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The couple stood in each other's arms like that for a while, just enjoying the comforting feeling. There were small cracks that could be heard from the fire that was cooking their fish off to the side, the wind rustling the leaves, an odd cicada that decided to give a performance only for a verse or two, and the loud and slightly distant sounds of Goten and Trunks being their boisterous selves.

Videl couldn't have been happier. Despite all the confusion of being in the past, and the worry of how to get back, she was happy. She felt absolutely safe with Gohan, and she was sure that he wasn't all that worried either.

Eventually, they had to separate due to the boys stumbling back into the clearing with their shirts filled with all sorts of berries. Gohan slowly released her and walked over to them, kneeling down to take a look at what they found.

He smiled softly at the two boys and they grinned back at him.

"You did a good job in collecting these, boys. They aren't damaged and they're also perfectly ripe too! Those orange ones though are poisonous, so we won't be able to eat those." Gohan told the boys.

They both took in his words and then looked down at their bundles.

"Gohan, what does po-sen-es mean?" Asked Goten as he looked back up to his brother.

"Idiot! It means they'll make you sick." Said Trunks. "Though I don't know if they'll make us sick, mum said they might not, but they make most other people sick."

"That right Trunks. But Videl is a normal person, and we're better off safe than sorry, right?" Gohan replied, standing up straight again.

"Yes Gohan!" Chorused from the boys.

A soft smile formed on the teen's face as he watched the two boys dump the orange berries around the surrounding plants.

The following moments found all four of the people displaced in time surrounding the large fish that Gohan had caught. The fish were no longer so large as they were bony having been devoured by three starving demi-Saiyans.

Videl had taken a chunk about the size of her hand and slowly nibbled on it as she watched the scene in front of her unfold. After all this time being Gohan's girlfriend, she'd thought that, though she wasn't unaffected by it, she was at least somewhat accustomed to her boyfriend and his brothers's eating habits. Oh, how wrong she was.

It was an entirely different scene when there weren't plates to toss around and knives and forks and chopsticks to be in the way of them completely inhaling all the food in front of them. Videl had underestimated them, all three of them. She had thought that the boys always went in an absolute frenzy, and yet she could now safely admit to no one but herself that she had been wrong.

Now she knew that the boys had always made conscious effort to not break any of the utensils placed in front of them. With their strength, that apparently required a lot more effort on their part than anyone apart from them would be able to comprehend. Out here though, in the wilderness where they only had the bones on the fish and the wooden spears running through the fish to be in between them and their food, it was an apocalypse.

The back of Videl's mind also registered that the fish meat that she was nibbling on tasted amazing. Perhaps not as good as Chichi's cooking, but considering how they were stranded in the wilderness (well, maybe not stranded because she was sure that all four of them would be able to fly off to some city nearby without too much of an issue). The fish meat was tender and had a pure flavor, and yet there was a different taste that she was unfamiliar with also there. She assumed that it was those leaves that Gohan had placed on the fish earlier. She also noticed that it did not seem to lack salt. That, she also attributed to whatever plant Gohan found.

The food was gone in record time. Not five minutes after they dug in, the three demi-Saiyans were lying on their backs with a hand on their stomaches, their faces pure examples of bliss.

"That was good Gohan! We should go camping more often!" Said Goten after a few moments of silence.

"Yeah! Nothing ever tastes that good at home, mum always has the robots cook." Agreed Trunks.

Videl managed to finish her portion of the meal as well, and had also lied down on the grass. The breeze was warm, the sun was slightly obstructed by the canopy above them, giving the perfect ratio of shade to light in the clearing.

Gohan hummed in a somewhat agreeing way to appease his two brothers to their request, just enjoying the warmth of the early summer's day. He hadn't realized how he had missed the warmth of summer during the winter months, but now he knew. He knew that the ought to travel to the other side of the world during winter a few times just to get this feeling. Perhaps take Videl too, have some training sessions on a deserted beach in Brazil or something.

"So Gohan, what now?" Asked Videl quietly from his side.

The fantasies of long white beaches with turquoise oceans drifted away from the demi-Saiyan's mind as he turned to face his girlfriend.

"I guess we could go to the lookout and see whats up, but I'm not sure if any of our actions here will influence our timeline." Replied Gohan.

"What do you mean influence our timeline?" Videl inquired. This time travel stuff was completely alien to her and she had no idea what it could mean in the bigger picture.

Gohan acknowledged that this whole situation was strange and time travel was uncommon and confusing by itself, even in theory. "Okay, so I told you how Trunks came from the future to warn us about the androids right?" He said, Videl nodded. "Right, so he came back in time with a machine that Bulma built in the future. He came back I think 20 years. But he then went back to the future, and then he came back to us for a brief time after the whole Cell thing. His timeline didn't change because we beat the androids and Cell in ours. His timeline stayed pretty much destroyed, my counterpart remained dead."

"Wait," Videl said, "If that was the case then what was the point in Trunks coming back anyway?"

"Well, for one, he actually got to meet Vegeta, my dad, and got to see me again, however different I was. But he also helped our timeline be different. Goten got to be born, I got to go to high school, the world got a chance to keep living." Gohan explained. "Also, Trunks was able to train with Vegeta and he got strong enough to beat the androids back in his time, so the outcome was all around positive."
"I… see." Videl answered slowly. "But what does this have to do with us?"

"Thats what I was getting to." Gohan replied with a smile, "In the case of Trunks's time travel, he created an alternate timeline, ours. His timeline remained the same and constantly moving forward. But he was able to come back to our time line after being back at his. So I think that his time travel machine became some sort of inter-dimensional travel. I'm not sure if that was what future Bulma was going for or not.

