A/N! So I'm changing the POV! I just got bored with just writing in Wally's POV. Plus 3rd person is so much more fun to write! =) I hope you like it! Tell me what you think! Oh and sorry this is so short...and really late...sorry. aldjfka;sdkj

The West Household: Wally's Bedroom
December 6, 3:45am

"Uhhhgg," Wally groaned as he threw himself onto his bed, phone against his ear. "Why would she possibly do that? I really don't think she understands how much I put my trust in her and she just goes and lies to me."

"Wally, I don't thin-"

"Seriously, Dick, who does she think she is? I had just told her earlier that she didn't have to prove herself to anyone. The she had made her place on the Team. And what does she do? She lies and pushes me away."

"Wally, listen to me!" Dick yelled over the phone.

"I'm listening," Wally put his phone on speaker and took his shirt off.

"You may not know the whole story," The speedster paused and stared at the phone, in his boxers, "her lifeā€¦it's hers. She doesn't have to tell you everything," Wally heard a quirk in Dick's voice, "there may be more that's going on in her life. She-"

Wally pulled a pair of sweatpants up, "What do you know?"

"What? Nothi-"

"I know you, just like you know me. We're best buds for a reason, Dick. What do you know?" He pressed, even though he knew that Dick wouldn't budge.

"I'm just saying that you shouldn't look into things that you don't completely understand," Dick cackled, which informed Wally that his serious talk was over, "All I know is that she looks good topless."

"Dude!" Is all Wally has time to say before he heard the dial tone. He groaned and fell into his mattress, "I need food."

The Crock Household: Artemis's Bedroom
December 6, 3:50am

"Uhg!" Artemis collapsed face first on her bed, "Why am I so stupid?" The archer slammed her fists onto the old mattress and screamed into her pillow, "He finally admits that he trusts and that he respects you, and what do you do? You basically betray him."

"Good job, baby girl." A low, raspy voice says in her ear, "Make him trust you. Make him believe you."

Artemis nods and smiles at the man infront of her and holds out her hand.

"Now. Kill him."

The 12 year old girl squeezes his hand.

"Kill him. Now!"

She stares into his eyes as she stabs him in the heart, his gurgled scream waking her up for the first time since her mom was arrested.

The blonde sat up with a start as the memory echoed in her mind, "God, fucking, damnit." Her fist hit the mattress for what seemed like the millionth time in her life. Her team phone rang, "Yeah?"

"Hey Artemis, it's Robin. I need your help with a mission."

Haly's Circus: After the show
December 24, 8:49pm

"Dude!" A pale hand clasped Robin's shoulder, "That was awesome!"

"Wally? What are you doing here?" Robin turned with a smile.

"Wanted to see my best bud at his finest. Also wanted to poke fun at Supey for wearing tights," Wally laughed at Superboy's narrowed eyes.

"Oh," Robin's hand went to the back of his neck, "Thanks."

"Man, you know I'm here for you," Wally whispered and smiled.

"Yeah, I know."

"Of course!" A feminine laugh sounded from Wally's left. He turned his head to see Artemis smiling at Roy his arm around her as two women stood to have their pictures taken with the two archers. The women thanked them and squealed as Roy winked at them. Artemis snorted and slapped Roy's arm, "Stop it."

Roy laughed as they walked over to the others, "What?"

"You're giving them false hope."

"Don't be jealous, Diane."

"I'm not and never will be, Dane."

Wally stared down at his shoes and glared.