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DISCLAIMER: I don't own most of these characters. Actually, the only characters I own are Apocalypsia/Bethany and half of Joe. Everybody else is owned by Scott Westerfeld. And cpg.

When life gives you lemons, squirt juice in your enemy's eyes.
-Happy Bunny

"Uhh, what are you guys doing?" Asked Kara, as she and Apocalypsia walked into the kitchen.

Alek and Deryn were stirring a large pitcher of liquid. Alek looked up. "We found some lemons and now we're making lemonade!"

"Alek, you're so stupid," Scolded Kara. "When life gives you lemons, you obviously squirt the juice in your enemy's eyes."

"Yeah," Said Apocalypsia. "Like this." She picked up half a lemon, squeezed the juice into her hand, and flicked it into Alek's eyes.

He fell to the ground screaming.