ok, we are back, sorry for the wait, got bored and couldint think of a way to start this off, so lets just wing it, im past over due on waiting, so lets try this, now


CH1: summer vacation part 1

leos house

leo had thrown his backpack in the closet, for this was the first day of summer vacation, and he had no worries

"finally, time to kill those brain cells i used up over the year" leo said walking out of the room, and sliding down the stair rail

"if you break your arm, im not taking you to the hostbittle, leo" scott said watching the news

"whats the worst that caAAAHHHHHHHHHHH*CRASH*" leo fell off the rail onto his stomach, seconds later raised and arm"i am ok!"

"i did't ask if you were" leo got up off the floor and leaned on the couch

"why are you always watching the news" leo asked

"just incase something happens i can get to work" scott said turning the tv off and started to the door"i wont be back till midnight, so dont get yourself killed" and with that*click*

'again, stuck here by myself, scott is the worst uncle i could have had, well, except cousin roman, every time im in the same location its "hey cuz, want to do this" god, shut the fuck up'

leo was thinking to himself so much he did't notice a pink fur ball sneak in through the front door, which was right in front of him


'is he blind or something, he is looking at me, but hes like, blackedout, better give the moron a wake up call'

back to 3rd person

aeris snuck up to leo and got close to him and inhaled


"GAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH" leo said falling on his back"dammit, im 13, i dont need a fucking heart attack!"

"shut up, now we need to make a plan for the summer vacation 2011" aeris said picking leo up by the arm

"lets see, video games, beach, waiting for new releases, tv, beach, and video games" leo said counting

"well, we need something else, something new?" aeris said

"how about we find out what happened to my parents, scott wont tell me, but we can do it" leo said

"ahh, add a little, mystery into this vacation, eh" aeris said leaning on the couch

"i dont know, i just want to know what happened" leo said shrugging

"ok, we will do that next month, spend 1 month playing games, swimming, random stuff, another is to find your parents, play video games, and releases, oh and swimming, and last month, anything we want, haha" aeris said with her hands in the air counting all the activites

"i guess that'll do, so lets play some black ops, even though how much it sucks, its funny killing people in realistic graphics" leo said jmping on the couch

"fine" aeris said sitting down

nuke town, 500 hours

leo was sitting on the bed, waiting for the match to start, him, aeris, and other team members we're fighting against black clouds, them, blue thunder

"leo stop playing with the gun, the match is gonna start in a second" aeris said to leo

"kay, so you think we have a chance here?" leo saked standing up

"uhh.."aeris said looking at her team mates, one was looking down the barrel, another one was juggleing grenades, and 2 others were knife battleing"...no"

"sounds good to me" leo said raising his hand up in excitment

*facepalm"we're dead" aeris said sighing





and with that the match started, leo ran down the stairs into the garage, aeris broke the window and started takeing down the enemy with a sniper of some sort, and the other members just ran across the parking lot taking down what fortunaly they could

"leo, tons are heading towards your location, get ready or run*click*" aeris said into a microphone

"*click* copy that, i see them, 3 i would say*click*" leo said back, and went to the out side of the garage and got ready

"where is that little grey fuck, i saw him in here" the enemy said looking around

*dink, dink, dink* a sound said under their feet

*looks down*"OH FUCK, GRENAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" the enemy could say before the explostion sent them strait to hell

"suckas, you just got beat by a grey fu...uuu..."leo said until something was punctered into hid back

"what was that, moron" the enemy said laughing

leo calapsed onto the ground and the enemy went into the house

"now for the pink bitch"

"not so fast*BAM* second chance retard" leo said laughing

the enemy went down flipping leo off, ad bled to death

*click*"aeris, im wounded, can you send someone to help me up before i die" leo said coughing

"yeah, one moron isint dead, so ill send him down there" aeris said before clicking off

a few moment later, leo was back on his feet and ready to fight

several minutes later












as the screen read, indecated the match was over blue thunder has won the match


"ohhhhh, who said we did't have a chance, haha" leo said jumping up

"ok, so we did awesome, better then losing" aeris said

"of course, so next month right, we start looking for my parents?" leo asked with a questionably looking face


oh no, is leo closer then we thought to finding out the truth, maybe maybe not, i dont knoe haha

so i havint played online, nor played black ops for a year now, so im just going off of what i think of it, now you'll notice in video game parts, i make it seem like they were actully there

so anyways hope you like the remastered part 2 of 3, so review, read and what ever the heck you want