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Little, tiny, itsy-bitsy Deryn sat wishing she were anywhere else. The train was crowded, stuffy, and even though it was winter, it was boiling inside the train car. All of these symptoms were not improved by the fact that she was wearing a dress.

Why couldn't they just stay home for Christmas holiday? Deryn sighed, knowing exactly what Ma would say if she complained. You have to see the world… It's good to get out of the house… It'll be fun… Good for you…. Flying jellyfish… It's a beautiful city…

And absolute worst of all, Jaspert or Da weren't here to save her from boredom. They got to stay in Glasgow and take care of Aunt Magdalene. ((NAMES ARE NOT MY FORTE.)) Which meant Deryn was alone with Ma in Sarajevo.

This was going to be a long holiday.

Half an hour plus a LONG train ride later, Deryn and Ma were standing in line for the hotel. The place was dead fancy. The only reason they were staying in such a luxurious hotel was pure chance. As it turned out, some high up family in the Austro-Hungarian Empire had taken a fancy to them because they had sent them money to buy a room at this place and two train tickets. ((Yeah, I couldn't think of anything else…)) The rest of the ride had pretty much been filled with Deryn wallowing in her own self pity and moaning to her unresponsive mother, "Why Sarajevo?"

Now, here she was…. In an unfamiliar city, her legs aching as she stood in line. Deryn stared at her surroundings, attempting to stave off the impending boredom.

As she scanned the people wandering the lobby, Deryn saw the most handsome boy that could possibly exist. He looked about her age with sparkling, deep green eyes, reddish brown hair that curled just right, and perfectly pale skin. And Deryn could not take her eyes off of him.

After what felt like only seconds, Deryn's mother whispered urgently, "Deryn! The lines moving up! Pay attention!"

Deryn quickly averted her gaze to the ground, feeling her cheeks grow warm.

"I'll be back soon," Count Volger said. "Don't wander off, Your Highness."

"Yes, Count," Alek replied, itching to look around.

If Volger left, Alek was free to wander around the hotel. With his parents at a ball, Volger was his only present guardian.

Hesitantly, Volger stood and headed towards the stairs. Alek stood, excited for the adventure ahead. Then Alek realized, he didn't know how to have an adventure. Perhaps I should start by making a friend.

Alek looked around. Now who could be a good friend? Then his eyes fell upon a girl miserably day-dreaming at the base of the steps. She had fair skin, long, wavy, golden hair, and large, clear blue eyes. Alek was in love.

This won't do! Thought Alek angrily. I'm trying to have an adventure! Alek sighed, deciding he was hungry. That's the end of that adventure. He began to run up to the stairs to complain to Volger. However, when he was about halfway to the staircase, he tripped on a rug and fell flat on his face. That hurt.

"Are you okay?" He heard a concerned voice ask.

Alek rolled over and opened his eyes. It was the girl from before now bending over him, a concerned look on her face. Alek's throat grew dry and his heart began pounding.

"Um—y—yes. I suppose."

"Good." The girl stuck out her hand with a smile. "I'm Deryn."

Deryn. Alek thought. Very pretty name…

After a moment's hesitation, Alek took her hand. "I—I'm Alek. Nice to meet you."

She smiled again, making Alek's heart flutter inside his chest. "Nice to meet you too."

Alek swallowed hard against the dryness in his throat. "Well—Um—I should probably be going now."

Alek stood, beginning to walk away.

"Wait!" Deryn called. "What room number are you in?"


Deryn's smile grew even more. "That's right across the hallway from me! See you later?"

Alek allowed a small, nervous smile. "O—okay." And then he was walking up the stairs, wondering what was happening to him.

"Ma?" Deryn asked her mother who was settling into the hotel room.

"Yes Deryn?" Ma replied absently.

"I think I'm in love."

This caught her attention. "What?"

"I think I'm in love."

"With who?"

"Alek. He's a boy staying across the hallway."

Mrs. Sharp grabbed Deryn by the wrist and shoved her into a chair. "Well then I suppose you'll have to look nice."

Twenty minutes later, Deryn was more miserable than ever before. Ma had curled her hair, put it in pigtails, and then tied it up with long pink silk ribbons that matched the dress. The dress was Deryn's Sunday best, all silk and frills. When she was satisfied, Ma banished Deryn from the room.

Deryn dashed out of the door, ready to be anywhere else. However, as soon as she left the room, Deryn collided with someone.

She fell back onto the floor. Before she could get back up and run away, she saw who she had run into. It was Alek. ((NO DUH, DERYN)) Deryn blushed, feeling like a complete klutz. "Sorry."

When Alek saw her, his eyes widened and his jaw dropped a little. "Um—m—me too."

They sat in silence for a moment. Alek was simply staring at Deryn and she was beginning to feel self conscious. Deryn broke the silence. "…Do you want to go downstairs?"

Alek quickly averted his gaze to the ground blushing (more). "Sure."

They headed side by side towards the steps. Deryn tugged annoyedly at one of the ribbons in her hair. Then she stopped, beginning to untie it.

"Wait!" Alek said suddenly.

Deryn gave him a confused look.

