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First Encounter

Chapter 1.3

Matthew slipped into his classroom, unnoticed. Which wasn't something new. After attendance, lessons commenced, but Matthew just couldn't pay attention. Not without worrying about Arthur. He knew that Alfred had told him he would take care of him, but that still didn't keep him at ease.

"Matthew… Matthew? Ahem, Mr. Williams!"

Matthew practically jumped out of his seat.

"Y-yes?" he asked meekly.

A few students giggled in response to his actions. He silently wished that he could go back to being invisible again… The teacher sighed softly.

"Try to pay attention next time, alright? Now turn to page eighty eight in your text book," she explained.

He nodded mutely and class resumed as usual. How embarrassing… After that incident, he managed not to delve too much on the family topic.


The bell rang and everyone began clearing their first class, heading for their second. With some books in hand, Matthew walked through the hallway absently that is, until he spotted a familiar face.

"Sakura," he called out, weaving through the crowd in an attempt to get to her.

She was talking with a tall blonde girl and a bubbly brunette. He assumed they were her friends. When Sakura heard her name being called, she looked around and saw Matthew waving slightly. To say the least, she was a little surprised. She waved back with curiosity.

"Is that him?" teased Felicia.

Sakura nearly jumped when she realized that she was still with Monica and Felicia.

"E-eh? Ah… yes," she replied with pink dusted cheeks.

Matthew finally reached the girls a little out of breath.

"Um… Hi," he greeted.

Felicia giggled and Monica nodded in acknowledgement.

"Hello," Sakura greeted back.

He shifted a bit, a little nervously.

"So… Was everything okay when you left on Saturday?" he asked rather awkwardly.

Sakura's face heated up as she thought of the event.

"Ah! Y-yes. Everything is fine! Onii-san ano… my elder brother was being hasty for some unexplained reason, but nothing to worry about, really. I sincerely want to apologize for his rudeness," she explained.

Sakura bowed rather deeply and a few students looked over curiously. Matthew waved his arms and shook his head.

"A-ah, you don't have to bow. It's fine, really!" he said trying to reassure her.

Felicia nudged Sakura teasingly and she stood up straight, still blushing.

"Oh! I'd like you to meet my friends, Felicia and Monica," introduced Sakura hastily.

Matthew smiled and nodded.

"Nice to meet you. My name's Matthew," he replied.

Felicia couldn't help but giggle and glance at Sakura before looking back to Matthew.

"We know."

Monica poked Felicia and stared at her with a hardened gaze as if signaling to shut up. Matthew looked on with confusion as the warning bell rang. Only a few minutes left to get to class. Monica grabbed a hold of Felicia's arm and started dragging her away.

"We need to get going," she insisted.

Sakura tightened her grip on her books and looked on gratefully at Monica, who in turn nodded and cracked a smile.

"I'd better get going as well…" Sakura informed as she turned to walk away.

Matthew placed a hand on her shoulder and she turned back.

"Wait," he insisted.

She blinked a few times and stared up at him expectantly. He removed his hand and chuckled nervously.

"Well, I was wondering about our skating lessons. Or… would you rather just forget the whole thing?"

Sakura tittered softly. Of course she hadn't forgotten and she definitely wanted the lessons. She didn't want to make a fool out of herself.

"Don't worry; I'm still up for lessons. I mostly spend my time studying, but I have my schedule fairly open. What times and dates are best for you?" she asked.

Matthew appreciated the fact that her time was lax. He gave her a few dates and she diligently wrote them down on her planner. The bell rang and Sakura gasped. She was late!

"Er… We should probably start heading to class… Sorry. Didn't mean to take up too much of your time," said Matthew.

She accepted his apology, and the two quickly sprinted towards their classes.


Yao wiped down a table and he settled the dirty dishes on top of one another, whisking it away to the kitchen. Faint music played in the background as a few people quietly conversed with one another whilst they ate. It was a fairly slow day for the restaurant.

Now, what would a top of the list college student be doing at a restaurant? What any hardworking person would be doing: working. As it stood, it was just him and his little sister living in their decent sized home. Sure, their father sent them money every now and then, but hardly enough for certain expenses.

For a while, Sakura insisted she get a job as well, but after much persuasion, he managed to convince her that her focus on studying came first.

Yao walked back into the open and one of the hostess' looked over her shoulder at him.

"Yao, could you seat the next customer? I'm a tad busy," she said in a sugary sweet voice that made him want to gag.

He managed to smile and nodded. He grabbed a few menus from the stand and planted a polite smile as he made his way towards the entrance.

