to a sweet smile. Sakura had no idea...Just the way Yao had wanted it.

Sakura broke free from Yao's grasp.

"Not to be rude or anything, but why are you here?" she asked him.

Yao looked on innocently.

"What? Am I not allowed to visit my sweet little sister every once in a while?" he asked.

Alfred rolled his eyes.

"Not this again...how many times has it been, three times in one week?"

Sakura seemed to buy the story.

"Oh...I see. But aren't you supposed to be in class?"

Sakura could be quite naïve when it came to these kinds of things, which was all due to Yao's constant interventions.

Yao shrugged off her question quite easily.

"Oh, it's fine. I don't have to worry about my credits, if that's what you're worried about. I have everything under control."

Which was true. What with him being at the top of his class. Something both he and his little sister shared in common; among other things. Like their complexion.

"Ahem...I'm still here ya' know," Alfred remarked.

Sakura flushed slightly.

"Eto...Sorry about that Alfred-san. Now what was it that you wanted to talk to me about?"

Before Alfred had time to answer, the bell rang.

"I just wanted to know if you had finished today's math homework. Kinda hoping you'd lend it to me so I could look over my answers. But it doesn't matter anymore," he quickly answered.

Obviously, Yao knew it was a lie. He glanced down at Sakura, who at the moment looked a little down as Alfred retreated.

"Oh...I see."

He hated seeing his precious sister so downcast...and to think he was the one who caused it.

"I know! Why don't we have lunch together?" he decided.

Sakura merely nodded her head as she collected her things to head off to lunch. The two walked side by side, with Yao chattering away happily, with Sakura tuning in and out.

Just as the two were about to sit down to eat, Sakura soon realized something.

"Oh! I forgot my notebook back in the classroom..."

Yao studied her for a moment.

"Do you want to go get it?"

She nodded and he sighed softly.

"I'll save you a seat. Try not to dawdle," he warned.

Sakura smiled slightly, nodding.


She turned back, heading into the empty hallways. Or so it seemed… She passed a boy maybe a year her senior. If Sakura had paid attention, she would have realized that his features were very similar to a certain outspoken blonde. If it weren't for the fact that this blonde had longer, wavier hair and violet colored eyes.

The two stopped almost in sync, standing back to back several feet from each other. Something was buzzing inside their ear, telling them to turn back. They stood still for maybe a few seconds before they brushed off the strange buzzing and then continued back on their way.

"That was weird..." the two thought to themselves.

Chapter 1

First Encounter

Yao Wang, a feminine looking young man in his early twenties with long raven colored hair pulled in a low ponytail and amber colored eyes sat in the dining room. A porcelain teacup rested on the table, the steam billowing gently up into the air. Faint clicks of time passing resonated lightly in the background from a clock hanging from the wall.

It was designed with a cute looking cartoonish white cat with a bow on her head. It was odd to see a grown man hang up something so…so cute. But he treasured the thing dearly. (That and his collection of stuffed animals) Yes, Yao was a bit odd with his love for cute things, but nonetheless he was entitled to his own tastes.

But that wasn't really important…

What was important was that it was past noon and a weekend…yet there were still faint clicks going off from within a white door, decorated with intricate cherry blossoms. Residing within, was the petite figure belonging to a certain reclusive younger sister. Her eyes glued to the computer screen.

Yao was not going to stand for it. He stood from his seat and marched to the room, wrenching the door open. The room was rather dark, yet surprisingly clean.

"Aiyaaa! Sakura-chan, enough is enough!"

He pulled her away from the computer and simultaneously clicked the log off button.


Her face was filled with confusion and Yao sighed.

"You have been cooped up in your room all day. I think it's about time you take a break from your online social life, aru."

She looked at him with her honey colored eyes, lip quivering slightly.

"Is that really necessary?"

Yao's eyes widened a fraction and he looked away, shaking his head.

"Don't think you can sway me with those eyes!"

Sakura couldn't help but pout a bit. However, she knew this would be a losing battle on her part.

"Well then…what do you suggest I do?"

A light smile crossed Yao's face. He produced a flyer seemingly out of nowhere. Sakura stared at the paper for what seemed like an eternity. Dread quickly appeared on her face and then she looked at her big brother with confusion.


Yao couldn't wipe of the Cheshire like smile off his face.

"You better bundle up," was his only response.

Friday night…

Ksh ksh woosh! The constant sound echoed in the frozen arena along with the outcries coming from the stands. Cowbells clanged on all sides.

Out on the ice, the puck slid sporadically, passed around from one person to the other and then intercepted.

Time was ticking as the game was quickly drawing to an end. The Visitor's side was on top by a small fraction. Wood clashed against wood as hockey sticks met. There was no chance that Home would win…that is not without their secret weapon.

"Williams!" barked out the coach.

Violet eyes framed with glasses stared up at the coach attentively from the bench. He stood up and slipped on his gear. A single blonde curl stuck out on the side, freed from the rest of his wavy hair. The two locked eyes for a moment as he made his way over to the coach.

"Show 'em who's boss!"