He flushed even more, staring down at his feet. "I—I mean—um—don't take your hair down. Please."

Deryn frowned. "Why not?"

Alek swallowed then mumbled without looking up, "It looks pretty."

Now Deryn was blushing too. She would never take her hair down. Ever.

"So you've never played a prank on someone before?"

Alek shook his head. "Never."

"That's sad." Deryn said.

Alek sighed. "I know."

"Why haven't you pulled a prank before?"

"In my—um—'house' it would have been frowned upon."

"That's barking odd. Why?"

Alek looked up at her. With her hair curled and tied up, she was even more beautiful. And Alek would prefer if she did not know that he was a prince. "My parents don't exactly encourage that type of behavior."

"Oh." She said simply.

Suddenly a loud, slightly panicked voice came from inside the hotel. "ALEK? ALEK WHERE ARE YOU!"

Deryn gave him (another) curious look. Alek sighed. "That would be my….um… Uncle."

Deryn smiled. "He sounds… interesting."

Before Alek could reply, Volger stormed out of the lobby. "ALEKSANDER! What are you doing?"


Volger grabbed him by the wrist, not giving him the chance to answer. "We're leaving."

"Bye, Alek!" Deryn called amusedly.

"Goodbye," Alek replied weakly as he was dragged away.

"Who on earth was that?" Volger asked angrily as he paced around the room.

Alek sat down on the bed. "Deryn. She's my…friend."

"She's a commoner!" Volger shouted. "You two can't be friends!"

Alek crossed his arms, pouting.

"Whatever possessed you to wander off?"

"I was bored!"

"Bored? I've been looking for you for hours!"

Alek hung his head, silent.

Volger sighed, rubbing his temples. "Stay here." He left, locking the door behind him.

Alek lay face down on the bed, hating his life. Volger would never let him see Deryn again.

Suddenly the silence was broken by a gentle tap on the door. Alek sat bolt upright.

He watched as a small folded-up piece of paper slid under the door. There was the patter of departing feet. Alek stood, sprinted over to the door, and picked the paper up. He unfolded it, reading the writing.

Be out on your balcony at midnight.

Alek's heart beat picked up. The time from then to midnight was going to be far too long.

Finally, it was midnight. Alek slipped from under his covers and tip-toed over to the double glass doors.

Carefully, he rotated the knob. Alek cautiously opened the door, hoping above all hopes that it wouldn't make a noise and ruin his escape.
True to the quality of the hinges, the door glided open silently. Alek slipped out, hoping that this wasn't all a joke.

For a few minutes he waited in the silence. Then he heard footsteps from above. A moment later, Deryn landed lightly on the balcony next to him. "Hi, Alek!"

Alek was struck speechless. Deryn was even prettier in the moonlight than the sunlight. She was wearing a casual sky blue dress and she had untied her hair so that it cascaded over her shoulders.

"Uh—h—hi, Deryn."

Deryn grinned. "Come on. Let's go."

Deryn grabbed the lattice work that reached up the wall and pulled herself onto the tile roof. She's very strong… Then she reached her hand down to help Alek up.

After more than a moment's hesitation, Alek took Deryn's hand. With one heave, Deryn tugged Alek onto the roof. Alek nearly fell onto his face, but regained his balance.

"Come on!" Deryn began to crawl higher on the ceiling. Alek followed after a moment. Suddenly Deryn let out a pained yelp.


She turned around to face him, sitting back frowning. Alek gasped when he saw that there was a long cut across her palm, oozing blood. She must have cut it on one of the tiles!

Alek scrambled to her side, careful to avoid the jagged looking piece of tile next to her. Deryn clenched her jaw, tears sparkling at the corner of her eyes.

"Deryn! Are you okay!"

Deryn took a deep shaky breath. "I—I think."

Alek concernedly took her injured hand, inspecting it. The cut didn't look deep but it still appeared painful. Alek looked back up at her face. Her eyes were squinted shut and Alek watched as a single tear slid down her cheek, making his heart ache more.

Alek leaned down and gently kissed her bleeding palm. Deryn's eyes popped open in shock, and Alek smiled sheepishly. "To make it feel better."

Deryn smiled the sweetest little smile and wiped her eyes with the back of her other hand. "Come on. Let's go."

Deryn (more carefully) crawled forward, favoring her injured hand. Alek followed close behind.

When she got to the peak of the roof, Deryn lay down, staring up at the stars. Alek lowered himself down next to her. Deryn pointed out some of the constellations above them until she fell into a comfortable silence.

A minute or so later, Alek felt Deryn's uninjured hand slip into his. Alek squeezed her hand gently, entirely at peace with the world.

The next three days passed in a blur of frivolous things during the day, then time with Deryn every evening at midnight.

'Twas the night before the night before Christmas. (AKA Christmas Eve Eve) Alek was waiting out on the balcony for Deryn. This night in particular was more important than the others. It was the last night they had together. They obviously had to sleep through Christmas Eve, and Deryn was leaving on Christmas Day. Plus, Alek had found her the perfect present.