"I must play nice with the kiddies if I want to keep this job."

At least, that's what he kept telling himself. He finally approached the customer a little distractedly.

"Welcome. So how many will be joining your party?"

A light chuckle arose and Yao looked up.

"I had no idea you worked at a restaurant."

Ivan looked on innocently and Yao nearly froze in place.

"Ivan? What are you doing here?" Yao hissed softly, making sure his boss was out of sight.

Ivan tilted his head, smiling.

"I came here to eat, what else?"

It couldn't be a coincidence that Ivan had entered this specific place to eat; first the ice skating rink, and now here? Well… the ice rink wasn't too farfetched, seeing as Ivan took enjoyment in such activities. Ivan hardly went out to eat unless they served vodka. Which wasn't exactly on the menu here…

Yao sighed and led Ivan to a table. He weighed his options, but there wasn't really a way to get rid of Ivan since he was pretty much a paying customer. Maybe he could ask one of the other workers to take him out of his hands… He turned away to prepare a glass of water for him.

A nosy bus girl approached Yao curiously.

"The customer a friend of yours?" she questioned.

Yao felt his mood darken a bit as he glared down at the girl.

"Don't you have some tables to attend to?"

A shiver ran down the girl's back and she retreated.

"Touchy…" she muttered under her breath.

Yao sighed heavily and returned to Ivan's table, setting down the water.

"Would you like something to drink other than water?" he asked systematically.

Ivan thought for a moment.

"How about a shot of vodka?"

Yao shook his head. He knew this was coming.

"Sorry, we don't serve vodka. Would you rather have a beer or maybe some iced tea?"

Ivan couldn't help but frown, but decided against drinking any other alcoholic beverage if all of it was pretty much American. Instead, an iced tea sounded like a good idea. Before Yao had a chance to turn back towards the kitchen, Ivan grasped the man's arm and pulled him into the booth beside him. Yao protested as Ivan drew him close. Yao's boss exited his office, making his rounds. A hand snaked around the petite man's waist which made Yao in turn, pinch him.

"Ivan. I have no time for games. I'm on the clock. If there's something you want to talk to me about, it's going to have to wait until my shift is over," he explained hastily, then turning back towards the kitchen.

A somewhat mischievous smile fell across Ivan's face.

"I might just take you up on that offer."


Arthur managed to remove himself from the couch and make a sluggish walk to his bathroom to clean up. He'd been moping around long enough. Alfred had long gone went to his room after Arthur had shooed him off, saying he was perfectly fine. Though he doubted that was true, Alfred left him to fend for himself.

"Some role model I've become…" Arthur mumbled.

He turned on the shower and stepped in, attempting to wash away all his troubles away. But he knew it was futile…


Alfred sat in his room, playing video games. Sure, he could have used the time to do homework or something, but he felt he deserved some fun.

He pressed pause on the game when he heard a familiar tune coming from Matthew's room. Curious, Alfred walked out of his own room and entered his brother's. He quickly found the object making the noise; Mattie's cell phone.

"Who'd be calling Mattie's phone at this hour?" he wondered.

The cell stopped ringing. Alfred contemplated if he should check it or not. After a while, he decided he saw no harm in just taking a little peek. He flipped it open, noticing a voice message from an unknown caller. Well… to him anyways. After typing in the password, (let's just say Alfred tends to snag Matthew's cell whenever he runs out of minutes…) he listened in on the message.

"Bonjour~ 'ow 'ave you been monami? Ah! Silly me… You must still be in school, non? Well, I suppose I will give you the good news now. I'll be coming to America shortly! A tournament is coming up that will be located in your city, which I just cannot miss. Isn't that tresbien~? I 'ope you do not mind that I'll be staying at your place. Maman said she'd discussed it with auntie and talk to your… disgrace of a father. Anyway, call me back once you get my message. I have so much more to tell you. Au revoir~"

Alfred blinked. He couldn't believe his ears! He recognized that voice anywhere; Francis Bonnefoy: their cousin.


Lunch finally arrived and Sakura had successfully managed to escape Felicia's constant badgering over the whole Matthew ordeal by heading to the cafeteria a few minutes early. (Seeing as the girls didn't have the same class at the time) She sat at the table, pulling out her bento and began eating quietly.

"Finally… Some peace and quiet," she thought.

For the first fifteen minutes, it stayed that way. But once that much time had passed, she felt someone looming over her from behind. She stiffened slightly and suddenly two arms wrapped around her shoulders.

"Found you~ Thought you could escape me that easily?"

A giggle soon followed and Sakura gasped.


