Chapter 6: Another One?

England, week after the happening in canada

try to emagine the older cat using a intense british accent, but the younger cat with an americian accent

"i told you once, and thats final, your going to canada to stay with your uncle and brother, theres no ifs, ands, or buts." an old female grey cat was saying to a younger female grey cat.

"but i want to stay here with you, ive been here my entire life, i cant leave you now!" the younger cat begged

"i told you before, im getting old, i cant watch you, and once im gone, no one can help you. (pause) now look, the doctor said i got a month or so left, and im not leaving you here. tomorrow we're going to the pawn store downtown and trade in all of my valuebles so you can get a ticket to canada. and for you to have a little spending money."

the old cat didint like the idea of giving away her old items, but it was the only way she can get enough money to send her grand-daughter to canada. she already knew she couldint take it with her when she died.

"but you love your things grandma, you'll feel heart broken to see all your lovely things go to that man for less then you want. you'll feel robbed!" the girl claimed

"i cant take the stuff with my, darling, and you cant take all my stuff with you, (points at all the antiques on the wall and rooms) but i want you to take this with you, to remind you of me."

the old cat took a necklace off and gave it to the young girl. it was gold knecklace with a heart at the end. inside was engraved...

"leonardo family"

it was an old family heirloom, thats been passed down from generation to generation. this young girl was finally in possesion of 1 of 2 necklaces.

the young girl was almost in tears having the thing around her kneck for the first time. "im going to miss you grandma" and with that, they gave a long hug

"i'll miss you too, stacy" grandma seperated from stacy and walked down the hallway. "tomorrow morning, you have to help me get all the stuff we're taking into the car"

"okay" and with that, stacy had went to her room, to cry some more, and go to bed.


leo leonardo the 3rd

leo had been at his house for a week now, still no memory, and same for aeris. pantsman had told everyone not to tell them about what had happen that fateful day. the onlything leo had thought of all day was "i left for eggs, forget the eggs, and wake up in a hospital. how do i go from eggs to intensive care unit!?" leo eventually stop dwelling on it when he started playing online

hes got atleast a month before summer vacation started, might as well level up his game online. either on call of duty or something else.

aeris cole

"my head hurts, my back hurts, either i tripped on a big flight of stairs or this has leos stupidity written all over it" aeris layed in her bed. thinking the same as leo. unkown of the events earlier that week

greatful of being a cat, making a remarkable recover quickly, same as leo. she got over it once the pain fully went away later that day, shes got a month left in summer vacation, didint want to dwell on it any longer then she wanted to

she often asks her grey friend if he has any clue, but to her expect, nothing.

week later, england airport

a young girl and a old grandma stand hugging, 10 minutes before leaving

grandma was first to break the silence "ok, heres the address, and listen, even though you may think canada is full of nice people, becareful, anyone would like a young pretty girl such as yourself" grandma joked

stacy was alittle embarresed, being told that by her grandma "grandma, your so full of it, im 14, i know im good looking, but come on, im sure a 21 year old girl will make them ignore me." stacy's turn to tell jokes.

"well, either way, i had made an arrangment, when you get there, a chauffeur will have you name on it and will drive you to your uncle, just give him the address, and he'll get you there. your brother will have to protect you from now on when you get there" grandma got serious now

"you never told me much about my brother or uncle grandma, why is that?" stacy asked

"you never asked, heck, even i never talked to him, but just give him a big hug and kiss on the cheek and tell him its from grandma" grandma said

"that seems weird, to give him a kiss on the cheek and its the first time i ever seen him, what does he look like?" stacy asked

"hes the same color fur as you, grey everywhere but white on the mouth and down the body" grandma said while makeing the movement of which her colors go

stacy was embarresed "cant you say im looking into a mirror or something, cause thats weird, you saying how i look, some creeps may be listening" stacy said looking around

"well, when you get there, your gonna be the most atractive person there. here your not, but in canada and america, your the best looking person. and i know, ive seen americian tourist" grandma said while pointing out stacy's figure. ( the main reason i put in this kinda detail gives you a good enough vision so it explains other parts of this story that envolves leos protection over his younger sister)

"grandma will you stop, im nervous enough about going to somewhere i never been before" stacy said, with well shown red on her white muzzle

"well, anyways, when you see him, you'll notice. but remember to tell him about me and the problem, and ask him about your parents, he'll be the one to tell you" grandma telling stacy of everyhting she should do first

"why him, why cant you tell me?" stacy asked this question alot but has never gotten a answer

"cause its something a older brother should say to you"

"you told me hes just 3 months older then me" stacy pointed out

"and a day" grandma point out as well

"does it matter?"

"yes, hes the oldest and your protecter, your mom told me he knows how to fight, hes gonna watch after you, and he knows more of this deall then me." grandma said

bzzt... flight 21 to canada is now boarding, flight leaves in a half hour ...bzzt

"well, grandma, this is it" stacy game grandma one last hug and kiss

"the left over money was $783, that should be enough for you, make sure to give your driver a tip for the drive" grandma said

"i know, goodbye grandma" and with that, stacy walked to her flight, leaving one last tear drop on britians land and soon, the rest of her tears will be on canadian's ground

well, i finally got a new chapter is up, sorry for such a delay. but i got inspiration for a new starter on this story in a dream. how will this trip go, and how will this story end. stay with me and this story to find out. might be a year or so before i get to part 3 but when i get there, ill have achieved something. also another note, i dont have a modern day software for typing, so if theres any mistakes, wordpad doesint tell me. anyways, read, review and stay tuned for stacys trip into canada.