This is my first-ever fanfiction poem. I hope you like it! It's dedicated to Fuji and Tezuka because they are the Perfect Pair!

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The first one, top of the tallest ladder

He sits and dreams of a blue-eyed beauty

The one by whose heart his mask did shatter

Bringing a daze to forget his duty

A shadow lifted with shimmering grace

The always hidden color shown through

And the vision perfect with smiling face

The first in light revealed a love brand new

The second, always staying right behind

Yet usually others held ahead

His thoughts following the brown-haired inclined

The most handsome one on his mind instead

Lack of interest kept back skills of gold

Desire for watchful brown eyes the best

Breaking through layers of still and cold

Bursting through darkness love no more to rest

The first and second, of brown and bright blue

With burden of hurt and fear of the scared

The searching for hidden love that be true

The once disguised now let out to be shared

Feelings of sadness and doubt always masked

The meeting of two felt throughout the soul

Opposite cheerful and apathy basked

Truth of two hearts become one and are whole