Williams nodded and skated over to the rink. A glint passed through his glasses and the usual mild mannered young man was suddenly gone….


"Would ya' look at that! Another come from behind win! How many does that make George?"

The young commentator glanced over at his senior with over the top cheerfulness.

"A three game winning streak, Bob," answered a tired looking man somewhere in his late fifties.

Bob bobbed his head and turned back to his microphone.

"And to think, it's all thanks to number four Williams…eh what's his first name again?"

George shook his head.

"Matthew. I swear, you're always forgetting his name, even though he's the star player," he mumbled under his breath.

Bob seemed to ignore George's sourness and just chuckled.

"Another Celly is in order then, right Coach?" he asked, directly talking to the winning team's coach.

The coach was rather husky, with his black hair pulled back in a ponytail and skin shaded a dark hue. His trademark flowered shirt was hidden under the sports jacket he decided to wear that afternoon.

"If you ask me, they should go back to training instead of going out celebrating," he scoffed.

The players stared on blankly; use to their coach's training banter. They all knew he liked to party.

Teammates turned to Matthew, grins on their face as they pretty much surrounded him.

"Nice work Williams! Just what you expect from our quarterback," said one guy.

Matthew looked over, blushing slightly.

"Uhm, thanks."

The teen never really let his accomplishments give him a swelled head. However, once off the ice rink, most people forgot he even existed…

Saturday morning…

"Okay, just take it nice and easy," Yao said patiently.

Sakura stood just outside the rink, holding onto the railings and shook her head.

"I…I can't," she said, blushing with embarrassment.

Yao secured a hold on the slim girl and settled her onto the ice. She slipped clumsily, holding onto her brother for dear life.

"Now, you have to spread your legs if you want to keep balanced."

She looked up at the ceiling, sighing heavily.

"Wh-why couldn't we have picked a different outing?" she mumbled.

Yao tilted his head.

"Eh? You say something Sakura-chan?" he asked innocently.

A dark cloud loomed over Sakura's head. So that was the reason. Their training was rather short lived when a certain light haired figure closed in on them.

"Ah, privet! I had not expected to see you here, comrade," a thick accented male voice bellowed.

Yao stiffened some and turned to the tall Russian man.

"Ivan, it's nice to see you again," he greeted nervously.

Sakura looked on skeptically.

"Nii-san? Do you know this man?"

Yao fidgeted some, nodding slowly. "Ivan" looked down at Sakura for the first time, his violet eyes almost boring into her.

"You are so tiny. How cute! She is your sister, is she not?"

Yao instinctively stood in front of her.

"Yes. She is my little sister Sakura. Sakura, this is Ivan Braginski a…former classmate of mine."

The two stared at each other, giving off a sort of awkward tension. Well, at least on Yao's side. Ivan seemed to be as carefree as ever. The aura seemed to drive away several people skating nearby. Others just watched in fascination. It was silent for a moment, but the spell was soon broken. Sakura slipped around, skidding and swaying currently unaware of what was happening, as she was still trying to become accustomed to the ice.


Yao looked down at Sakura apologetically and secured a hold on her again. Ivan chuckled lightly.

"This scene, it has an old time feeling, yes?"

Yao's head was downcast. Sakura nearby, couldn't help but gasp softly. A pained smile seemed to cross his lips.

"Yes…it does."

Ivan swirled around them, a childlike smile still planted on his lips.

"I know, let us all practice together!"

Before Yao had time to protest, Ivan's large gloved hand encased his own and he began pulling him further into the middle of the rink.

"Eh? W-wait!"

Sakura could feel the grasp the two had kept was slowly slackening and a sudden stream of skaters passed between them, cutting them off completely.

"Yao-nii!" she called out, only to have her voice drowned out by blades slicing the ice.

Somewhere in the crowd, Yao looked on with slight panic.


Ivan giggled slightly, his grip on Yao never lessening.

"She will be fine. This will help her learn faster!"

Yao's gaze darted everywhere, but with Ivan's brute strength, he had no choice but to stay by his side. He whispered a soft apology, hoping somehow that the thought would reach his precious little sister.

As the mass seemed to lessen, Sakura began to realize that she was alone; stranded in the middle of the ice rink…with little to no experience on ice skating under her belt.

Matthew stepped onto the ice rink, a calming feeling washed over him. He was glad to get out of the house. Not like anyone ever really bothered to know where he was… He took note that it was fairly crowded that afternoon and all he wanted was a few hours of practice. Not that he needed it, but he wanted to keep his abilities sharp. Well, he would just have to make do, he supposed. He decided to just skate around the rink a few times to warm up. As he did so, he was suddenly swept off with a large crowd.

"Hey, watch it!"

An irritated older man snarled. Matthew was a bit taken aback, and then went back on his way. That is, until he saw a small figure struggling to stay upright.

"What's a beginner doing in the middle of the ice rink?"

He looked around, noting that no one seemed to bother with the poor thing. He just couldn't bear to watch any longer. He made his way over, intent on helping out.

"Excu-," he began.