"Did I scare you?" Felicia chirped.

Yes, yes she did. However, Sakura wasn't going to admit it…

"You…surprised me, is all," Sakura replied.

Felicia sat across from Sakura and smiled.

"You never mentioned that Matthew was cute."

Sakura sighed. She was not going to let up, was she?

"Is that so?"

Felicia frowned slightly and leaned forward on the table.

"Oh come on. Don't tell me he wasn't a little attractive to you. Though he's a little on the quiet side," she noted.

Sakura felt her face heat up a bit. She was clearly not comfortable with this conversation. She looked down at her meal and picked at it.

"Well… he does have an appealing quality to him…" she whispered.

She quickly snapped out of it though.

"But that's not the point. I just met him and my purpose isn't to look for a potential boyfriend, but to get better at ice skating," Sakura argued.

Felicia couldn't help but look on knowingly.

"You just keep telling yourself that," she teased.

Monica shook her head, seating herself beside the Italian.

"Give it a rest already. Sakura is clearly embarrassed about the whole situation," she muttered.

Felicia pouted as Monica stared at her evenly. The look never fazed her.

"Monica, you're no fun…"

Monica shook her head.

"Who said I was fun?" she asked.

Sakura looked at the two with a sigh.

"Could we just drop the subject? Which reminds me… how are your siblings doing?"

Sure, it was an obvious change of subject, but the two decided to comply with Sakura's request.

"Sorella is the same as usual. She kicked out her boyfriend from the house again. I think it was because his birthday is coming up… She said something about looking for the perfect present," said Felicia with a shrug.

Monica sighed heavily.

"Bruder got into another argument with cousin Roderich… It must be about Elizabeta again. Honestly, he's supposed to be a grown man, yet he still acts like such a child," she said whilst shaking her head.

Sakura suppressed a chuckle. She wasn't the only one with a… unique sibling. The topic settled to lukewarm pleasantries, much to Felicia's dismay.


Yao's shift finally came to a close. He placed his notepad in its proper place and headed for the door. He walked to his car, unlocking it and was in the midst of entering when he heard footsteps heading in his direction. He turned slightly and spotted Ivan. He groaned. He had almost forgotten about him…

"Now about our talk?" said Ivan happily.

Yao stared at him for a moment before motioning over.

"Get in the car, aru. I'll drop you off at your place," he replied.

Ivan smirked slightly and entered the car.


Yao felt somewhat tense and questioned himself whether giving Ivan a ride was such a good idea. Ivan shut the door and buckled in. Yao gripped the steering wheel and started the car.

"You still live in the usual place?" Yao asked awkwardly.

Ivan nodded with the ever present smile.

"Of course~ I am surprised that you still remember."

The line struck a chord with Yao, but he stayed silent. He slowly eased out of the parking lot and onto the street. The ride was rather awkward on Yao's part and the silence seemed a bit overbearing.

Yao focused on the road and stopped at a red light when he suddenly felt a finger trail up his arm. He froze for a moment before whipping his head to the right, his ears reddening some.

"What are you doing?"

Ivan chuckled gently.

"You always were sensitive to my touch." (A/N o/o DX I'm a pervert)

Yao felt his cheeks heat up a bit. He was speechless and his mind seemed to almost go into shock, until he heard a car blare its horn in annoyance. He turned back to the road and made a left turn.

"Please refrain from touching me anymore than necessary."

Ivan pouted a bit and Yao took a deep breath in order to compose himself.

"Besides, you should know better than to bring up what's in the past. You had no right," he muttered.

Ivan complied with keeping his hands to himself.

"No right? I think I have every right. Why can't we go back to how things used to be?"

The car suddenly screeched to a halt and Yao glared back at Ivan.

"No. You don't get it do you? You seem to have forgotten the reason why we broke it off, Ivan. So let me refresh your memory."

Yao began loosening his collar and unbuttoned his shirt, bringing it down to about mid back where an ugly scar stood out against his pale, almost flawless complexion.

"This! This is why I no longer want to be associated with you. Do you have any idea how hard it was to blatantly lie to my little sister about the whereabouts of this?"

He also remembered the tears and turmoil it caused her. He had begged the hospital not to let her know the actual reason and they complied. That was almost four years ago… Yet he still remembered the burning sensation on his back.

Ivan was silent as he stared at the scar. Yao then hastily fixed his shirt.

"We're here," he said coldly.

Ivan silently unbuckled his seatbelt and exited the car. Not long after he got onto the sidewalk, did he see his little sister (Natalya) peeking from the living room window with a slight scowl.