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Keep in mind the kids have known each other for a while, so they're going to interact accordingly. Some are closer to others, and not everyone knows everything about everyone. I'm trying to focus on... Well, you know what, I really don't know. God I was really hoping not to make this some sort of 'slice of life' anime thing, but it just might end up being that.

I'm still sorting things out though, so please don't abandon me just yet. I'll figure out the angle of this and try and get a plot soon enough, I promise. And if I seem like I am not coming back then feel free to harass me until I do because I really do hate leaving you hanging for a long period of time. [A/N]

A deep sigh.

He's leaning with his elbows propped up on the desk. His pale fingers twirl the mechanical pencil around as he stares down at the sheet of paper in front of him. It's a mess of numbers and shapes that he can't quite discern in his mind- he's never been all too strong in the mathematics field, so this is taking his head for a spin. Much like his fingers to the pencil.

Or not, the pencil flies from his hand, skidding across the table to land on the floor.

For a moment he stares at the edge of the table, as if he's attempting to will the pencil to be there.

No such luck.

With a groan, his hands go to the wheels of his chair, maneuvering himself around the table to retrieve the fallen object. He stops beside it and leans over the arm of the chair and reaches for the pencil- only to find it gone in a flash.

"Lookin' for this?"

He jumps, whipping his head to discover the source of the familiar voice. A wide grin and a head of vibrant hair greet him. He smiles, a quiet laugh escaping him as he reaches up and tugs the pencil from the other.

"Hiding in the library, are we, Allen?" The taller boy asks, hands shoving in his pockets.

Allen shrugs his shoulders. He decides to work on the new side of the table now as opposed to wheeling back around. He reached over the table to pull his papers around to him and a huff escapes him. "It's more quiet in here." He explains. "Though I was considering going to find you- I cannot for the life of me figure out the math."

"Yeah, yeah." The other mumbled, pulling a chair up next to the boy. "You know, maybe if you spent class paying attention instead of watching the Frigid Prince of Hell-Air, you'd know what to do." The comment was rewarded with a swift elbow to the side.

"Wow, rude." Lavi mumbles, rubbing at his side with a half-hearted glare towards the younger boy. "Do you want my help or not?"

"It's amazing you know what's going on with the fact that you're always staring out the window." Allen says, tapping his pencil against the table.

"The power of multi-tasking, my friend." The older teen responds with a grin. "Just because I don't look doesn't mean I don't listen."

"Yeah, whatever" The snowy-haired boy mutters, eyes focusing on his papers in front of him.

"So..." Lavi glanced at the other's homework. "What do you not understand?"

Allen was silent a moment, as if the question was one that required him to mull it over for a period of time. Long enough, that Lavi was wondering if the kid had heard him or not. When the ginger opened his mouth to ask again, the boy spoke. "What would you do if I said all of it?"

Lavi blinked, letting out a frustrated groan as he leaned back in his seat. "Man, are you serious?" He asked. "You're just as bad as Yuu."

"Is that an insult, Lavi?" The boy asked, cocking an eyebrow. "I understand it sometimes."

"Yeah, after I spend hours explaining it." The older one huffed. "Though in your defense, Yuu still doesn't understand it even after hours of explanation. Everything goes in one ear and out the other. Assuming it even goes in."

Allen snorted, resting his elbows on the table. "It's amazing he even got into high school." He muttered, propping his cheek in his hand. "I don't think I've ever met someone more stupid."

Lavi laughed, shaking his head at the snowy-haired teen and the frustrated look on his face.

"What's so funny?" Allen asked, furrowing his eyebrows.

"You two really hate each other." The older boy said. "It's really sort of hilarious when you're watching from the outside."

"I still don't get how it's funny."

"You're like cats defending territory." He explained, hands moving in strange gestures to attempt to accompany his words. "Puffing up your fur and hissing and spitting and dancing around each other."

"I do not hiss." Allen... hissed, which only made Lavi laugh again, harder this time. The boy scowled, smacking the other's arm. "Oh, shut up."

"Can't help it, Allen." The ginger teen said with a grin, folding his arms behind his head.

"Aren't you supposed to be helping me?" Allen asked, a frown painting his lips.

"Yeah, yeah." Lavi sighed. "Just not looking forward to giving you the entire math lesson we had to sit through once already."

"Sitting on the school's roof, isn't that a little cliche?"

He didn't bother glancing up at the girl. He snorted, legs stretched out in from of his, crossed at the ankles as he leaned against the railing. His hair was let down, pulled over one shoulder and spilling over his crossed arms.

"How did you even manage to unlock the roof latch?" Lenalee questioned as she pulled herself out of the open latch, shutting it behind her.

"Old man gave me the keys." He responded. "At least he's useful for something."

"How long have you been up here?" The girl asked, crossing the roof towards him. "Did you even attend last period class?"

He snorted, giving the girl a look that served as a clear answer.

She sighed, shaking her head at him. "How are you even passing all of your classes, Kanda?"

The Japanese teen shrugged at that. Honestly, it wasn't the first time he'd ever gotten that question. He often heard it from a certain irritating ginger-haired teenager and an even more irritating Moyashi. He was passing because he was, why did anyone even need to or want to know?"