"What I do know, is that a few months back Trunks and Goten also came back in time, but they came not from the other future Trunks's android wrecked future, but from the future of our timeline. And they said some things that lead me to believe that if they changed anything overly significant here, the change would pass onto their time."

"This is all so confusing." Videl admitted.

"I know right." Gohan chuckled.

"So let me see if I understand." Videl said, Gohan nodded for her to continue " The Trunks that warned you about the androids created a different dimension, so his actions had no effect on his present. While the Trunks and Goten that came by a while ago time traveled in a more linear way and what they do would affect their present. Did I get that right?"

"Yeah, thats the basics of it." Gohan said. "I'm telling you this because its relevant to our situation. I think the Bulma from the future of our timeline created a better time machine than the Bulma from the android timeline because she had had the other time machine to look at and also didn't have the time travel rather than dimension travel. But we didn't travel with a machine. Actually I have no idea how we ended up here." Gohan confessed.

"Should we be worried about it?" Videl asked, now slightly more concerned than she had been.

"Well, if worst comes to worst, I guess we'll just have to find Dende or Piccolo or Bulma and find the Dragon Balls to get back, but maybe the same thing that brought us here will take us back." Gohan speculated.

While Gohan and Videl were having their talk, Trunks and Goten had fallen asleep on the warm grass. Nothing more than a post breakfast cat nap. Trunks woke up after around ten minutes, and he then kicked Goten awake. Goten groaned and rolled over on the grass, stretching and yawning loudly.

"What, Trunks?" He said, the sleep heavy in his voice.

"Look at Gohan." Trunks ordered.

Goten complied and cracked one eye open to look at his brother. "He looks upset." The toddler observed.

"Worried is more like it." Trunks replied.

"Why?" Goten asked.

"I don't know. But what I'm worried about is where is the snow?"

"Hey! Thats right where is the snow?!" Goten exclaimed, now fully awake.

The shout from the toddler cut the conversation the two teens were having, both Gohan and Videl turned away from each other to look at them.

Goten was frantically standing up and then he started running towards his brother. He tripped over the leg of his pants but quickly stood up and tossed himself on top of his brother's chest with a heavy and resounding 'thud'. Trunks followed shortly after him and Gohan had the wind completely knocked out of him.

With a large breath to regain the flow of air in his lungs, Gohan placed a hand on top of each of the toddler's heads. They were both quietly snickering, loving it when they could take down the elder teen, even if it was two on one.

Both Gohan and Videl proceeded to explain the situation to the young Saiyans. Trunks was able to grasp things easily enough, but Goten only managed to understand that they were home, but when everyone they knew was younger and that they shouldn't say anything about anything or anyone when Trunks explained it to him.

Gohan found it highly amusing how his younger brother only really managed to understand complicated things when they were explained to him by Trunks. Trunks who was the son of a scientific genius and a prodigy prince.

Now noon, the quartet was still lounging about in the forest, though not significantly closer to the river due to the need to drink water and refresh themselves. The heat was a bit more overbearing now that it was noon and the sun was at its peak.

Videl had come to terms with the situation and was now looking at her predicament in a more serious light. She wasn't worried for her safety, nor was she worried that she would be stuck in the past forever. Though she now acknowledged that despite Gohan's immense strength, there were still plenty of times where he couldn't do much to solve everything. The philosophy that her dad followed where being able to out punch your opponent failed on her completely. Though she figured that this was an exceedingly good way to learn that lesson.

She and Gohan had both agreed on their options. The first being to go straight to the Lookout or Capsule corp, the Lookout being their first choice though Capsule corp not being ruled out completely, to see what those older and wise than them thought on the situation.

The second option was the wait it out in the forest and see if whatever phenomenon brought them to the past could take them back to the future. This was what Gohan was most inclined to do, in fear of messing things up for the future. There were too many things he didn't know about when he was. He knew that it was around four years in the past mostly due to baby Trunks's power level, Yamcha's power level and the lack of Goten. His mother was likely still pregnant with him and not in the third trimester, where he knew that he would have been able to sense Goten.

Gohan, despite the love of fighting that he had acquired, was still an intellectual at heart. And for that reason he was more inclined to wait it out, at least for a few days so as to better place himself. The thing he was really waiting for was for his younger counterpart's energy signature to surface. He knew his own strengths well enough to get most of his questions answered by it.

Upon explaining all these things to Videl, she was inclined to agree. Though Videl was more of a being of action, and she imposed to compromise that if two days passed without a sign of his younger counterpart, then they would go forward with the first option.

Though the third option was always open. To sneak into Capsule corp to get the dragon radar, as Gohan knew very well where it was kept, and gather the Dragon Balls without contacting anyone. Though that was really a worst case scenario.

So Gohan, Videl, Goten and Trunks spent the day lounging about. Videl worked on meditating some more, completely fascinated with how the world looked through that extra sense of hers. How she was now able to identify the slightly colder, no bluer, no friskier flair that was Trunks. And how she could tell apart the more active Goten from the aged Gohan. She really had no idea how she could tell that Gohan was older than Goten from their energies. Despite knowing the age difference, it was different when you felt it. Goten was far more innocent, and Gohan felt just the tinniest bit more jaded. And Gohan was also far stronger and brighter to sense than Goten was, but apart from that, the differences were few.

More fish and some amazingly sweet mangos were found and consumed before night fell, and the four of them fell asleep to the pleasant and cool night air, hearing a melody of crickets and having the stars and fireflies to give them light. The lack of moon was not lost on Gohan though it seemed no one else noticed.