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'Inner Sakura/Taizen'

"Demon Speech"

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Naruto was alone. It was a familiar feeling for the blonde and he sat on a swing oceanic blue eyes downturned and head bowed. He dared to hope that today would be different. The first day at the academy he'd hoped he would at least make a single friend yet he'd been ignored, or insulted by every other 7 year old who had started at the Konoha Ninja academy along side him.

So when he heard someone walk over he didn't even look up. "Hey." Said an almost tired voice, male by the sound of it. Naruto waited for the insult or abuse, when it didn't come he growled at the boy.

"If you're going to hurt me or insult me get on with it."

The reply was not what he had expected. "Why would I do that?" Asked the other boy.

Naruto's head shot up in surprise. Allowing him to see a boy slightly taller than him with brown hair, wearing a navy jacket and scruffy lightweight jeans. The boy was side on to the blonde, his head turned away to watch the other children as they played.

"You're not the only one sitting alone out here you know." Said the brunette, his face swinging back to face Naruto.

What the blond saw caused him to recoil slightly. A massive scar split the other boys face. Running from his right brow, crossing his nose and terminating just to the left of his mouth giving his a slight semi-permanent scowl. The narrowed pale blue eyes added to the effect he looked intimidating to say the least.

"Yeah I know." Said the boy his right hand scratching at the neck of the grey T-shirt through his jackets open front.

When Naruto stayed recoiled he sighed and turned to walk away.

"Wait!" Called Naruto, stopping him. "You're alone like me. Aren't you? That's what you were saying earlier."

Slowly the boy smiled, though his scar twisted slightly, and turned back.

"Yeah I am." The boy ran a finger along his scar. "This tends to scare people."

Given a second chance Naruto looked at the boy more closely. Rather than being narrow like he'd first thought the boys eyelids were actually drooped as if he was half asleep and the eyes they concealed sparkled with intelligence and a pain like his own.

"So they stay way from you. Not even acknowledging your presence." Finished Naruto for him.

The boy snorted, glancing over his shoulder at the other children. "Exactly."

Turning back the brunette was surprised to find Naruto extending a hand to him.

"I'm Naruto, Uzumaki Naruto. I'm going to be the next Hokage." Announced the blond with the foxy grin that would become his trademark.

The brunette smiled at his enthusiasm, accepting the offered hand.

"Hamano, Kazanari Hamano. Nice to meet you Naruto-san."

Just then everyone was called in for their next lessons.

"So I'll see you later then?" Asked Naruto eagerly jumping down from the swing.

"Sure." Confirmed Hamano with a nod.

Naruto shot off back to his normal hyperactive self.

Hamano slowly walked after him.

'That went better than expected.' Thought the brunette with a smile.

'I told you so.'Echoed another voice in his head.

'Oh shut up Taizen.' He mentally snapped back. 'You could have been wrong and I wouldn't have made any friends.'

The other voice, Taizen, snorted derisively.

'Really now? Tell me how often am I wrong?'


'Exactly. It doesn't happen.' Taizen said smugly.

'I thought you said being arrogant gets you killed?' Hamano retorted.

'I'm not being arrogant I'm just stating a fact.'

'You're impossible.' Said the brunette Sighing as he entered his classroom.

'I try.' Responded Taizen with a snigger.

That lesson Naruto realized that Hamano sat not too far from him just two rows back and one to the right. He obviously hadn't paid enough attention to notice the scarred brunette.

From what he saw it appeared his new friend slept though almost the entirety of the class. Only waking whenever the Sensei asked him a question. Which, much to the sensei's annoyance and Naruto's amusement, he would answer correctly without having to be prompted and quickly fell asleep on his desk once again.

For Naruto it made lessons and the particularly poor treatment he got from the sensei's more bearable.

Later on top of the Hokage monument.

"How do you do it?" Asked Naruto as he sat on top of the 'head' of the Yondaime Hokage.

"Do what?" Questioned Hamano from where he was lying on top of the 'head' of the Sandaime hands behind his head.

"You know. Sleep in class bust still answer questions."

Hamano smirked. "How do you know I was actually sleeping?"

Naruto scratched the back of his head. "So you were pretending?"

Hamano turned his head to face him. "Pretty much."