"Honestly." Lenalee let out a huff, taking a seat next to the other against the railing. "I guess I shouldn't complain because you're passing, but still, you should actually try going to class."

"I go."

"When you feel like it." The girl pointed out, irritation setting in. "What in the world are you going to do after this year when we aren't in high school anymore, Kanda?"

He shrugged, completely disinterested in the conversation. Really, it was none of her business what he did, so why would he tell her? He wouldn't.

"Humor me, Kanda." Lenalee almost-whined. "You know I'm just worried, can't you at least try to have a conversation with me?"

"Tch." The Japanese teen scoffed, shutting his eyes. "There's no point in having this conversation." He said. "It's none of your business what I do."

The girl groaned in frustration, leaning back against the rail and bringing her knees up. She lifted a hand, lightly knocking her fist against his head. "Oh, come on, Kanda." She said. "You won't even tell me?"

"As I said already- and every time you've ever brought this up," He huffed. "It's none of your business."
"Fine." Lenalee huffed, deciding for a change of subject. "Who are you even hiding from up here?"

"I'm not hiding from anyone." He responded, tone sounding mildly offended. He crossed his arms in front of his chest and let out a breath. "I just don't feel like dealing with anyone's bullshit right now is all."

"Any bullshit in particular you're trying to avoid?"

He shrugged, not giving any sort of definite answer.

"There is something, isn't there?" She questioned, cocking an eyebrow. Silence was her response and she let out a quiet sigh and took it for a yes. "Alright, what is it then?"

"I didn't say it was anything." Kanda muttered, though he knew it wouldn't be sufficient enough to convince the girl.

"Then why are you up here?" Lenalee tried, "Are you waiting for something or avoiding something?"

He was silent, rolling his eyes as he got to his feet. "Leaving." He stated simply, shoving his hands in his pockets as he turned to do just as he'd said. He heard an irritated groan and there was a hand grasping at the hem of his shirt. "What."

"It's almost that day, isn't it?" The other asked, standing and clasping her hands behind her back. When she felt Kanda's glare and sighed, shaking her head. "I know, I know, it's taboo to bring it up. I just want to tell you to be careful."

"I'm always fucking careful."

He was storming down the hall, a scowl prominent on his lips. He'd actually been in a peaceful mood before the roof, but leave it to someone else to completely fuck it up. Kanda's grip on the strap of his bag was so tight it was physically painful and his eyes glared holes into the linoleum.

He knew what day was soon, it didn't mean he wanted to be fucking reminded.

Jesus fuck, why couldn't she just leave it alone when it was clear he'd wanted her to? Fucking A.

Fuck, fuck, fuck, fucking fuck.

Yes, he liked that fucking word, god fucking damnit, he'd use it as fucking much as he fucking wanted fuck you, you fucking fuck.

And once more for fucking effect.


Well. Now that it was out of his fucking system.

Oh, whoops.

Kanda shoved the double doors of the school open so hard the door stops on the opposite side groaned in response, threatening to give way.

"Jesus Christ, don't kill anyone." An annoyingly familiar voice said from behind him.

Did I say the word fuck was out of his system? I lied.


"Leave me the fuck alone." Kanda hissed, not even bothering to look behind him before he stomped down the stairs.

Allen had to push through the doorway before the wooden slabs assaulted him and he let himself roll down the ramp beside the stairs. Specially put in just for him, well whoopie wasn't he special. "Did someone put acid in your fruit loops this morning or something." He asked sarcastically as he followed beside the older teen.

It wasn't really out of wanting conversation- the two lived in the same general direction, and after so many years of attending the same school, Allen had found it almost physically painful to go home in awkward and highly uncomfortable silence with Kanda.

Who was now staring at him like he was going to be his first victim. Well, the snowy-haired boy always knew Kanda would snap at some point. It was always just a matter of when.

"I was joking when I said not to kill anyone earlier." Allen said warily, "But now I'm afraid I have to be serious."

"Shut up." The Japanese teen hissed, venom clear in his words. He wasn't in the goddamned mood for the other's bullshit.

Oh-ho-kay then, obviously someone was legitimately pissed off. More so than normal- because the boy figured Kanda was generally pissed off... So this was something new. He looked up at the other as they made their way down the sidewalk from the school. Sure there were times when he'd seen the other genuinely upset, but this seemed... Genuinely murderous. He was curious- which wasn't unusual, though he generally tended to keep his curiosities about Kanda to himself. Asking too many questions often overloaded the Japanese teen and caused him to get angry... er. Not that he went out of his way to make the other happy- on the contrary, actually.

But he usually knew when to pick and choose his battles. He sensed this was one he definitely should not pick, but was that stopping him? Not really. The fact that Kanda was actually upset about something just sort of made him want to talk about it more. He wanted to pick at the other's brain a little bit and figure out what was so frustrating for him.

"DId you get into a fight or something?" Allen questioned. "I can't really think of anything else that would piss you off this badly."

Nope. No. Not happening. Kanda was not dealing with questions again. No. Screw that. He started walking faster than Allen was going. When the other spoke protest as he hit the end of the block, he scowled, crossing onto a street he knew the boy would not take because it had too many hills.

"Wow, okay, remind me never to give a shit again." Allen muttered under his breath as he watched the other storm away.