After a minute or two, Alek began to worry. Deryn had never been late before! Maybe she couldn't get out… or she forgot… or maybe she didn't like him anymore! Alek bit his lip in worry, wondering what he should do.

Eventually, Alek came to a conclusion. He hauled himself onto the roof using the lattice work. Avoiding the broken tile, he crawled to the peak of the roof. He had never been any farther than this, and the prospect was new and exciting.

However, Alek didn't have to go very far. Deryn was curled up a few feet away, sobbing gently, her shoulders shaking. Alek scuttled over. "Deryn?"

She curled up tighter, her sobs growing slightly louder. Alek settled himself down next to her. "Deryn? What's wrong?"

Still, Deryn ignored him. Alek draped his arm over her shoulders. "Talk to me."

Deryn lifted her head slightly, sniffing back tears. "I—I'm sorry."

"It's fine. Now what's wrong?"

Deryn rubbed her cheeks and looked up at him. "I don't want to leave you, Alek."

"Oh! Well… I'm sorry. I don't think there's anything we can do."

Deryn's eyes brimmed with tears again. "I know! It's just…"

Alek pulled his arm away, taking the necklace out of his pocket and unclasping it. "Here. Your Christmas present." Deryn lifted her head slightly, curious. Alek took the opportunity and looped it around her neck, redoing the clasp.

Deryn looked down, fingering the silver crescent moon that now hung from her neck. The sliver of metal sparkled in the faint moonlight. "Alek! It's beautiful!" She looked up, distressed. "But I didn't get you anything!"

Alek smiled. "It's okay. All I need you to do is always wear that necklace. That way, if we meet again later, I'll be able to make sure it's you!"
Deryn smiled too then threw her arms around Alek's neck. For a brief moment, Alek was startled by her closeness. He could feel her hair tickling his cheek and her arms were tight around him. Then he hugged her back. "Thank you so much, Alek. I'll wear it forever," She whispered into his ear. "Thank you."

(This next part takes place sometime before Alek knows Deryn's secret.)

Deryn sighed, fingering the silver crescent moon hanging from her neck. If only she could remember the exact story behind it! She had little flashes of memory such as a boy, Christmas, balconies, but nothing deeper than that.

Suddenly, the door to the machine room opened and Alek entered. Deryn jumped, dropping the necklace back around her neck.


"Yes, your princeliness?"

But Alek had now noticed the necklace. "What's that?"

"I—It's nothing." Deryn quickly replied, beginning to tuck it back into her shirt.

"Wait! Can I see it?" ((STAAAAAAAALKER.))

Deryn reluctantly unclasped it and passed it over.

Alek scanned it over, looking confused. "It almost looks familiar…."

Deryn frowned. "Well that's barking odd. Oh well. Duty calls." Deryn stood, taking the jewelry and walking out.

(This takes place after Goliath.)

Alek stooped down to pick up the sparkly object. It was a small crescent moon hanging from a delicate silver chain. And it was very familiar.

Alek studied it, wondering where he had seen it before. Then he remembered. A few weeks ago! Deryn had let him see it! It must be hers…

Alek headed in the direction of her room. When he reached the door, he knocked gently.

"Yes?" Deryn's voice called.

"It's Alek. Can I come in?"


Alek turned the knob and pushed the door open. Deryn appeared to be searching frantically for something.

"Sorry, your princeliness. I can't really talk right now. I'm a wee bit busy," She said, still searching.

Alek stepped forward and looped the chain around her neck, redoing the clasp. Alek felt a sudden start of memory, almost like déjà vu.

Deryn looked down, surprised. "You found it!"

Alek smiled. "It was out in the hallway."

"Thanks! I would've driven myself crazy looking for it!"

"What's so special about it?"

Deryn frowned, going quiet and staring down at the necklace. "I don't exactly remember. Someone special gave it to me a while ago."

"So you don't remember anything?"

Deryn shook her head. "Well I remember small things like a boy, balconies, Christmas…"

The mentions of these sparked Alek's memory. "Deryn, I think that boy was me!"

Deryn stared at him for a moment, her memories clicking together. While she was remembering, so was Alek. When we were little… she had her hair in pigtails… I told her it was pretty… she cut her hand… she was crying…

Suddenly, Deryn cried, "ALEK!" She flew at him wrapping her arms around his neck. "Alek! It's you!"

Alek staggered backwards a few steps. "And you've grown since last time we hugged!" He hugged her back, his memories still returning.

"I missed you! I missed you! I missed you…" she choked. It almost sounded like she was crying.

Oh well. Alek was close to tears himself. Then he remembered another detail about their time together. And he got a rather good idea. Alek pulled away slightly until he could see her face. Then he leaned forward, gently pressing his lips to her hers.

At first, Deryn's shoulders went rigid in surprise. Alek felt a twinge of worry. Was this not what she wanted too? But then she was melting into his arms, kissing him back equally if not harder. And the boundaries of time dissolved.

Eventually they pulled apart, gasping for breath. Alek smiled sheepishly. "To make it feel better."

Deryn laughed softly kissing him again, shorter this time. Then she buried her head into his chest and said with a sigh, "Thank you."