The brunette shrugged. "I like it I suppose. Having people underestimate me is useful as well. Deception is a large part of being a shinobi after all."

Naruto nodded sort of understanding.

The conversation ended there and the two contented themselves with watching the view of the hidden village in the leaf accompanied by their own thoughts.

Naruto eventually broke the silence.



"Why does everyone hate me apart from Ojii-san?"

"And me."

"And you." Naruto confirmed.

"It's the adults that hate you really. Don't know why though. Other children… their parents tell them to stay away from you. That you're bad." Said Hamano flicking a coin between his fingers.

"Something else we don't have in common with them." Said the blond he'd already figured out that his friend was an orphan as well.

Hamano stopped playing with the coin catching it in his hand, sitting up he pulled his knees in and wrapped his arms around them. "Yeah… It must be strange. Not knowing why I mean. At least I know why all the adults ignore me, well apart from Hokage-sama as with you."

Naruto cocked his head to one side. Silently asking for him to continue.

Hamano leant his head back to look at the sky.

"I'm not from Konoha originally. My clan constantly moved not being aligned to any of the villages and they actually came from somewhere in the west. The Kazanari weren't ninjas but they do have a Kekkai Genkai and some knowledge of chakra control. The Kekkai Genkai caused us to be mistrusted. I don't know it's name we never talked about it much and the scrolls I have don't tell me. What I do know is it's a part dojutsu but gives two abilities. First was to read a persons thoughts as long as you had direct eye contact. The second allowed us to sense our surroundings within a small radius."

He looked back down at Konoha. "So I'm both an outsider and from a clan that no one trusted. I doesn't put me in as bad a position as you but still not a great combo."

Naruto looked down. "Yeah but at least you have the cool Kekkai Genkai to go with it. I don't have anything."

Hamano gave an emotionless chuckle. "Thing is I don't. At least not yet."

Silence blanketed them for a moment interrupted only by the birds and wind.

"Well that was depressing. Want to do something fun?" Said Hamano to break the silence.

Naruto's face split into his usual foxy grin. "Right, Let's go prank someone. C'mon I got a great idea." He was off almost before he finished talking.

"Hold it." The Blond tried to stop but ended up tripping and falling.

"Aww, Don't tell me you're gonna stop me." Naruto whined picking himself up.

"Sort of." The hyperactive blonde moved to complain only to be halted by his friends raised hand. "If you're going to pull a prank at least do it properly." Hamano said with a sly grin.

Short while later ANBU headquarters

"Hey do you hear that?" Asked a cat masked ANBU.

Another ANBU a male in a boar mask looked around. "Yeah it's like a hissing sound."

Rat having just heard them as he walked in glanced around behind his mask, he didn't like the sound of that one bit. Then he looked up. "Fuck." He muttered causing the other two ANBU to look at him and follow his gaze.

Attached to the ceiling were several paint bombs of varying colours, and their fuses were nearly finished.

"Aww ma…"

Boar started to say when -



Naruto and Hamano shared a high five when they heard the shout.

"That was awesome." Yelled an exuberant Naruto. "We managed to prank the ANBU. I didn't think that was possible."

Hamano smirked. "As I said if you're going to prank someone might as well do it properly."

The blond nodded as the headed off down the streets. "Yeah. One question though, why did you have those paint bombs?"

The brunette chuckled slightly as they ran. "I was planning on using them as a possible prank in the academy but you gave me a better opportunity. Anyway, now for the hard part. Follow me." He grabbed Naruto's wrist, pulling him down a side street.

Hiruzen Saratobi, the Sandaime Hokage, watched the pair though his crystal ball with considerable interest and amusement. He was particularly glad that the two had found friends in each other. It was nice to see Naruto smiling genuinely for once.

As for Hamano it was nice to see him even smiling. Even if he didn't give the boy as much attention as he did Naruto. Though that was because the boy seemed to fade into the woodwork. Hriuzen suspected it was deliberate. That suspicion only grew as he watched. Hamano had led Naruto back to his apartment where he'd quickly setup a Shogi board as if it a game that had been going for some time. With Naruto's side clearly losing. A quick explanation followed so when the ANBU found Naruto and Hamano they found the brunette apparently attempting to teach the blond how to play Shogi. While Naruto impatiently half listened from his side and from the board they had been going for quite some time. A simple, effective and believable alibi.