A few boys, maybe around twelve encircled the figure scoffing lightly. Matthew had a feeling things wouldn't turn out well from here…

"You're being unfair!"

A certain bushy browed man rolled his eyes.

"Unfair? You think I'm being unfair? When you deliberately disobeyed me?" he asked, English accent fairly noticeable.

Alfred planted himself on the chair, mumbling something incoherent.

"I'm sorry, what was that?"

Alfred looked back up, with a deepened frown.

"Don't do this; don't say that…Mom was right. You are a control freak!"

Arthur stood, unfazed.

"Be as it may, I would very much appreciate it if you would head back upstairs so I may think of a suitable punishment for your actions."

Alfred stared longingly at the door, but bounded up the stairs.

He looked ahead stonily and entered his room, adorned with several sports trophies and pictures. Alfred was a popular kid, no use getting around that. So what if he had stayed out late? He deserved to have the privilege. A party to celebrate his football team's victory was all he had anticipated for. If he hadn't gone, the party would have died down from boredom. So what if he had arrived home around two in the morning? Arthur was just being a killjoy.

He grabbed a comic book from his desk and plopped onto his bed, and for a while he was content.

There was gentle scratching coming from his closed door. Alfred tilted his head slightly and turned the knob, slowly opening the door. Standing around in a whiny state, was a white cat, dark eyes looking up at Alfred expressively.

"Kuma? What's wrong? Are you hungry?"

He picked up the cat and looked around.

"Now that I think about it…where's Mattie?"

"How lame…I can't believe that someone your age can't even stand up, let alone blade properly." A young boy scoffed.

His honey colored hair was tucked away under his light blue hat. His large brows stood proudly atop his eyes and his pale blue eyes stared on at her. Sakura flushed heavily as she continued looking on searchingly for her brother.

"Where could he be?"

She somehow managed to gain some balance and she secretly glanced at the boy triumphantly. Now…how to move forward?

Sakura tentatively shifted a bit forward. A devious smile crossed the boy's face.

"Why don't I give you a little…" he began as he drew near.

Right when he was behind the poor girl, he raised both arms slightly and gave her back a forceful shove.


Sakura lurched forward and cried out in surprise.

"I'm going to fall!"

She shut her eyes tight, extending her arms out so when she hit the ground she wouldn't land on her face. However instead of meeting the ground, she literally fell into someone's arms and her own instinctively wrapped themselves along the person's stomach.

"Uh hey…A-are you alright?"

Sakura opened her eyes to see her face buried in red. Wait…a hoodie? Slowly, she looked up to see striking light violet eyes staring down at her. Those gentle eyes belonged to a young man. He looked around her age too…At that moment, scarlet flared her cheeks.

"I'm fine…Ah! S-sorry!" she apologized.

Sakura pulled away abruptly, and ended up falling on her behind. Matthew looked on with slight amusement and held out his hand.

"Are you sure?"

She looked to the ground, embarrassed beyond belief and tentatively took his hand. He helped her up.


Matthew observed Sakura quietly for a moment. For some reason, he felt as if he had seen her somewhere before…

"First timer?" he question.

She nodded slightly.

"Is it that obvious?"

A light smile crossed Matthew's features.

"A little…"

The boy who had previously pushed her snickered slightly, but a boy maybe a few years older with slightly golden colored hair and dark blue eyes shifted uncomfortably.

"T-that wasn't very nice, Peter. You should apologize…"

The boy, Peter, groaned.

"Why should I Raivis? I mean, I was only trying to help her."

Raivis looked around nervously, as if he was looking out for someone.

"Well…Because it's the right thing to do. A-and besides, you might get in trouble…"

Matthew stared at Peter with a frown.

"You should listen to your friend. You may think it is all fun and games, but if you keep fooling around like that, someone could get hurt," he said sternly; however his voice was still kind of soft.

Sakura couldn't help but feel touched that Raivis and the other boy were standing up for her. Peter however wasn't impressed.

"Whatever…I might reconsider once she learns how to blade properly. Heh. Maybe you could even give her a few pointers," he remarked as he gave Matthew a smug look.

He turned away, with Raivis trailing behind him. The two decided to head out after that. Sakura looked downcast, her bangs slightly covering her eyes. Matthew looked down worriedly.

"Um…Don't let him bother you…are you okay?"

He bent down a bit to take a good look at her. Matthew bit his lip and lifted a hand to pat her head, when she suddenly whipped her head up with determination in her eyes.

"I know we have only just met, but I'm begging you! Please teach me how to ice skate properly," she pleaded.

Matthew stared on dumbfounded, his hand still in the midst of trailing to her head, but he quickly retrieved it when he saw the confused look on her face.


Well, there you have it. Part one of Chapter 1 I'll probably have the next part up soon. Also, yes Sealand is really OOC...sorry. _ (Don't get me wrong, I love Sealand! I even RP as him. But we needed a bit of foil here to get things going.) Feel free to correct me if you see any mistakes and I'll be sure to correct them. Well, until next time! Also, yes this is my first Hetalia fic...so bear with me.

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