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Chapter Two

I groaned as I felt a sharp sting on my neck. Groggily I realized that I was laying down on a very hard surface I tried to remember what happened but it was all hazy. I was not too worried since that usually what happen when I wake up from a deep sleep. I tried to open my eyes to see where I was but it felt like somebody had super glued them closed.

Well that plan felled miserable I thought wryly. I lifted my what felt like hundred pound arm and rubbed my eyes. There was a slight shuffle of movement in front of me so I did what any reasonable person would do...I quickly grabbed one of my throwing knifes and threw it at where the noise was coming from.

"Gah! What the hell!" I heard a woman yell. My adrenaline kicked in and I jumped up to my feet grabbing another knife while I did so. I finally got my eyes open and automatically relaxed my stance seeing the women before me. Snorting I put my knife back where it belonged.

"After all these years that you known me you still have not learned to not to sneak up on me?" I asked with my famous grin on my face. I looked at my best friend Violet who was glaring at me with her blond hair in disarray. She was sitting on the ground with my knife sticking in the ground where her feet were but a moment before.

"Wipe that cat eating the canary grin off your face this instant Megs or so help me I am going to stick your butt back into that helicopter without drugging you first!" she snapped pointing her finger at me.

I felt a chill go up my spine as I remembered what my brother did. I quickly looked around for the helicopter but it was thankful gone. I noticed that I was at a very small airport that just had a strip of dirt road, a rundown building and a even more rundown plane. I lost my train of thought as I just stared at the plane in horror. "Is that plane even flyable?" I asked in disbelief as I help Violet off of the ground. The plane in question looked like it was just made of rust I was tempted to go over there and poke it with a stick to see if it would just crumble into a pile.

Violet let out a full body shiver as she looked at the plane. "I now know why you fear airplanes so much I thought I was going to die!"

I looked at her with horror and pointed at it. "You actual rode in that?"

"Yes it was all the cheap-steak of a group leader was willing to pay for traveling. I had to beg your pilot to come back when this is over so I will not have to chance death again." My eye twitched at thought of how I am going to get home. Violet who noticed the twitch answered my inner question. "Don't worry your dad took care of it and there is already a ticket for you booked for the slow ride home on a boat."

"Well thats a relief. What are you doing here anyways nobody told me you were going to be here?" I asked as I looked around for my bags.

Violet tapped me on the shoulder. "They are already in the jeep and for your first question it was of course a surprise!"

"Ha ha! Well it is nice that I will have at least one person that I will like here." I smiled as we walked past the rundown building and the smile instantly dropped. I stared in shock at the monstrosity that was before me. "You got to be kidding me."

"As I said before cheap-steak." Violet said remorsefully also staring. There in front of us was the second most saddest excuse for a vehicle I have every seen, the plane from before being the first. It was a mud spattered green jeep it had no roof, no windows or doors but the most noticeable feature was that it looked like it was being held together with nothing but duck tape.

"So... how far away is the campsite?" I asked staring in dread at the monstrosity.

"Oh no. If I have to ride in that thing I am taking you with me." Violet glared at me grabbing my arm. I sighed in defeat as I let her drag me to the jeep. "Plus we are a good ten miles away from the campsite. Don't worry even though Ducky looks like he will fall apart at any moment he has actually made this trip a couple times already." Violet cheerfully said as she pushed me into the jeep.

"You already name it?" I asked. Ever since I became friends with Violet in high school she has always names every vehicle and other electronica devises that she come across.

I looked around inside the jeep and was surprised to see that it had even more duck tape used on it than the it does not even have a seatbelt I thought mournfully.

"He not an it and yes I did name him already." When she started up the jeep it a coughing rattling noise and then a big cloud of black smoke came from the engine. We both started coughing our heads off at the smell. I quickly grabbed onto my seat holding on for dear life as "Ducky" aka as I like to call it "piece of crap of a death machine" lurched forward.

"What was the name of the rust bucket?" I asked. I whimpered as we hit a bump and I actual floated out of my seat before I was slammed back down by gravity.

"I called her Death Trap in your honor." she gave me a mischief grin.

"Eyes back on the road!" I screamed in fear as we veered toward a big tree. Violet jerked the wheel getting us back on the dirt trail. I closed my eyes with the thought of we are so going to die repeating over and over in my head for the next couple of minutes.

I snapped my eyes open when I felt us come to a stop. I jumped out and plopped down on the ground giving it a hug. "Oh sweet land how I've missed you!" I cried with joy.

"Get up you big drama queen. I might have loaded all of your stuff but I am sure not going to carry it all for you." she snorted tossing one of my bags right on top of me.

"Ouch! Careful there my back is breakable." I groaned slowly getting off the ground rubbing my aching back. "So where are they putting me?" I asked catching the other bag that Violet threw at got my last bag carrying it herself and we started walking into camp.

"With me and the other girls that work here. After we drop your stuff off the leader of the expedition want to have a word with you." I could hear the dislike in her that not good Violet usually likes everybody.

"I am going to hate his guts aren't I?"

"Him and all the guards that were hired except for two of them. Those two are pretty cool you'll like them." she said as she pointed out the medic and the dinning tents as we passed them. There was a couple of people out some gave a quick greetings before they rushed on.

"Where's the fire?" I asked as another person rushed by.

"Mr. Dominic has everyone on a super tight schedule. I swear the damn man is a slave driver." Violet growled under her breath. We came upon two tent about twenty feet from each other. "That is the guys tent and this one is ours." she pulled back the bug net door on the smaller one of the two. Inside there was ten cots set up all looked taken except the one closest to the entrance and that was the one that Violet dropped my bag on it.

"Thanks. So time to go to meet the dreaded Mr. Dominic?" I teased as I put my bags under the cot.

"Oh you have no ideal." Violet muttered as she lead me to the meeting tent.

- Meanwhile elsewhere-

Clack clack clack. A mech was tapping his claws on the metal table while he was in deep thought. There was suddenly a loud screeching noise as he dug his claws into the table leaving deep groves. "Where in the fragging pit is that scrap metal at?" growled a deep voice.

He was interrupted by the whooshing of the door opening and closing letting another mech coming in. "You know he will be fine he as the humans say he has the devil's luck. We'll find him soon and when we do he will be laughing his aft off about how worried we were." he said as leaned against the wall.

"Tck... like I be worried about that fool." he grumbled to himself.

The mech gave a slight smile at the others lie. But where are you at he thought to himself with a frown. Both lost to their own thoughts but giving each other hope at finding their lost comrade.

End of chapter two

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