The old man chuckled as the confused ANBU left leaving the two to silently celebrate getting away with their prank. Which quickly became a loud celebration courtesy of Naruto as soon as they were out of earshot.

Seeing Hamano teaching Naruto how to play Shogi, even if it was just an act, had sparked something in the Sandaime's mind and he quickly called two ANBU ordering them to bring the two academy students to his office.

A short while later outside the Hokage's office

"What do you think Hokage-jiji wants us for Hamano-kun? You think he knows?"

Hamano having reverted back to his sleepy persona raised an eyebrow at the change of honorific. "It's possible but I don't think he'd call us to his office because of a prank. Oh and just Hamano is fine."

Naruto grinned at him "Sure. Just Naruto's fine for me too." He said before running through the door without knocking.

Hamano shook his head in amusement before following him in.

Once inside he found the Sandaime trying to calm down an over eager Naruto.

"Hey Orange, calm down and let Hokage-sama speak."

Naruto did actually stop but not because he was asked.

"Orange?" He said giving his friend a strange look.

Hamano shrugged. "It fits."

Naruto looked down at his jumpsuit and tilted his head in agreement. "That's cool… Sleepy."


Hiruzen cleared his throat loudly. "If you to are done with giving each other nicknames I have something I'd like to say."

The two quickly stopped and bowed their heads in apology.

"Sorry Ojii-san."

"Sorry Hokage-sama"

The Sandaime closed his eyes for a moment realizing just how bad the pranks from these two could be. Hopefully though his idea would keep them too busy to cause much havoc. Though first he would test something.

"Do either of you know what this is?" He asked indicating the crystal ball on his desk.

Naruto just looked confused shaking his head.

Hamano though grimaced, not that it was easily noticeable with the scar. After a moment thought he dropped the act straitening his posture and opening his eyes fully.

"Yes I do. It's a crystal ball used by the Hokage to view any place within the village." Answering Naruto's unasked question as to why he dropped the act.

The blonde then bowed his head realizing the old man must have seen their prank earlier.

"Don't worry, I'm not going to punish you. I found your prank earlier quite amusing and informative. Though I am curious as to how you pulled it off."

Naruto's face split into a huge grin. "It was awesome. Hamano had these paint bombs, then he showed me how to get in with them, and when the rec room would be empty and then told me to use the furniture to put them on the roof."

When the blonde had finished he was out of breath.

Hiruzen looked to Hamano for further explanation.

"That was pretty much it. The rec room of the ANBU headquarters is often empty at breakfast, lunch and dinnertime. As for the way in. Well, being small can be an advantage." He replied cryptically.

The old man nodded realizing he wouldn't get any more from the pair.

"Ok back to why I brought you here. Hamano, you know you pretended to be teaching Naruto here Shogi to get away with the prank."

The two 7 year olds shared a grin and nodded.

"Well, I know you both don't get treated well by the villagers. Naruto in particular."

The two nodded again now curious as to where this was going.

"Even though I have ordered the teachers to treat Naruto as a normal student it is already clear they do not. If that keeps up then Mr. next Hokage here will be last in his year and may fail to pass at all."

Hamano realized where this was going and it was clear Naruto wasn't far behind. After all, the blonde was uneducated, not stupid.

"From what I've seen you are quite a studious person Hamano, and you do pay attention despite appearing to be asleep. So I'd like you to pass on everything you learn to your friend."

Hamano nodded. "Sure."

"Awesome." Yelled the hyperactive jumpsuit wearer.

"Two things though." Added the brunette bringing the attention of the two others in the office back to him.

"Why do the villagers treat Naruto so badly?"

Naruto jerked alert at this.

Hiruzen sighed he'd been afraid of this. "I'm afraid I can't tell you it is an S class village secret. Naruto will be told when he reaches Chunin."

Naruto sagged, but didn't question it. Secrets were not made S class without reason.

Hamano's gaze focused on the old man taking in every twitch.

Hiruzen repressed a shudder. Every member of the Kazanari clan was well versed in reading people. So even a member of the clan who only lived with them till they were 6 years old could read the most people like a book. He had to admit being on the receiving end of that kind of gaze was unnerving.

