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The Crock Household
January 2, 10:20pm

When Artemis arrived home she threw her house keys on the kitchen table and placed her jacket over the back of the nearest chair. She walked down to her mom's room and checked on her, the woman was sleeping soundly in her bed with the light still on and a Vietnamese novel lying on her stomach. Artemis smiled and shut out the light by the switch and closed the door. Knowing full well not to touch the book for fear of her own life, because even if her mother doesn't have use of her legs she can still throw things very well and she is an easy waker. The blonde washed her face and brushed her teeth before retiring to her room for some much needed sleep. When she opened her bedroom door she wasn't that much surprised to find a certain magician laying on her bed with Artemis's copy of The Scarlet Letter in her pale hands.

"Well, it's about time!" Zatanna sat up and placed the book, still open and bending the spine, on the nightstand, "What did you do? Did you kiss again? Was it magical?" She asks as she let a small spark of twinkling magic come from her fingertips.

The archer raises a dark eyebrow and plucked the bended book up, closing it before placing it back on the nightstand, "First, how did you get in my house? Second, we went to his school carnival. Third, what if we did and what if it was? And last, I hate it when my books are bent at the spine."

The mage let out a snort that sounded oddly like the word priss and smiled, "So you kissed. This is great! Did he ask you to be his girlfriend, yet? Because that would be the best thing in the world! Plus I would win the bet, but that doesn't need to be discussed right at this moment." Zatanna grinned like a lioness and folded her legs underneath her and patted her hand on the purple sheets, "Sit! I want every detail! You're not going to sleep until I get them all!"

Artemis smiled, "Can I change first?"

"Yes, as long as you do a dance while you're taking your clothes off." Zatanna winked.

Artemis rolled her eyes and changed into sweatpants and a tank; she may or may not have wiggled her butt at the mage as she rummaged through her pajama drawer. When she was done she made Zatanna scoot over to the wall side of her bed and she climbed in after her, pulling the blankets up to her chin and rolling on her side to see the other girl in the dark, "So, this is what happened..."

Keystone High
Monday, January 12, 9:10am

Wally West was Kid Flash, is Kid Flash and Kid Flash is a kid no more. He's sixteen practically a man, nothing could bring a man down and nothing could certainly bring Kid Flash down. So in turn nothing could bring Wally West down. At least that was what Wally West thought exactly one hour and thirty minutes ago, before he entered this accursed building full of tests and jocks and teachers. Wally West was a tired child again, he just wanted to go home or eat some pie, definitely eat some pie...all of the pie. Wally looked up at the ceiling of his American Literature class which had some paintings on the tiles of book covers that past students painted as gifts to his current teacher, Mrs. Bailey. He suddenly felt a buzz in his pocket and fished it out and slid the lock to reveal a text from one blonde beauty.

Arty (9:16am) "So I got up a little later and I wasn't able to eat breakfast before I got to school."

Wally smiled and texted back looking at the time on his phone, only 4 more minutes until he got out of American Lit and on to third period Chemistry to do the science that he loves, well even if it was "baby science.

Gotham Academy
Monday, January 12, 7:15am

Artemis Crock was getting used to this school, she really was. She made herself known as the girl you could come to with language homework questions, but not the girl you could come to if you wanted to use the "love language" on her. Artemis Crock was glad to be back at school, she actually liked learning different things; broadening her horizons. She smiled at Bette as her phone dinged next to her pancakes.

Baywatch (7:16am) "LOL do u need me 2 run over there and give u something 2 eat ;)"

Artemis laughed and sent, "It's a good thing that good old Gotham Academy provides all types of meals for its students!" After the message sent she stood and took a quick picture of the food selection and sent that one to Wally as well.

"Artemis, I never took you for the "hipster, takes photos of food" type." Bette smiled.

"Oh, I am. I also love dresses and the color pink. I would also love to be in the Alpha Gamma sorority at Julliard when I graduate high school with all honors!" She finished with a flip of her pony tail.

"Shut up and eat your pancakes, Crock." Barbra chucked a napkin at the blonde.

"Who are you texting, Artemis?"

"Shut up, Grayson." Artemis slapped the freshman's hand away from her phone as it sounded off again.

"You should probably put that on silent before the first bell goes off so you don't forget and get caught," Dick smiled.

The blonde smiled and quickly tapped away at her phone so she could played some music off of it. When she did she turned it up loudly and said, "Fuck the police!"

Barbra snorted and Dick chuckled, Bette on the other hand seemed offended, "Artemis! Stop!" The girl snatched the phone and turned the music off and flipped the switch to silence the ringer and she handed the phone back to the laughing blonde, "By the way Dick, she's texting someone by the name of Baywatch."

Dick snorted, "Baywatch? Now I gotta see this."

"I swear to fucking god Grayson, if you don't fucking move your fucking puny head out of my fucking space I will kick your fucking ass all the back to the fucking Wayne manor and I'll make your fucking butler clean up the fucking mess."

Dick placed his head on his hand and smirked, "Say fuck again."

Artemis smirked and mimicked his pose; her gray eyes alight with laughter, "Fuck."

Dick laughed, "I do this out of love, you know that?"

The bell rang, signaling that they had ten minutes to get to their first period classes, "No, I'm not sure you do," she smiled as she stood and texted a witty comment back to Wally.

The Cave
Monday, January 12, 4:00pm

"Wally, can you not?" Artemis pushed at the boy's head that had fallen atop her lap and over her AP Calculus homework.

"What?" The redhead smiled up at her, "I'm bored, Arty! Entertain me!"

Artemis quirked an eyebrow and flicked his forehead, "Let me finish my AP Calc homework and then we can go get something to eat."

Wally sat up with a grin and turned to face the archer, "I like food!"

Artemis retrieved her pencil and began her work again, "I know."

Not even five minutes in Kid Flash asked, "So, how many more problems do you have?"

Artemis huffed and continued to work out the problem, "Ten."

Wally's jaw dropped with a groan, "You've been sitting here on this stupid green couch for an hour, Artemis! An hour! How many have you done exactly?"

The blonde looked up with a storm in her eyes, "Ten." When Wally groaned again she smiled crookedly, "Hey, we're all not speedy-minded like you are, Wall-Man."

"Which is why," Wally straightened and grinned at her, "You should let me do some problems for you!" She blinked at him with a raised eyebrow, "Oh come on, Arty!" She rolled her eyes and looked back down at her work, "You obviously know what you're doing! You're like perfect at math! You'll just have lesser problems to do!" The redhead threw out his hands for emphasis.

Artemis looked up from her work with a smug smile, "Okay!"

Wally grinned, "Really?"

The blonde dropped her smile and snorted, "No."

The redhead's face fell as he sank down into the green couch once more. The archer smiled and patted his head as she finished one of her problems. And not one of them mentioned the fact that her hand stayed there, running her calloused fingers through his wind-whipped hair as he slept for another hour as she finished the rest of her ten math problems.