Hamano finally broke off his gaze apparently convinced. "I see. Second thing if people know about me training Orange here they may try and stop me."


"I suggest we do it in secret. And to prevent suspicion you should play the act they want to see. The last in the class who can barely beat anyone. That ok?"

Instead of protesting, Naruto was actually grinning.

"So it would be like the biggest prank I've ever done. Be dead last through out the academy then boom surprise everyone at the exam."

"That's a neat way of thinking about it." Said Hamano slightly bemused at how Naruto had surprised him.

"So, what do you plan on teaching our ramen loving friend here first?"

Hamano filed away that new piece of information for later use.

"That's easy. I work with what he's weak at first. So to start we'll be working on patience."

Naruto groaned.

4 days later.

Naruto let out a tired sigh as he watched a certain pink haired girl across the playground.

Hamano had taken the training seriously and hadn't been joking about improving his patience. It had been surprisingly tiring. He was actually thankful for being at the academy, as he didn't have to be patient. The tasks his scarred friend had him doing were interesting. He'd been playing Shogi against the brunette as well as a similar game the Kazanari had originally brought with them from far in the west called Chess. The goal was encouraging tactical thinking as well as improving his patience. It was working to a degree, as the brunette no longer led him around the board to the point he could draw smiley faces and other patterns with the pieces.

Hamano had also taught him meditating which he surprisingly enjoyed, though the knowledge that it would later help with his ninjutsu added to that. Lastly Hamano had taken a leaf out of one of their classmates books, one Shikamaru Nara, and had him cloud watching as well. All the while his friend had been studying various scrolls form the library mainly about the history of fire country and it's allies from what he'd seen.

As Naruto watched it was clear that the pink haired girl was being teased by some others as a group of girls fawned over a black haired kid with a duck butt hairdo who clearly didn't want the attention.

"You like her?" Asked a voice he had become increasingly familiar with over the last few days.

"I think so but…" The blonde didn't say anything further knowing his friend would understand.

"Do you even know her name?" Asked Hamano stepping up beside him.

Naruto nodded pointing up at the tree they were under. A cherry tree.


"Yeah. Sakura Haruno. I met her two years ago when she was crying in the park because she was being teased about her forehead. I later tried to defend her against the bullies I managed to make them stop but I ended up in hospital. When I got out she was surrounded by people who wanted to be her friends. So I kept away, not wanting to damage her new friendships."

Hamano shook his head. "I don't think I will ever understand how you can be so kind and forgiving. Looks like she's already becoming one of the Uchiha-teme's fan girls though."

"Yeah, but when I become Hokage I can get her to acknowledge me." Announced the blonde in his usual manner.

Hamano turned to watch the girl, Sakura.

'I'm not sure I approve. I doubt it would even work between them.' He thought

'Shows how much you know.'Commented his tenant.


"Sure, you can read people well, but you know nothing of relationships.'

'Was that a compliment or an insult?'

'It was a fact. I must say your friend knows what he likes. That girl is definitely the best match for him in the village.'

Hamano scanned around finding a girl hiding behind a tree watching Nartuo. His blonde friend had naturally not noticed.

'What about the girl behind the tree? She seems to be interested in Naruto.'

'Clan heir, and a bit too shy, second choice I'd say.'

'Ah...That Sakura girl is already becoming one of Sasuke Uchiha's fan girls though.'

'She's just trying to fit in, besides, blondie's father took a while to get his wife to fall for him.'

Hamano nearly fell over prompting a concerned look from Naruto.

"I'm fine I'll explain later." He said to dismiss his friends concern.

'YOU KNOW WHO HIS PARENTS ARE! WHY THE FUCK DIDN'T YOU TELL ME!' The brunette mentally screamed at his tenant.

'You didn't ask. And you really should be using such language at your age.' Taizen said completely unaffected.

Hamano reigned in his temper somewhat. 'You're an asshole. You could of a least said you knew.'

'I distinctly remember telling you that I was near omniscient. You should have been able to figure it out yourself.'

'I hate you when you're right."

'So you always hate me.'

'Why do I even bother?'

'Aren't you going to ask?'

'Do you plan on answering?'

'... Not directly.'

'My point exa-wait? What?'

By now Naruto had gotten an interesting show of his friends various facial expressions.

'The identity of his parents was hidden to keep him safe from people who would want to get revenge on his father.'


'And now you have enough information to figure out who his father is.'

'So you can be serious.'

Taizen's chuckle echoed around the mindscape. 'When I have to be. So have you figured it out?'

Hamano shook his head. 'Not yet. A bit of time and study, and then I'll know.'

'That's fine. Though I suggest you get back to the friend in question. We're starting to weird him out.'


Sure enough when he brought his attention back to the real world Naruto was looking at him as if he'd grown another head. Then everyone was called back in for class.

"It's going to have to be a real good explanation." Said the blond, heading for class.

Later behind the Hokage monument.

The area behind the Hokage monument had become the unofficial training ground for the two friends at least when training in their apartments wasn't practical. It had also become their usual meeting point.

Hamano expected Naruto to press him for an answer as soon as he arrived. He was not disappointed.

"So what was all that weird stuff you were doing with your face?" Was out of Naruto's mouth almost before Hamano acknowledged his presence.

Hamano sat on a small raised bit of stone prompting the blond to do the same.

"Give me a moment. Though I must say it's nice to see the training having an affect."

Naruto looked at him in a slightly confused manner that would have most women squealing at his cuteness.

"Well you didn't press me straight away or pester me during Academy hours. You waited till when I said I would explain. I'd say that's progress."

Naruto chuckled slightly in embarrassment his hand flying up to the back of his head.

"Back on subject." Hamano's face was dead serious. "I've never told anyone this outside my clan. Not even Hokage-sama."

Now Naruto was curious. "Why wouldn't you tell Hokage-jiji?"

"My Clan wasn't just mistrusted, because of that mistrust the entire clan found it hard to trust those outside the Clan. Simply put I don't trust Hokage-sama enough to tell him my secret." The brunette smiled thinly at Naruto.

"But you trust me?" Asked the normally hyperactive blond slightly uncertain.

Hamano nodded then began to explain.

"To put things simply I have an ancient spirit trapped inside of me." He raided his hand to stop Naruto's question.

"Don't ask how, because I don't really know myself. Something to do with our chakra being identical apparently. Anyway, the reason for the facial expression freak show." Naruto laughed lightly at that. "I was having a conversation with him."


"Fine. Argument.'

Naruto cocked his head.. "Did he just…?"

"Correct me…? Yes, He's annoying like that."

Naruto chuckled again. "Actually it sounds kinda cool."

"You don't have to live with him. His names Taizen by the way. A 40 million year old, near omniscient spirit."

'Wow, you didn't insu-'

"Who is incredibly annoying, highly sarcastic and slightly perverted."

'Hey! I'm not perverted I just appreciate the female form.'

Hamano couldn't help but smirk at that.

'Whatever lets' you sleep at night.'

'I don't have to sleep.'

"He also always wins the argument."

Nartuo couldn't help but laugh at his friend's annoyed tone. "Like the one you just had."

"… Yes." Responded the brunette grudgingly.

"That's for trusting me. Just try not to argue with him too often while I'm around. It's freaky. Oh, and don't worry. I won't tell anyone."

Hamano let out a small sigh of relief. That had gone a lot better than expected. He then grinned.

"Ok, now that we've got that over with. Training."

Naruto started to groan but stopped staring at his friend when something caught his attention.


"Hamano, your eyes."

The brunette was immediately interested. "What about them?"

"The, err, black bits." "Pupils?" "Yeah, They're rectangular."

Hamano smiled, then started to chuckle which then progressed into a laugh.

"Huh?" Naruto really had no idea why his friend cracked up like that.

After a moment Hamano calmed down. "Stage 1. Awakening." He muttered. "It's about time."

"Wait is that your Kekkai Genkai?" Asked a still confused Naruto.

Hamano nodded. "The start of it. Can't really tap into the proper powers yet. At least that's what the scrolls say."

"It's still awesome. I wish I had something like that." Said Naruto with his usual exuberance.

Hamano looked at him scratching his temple. "I'll try looking into the Uzumaki clan at some point for you to see if you do."

"Cool. Thanks."

"Anyway, enough with the distractions." Hamano's grin was slightly sadistic. "Training."

Naruto groaned.

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