Hello! Now I'm back with a new fanfic. The idea of this one have been in my head for a while, and know I plan to write it. I won't promise anything about an update, well when it's coming. I'm just saying, it can take some time.

And forgive me for the grammar and spelling mistakes, but as long as you understand I'm happy.

Well anyway enjoy reading this. And of course I don't own skip beat!



It's was an ordinary day at LME. The President was as usual dressed in a characteristic costume, actors, singers and other artist were running around the corridors and office to get information about their work for this day, young and old people come through the front doors with hopes to get famous, and two of three Love me members was at the moment having a break from today's mission, to clean the area around their own lounge.

A happy Kyoko, with her arms full of water bottles was skipping down the corridors towards the Love Me locker room. Today she got to spend the whole day with Kanae, and it didn't matter if she got to clean the whole building a long as she got to do it with Kanae.

"Here is the water!" Kyoko said as she tried to put the four bottles down on the bench without drop them.

"Where did you get them from?"

"The kitchen further down the corridor, Sawara-san told me that they had got some snacks for us there today. Look they even have our names on them." Kyoko said proudly as she held up one of her bottles.

"Whatever, just give me one." Kanae said and walked up to Kyoko. She got one of the bottles with her name on it and walked back to her locker and sat down. "So hows everything going with Box R and your secret mission?"

"Well, my schedule has changed a bit since i got the secret mission, so I haven't been on the set for a week."

"I see, well I hope-"

Buzz, Buzz, I can't wait for you to shut me up And make me feel like bad ass I can't wait for you to shut me up Shut it up...

At the noise of a male voice half screaming both girl jumped an inch. Kanae recognised the sound and turned and opened her locker and started to rumble around her stuff.

"What's that..? " Kyoko asked.

"My phone."

"Is that you're ringtone?"

"No not usually, just for this person." Kanae said and finally found her phone. "What does he want..." She mumbled to herself as she answered and walked out of the room, mimicking, I'll be back soon at Kyoko.

I wonder who that was. Kyoko thought as she opened her bottle and took a few sips. Suddenly the room seemed to slowly start move around. Kyoko put the bottle down beside her and stood up and started walked towards the door. But she tripped, and as she looked down she saw that she had tripped on her Love Me suit.

"Mok-" Kyoko was terrified as she couldn't speak any more and just stared at herself then at the room as everything seemed to get bigger for every second, and a few second later she couldn't see the room any more, just the colour pink, that seemed to surround her.

Kanae ended the call and stared at the phone before she turned around and walked back to the room. As she entered the room the first thing she noticed was that Kyoko was absent and she had left her bottle of water open on the bench. She must have left in a hurry, I hope she come back soon. She walked further in to the room but then she felt something soft and a high pinched sound come from the floor she jumped back.

"Why? Is this some kind of a joke? Cause I don't get it... Kyoko!" Kanae said annoyed out loud at the empty room as she stared at the ugly pink suit that lay on the floor in front of her. Jeez, why do I have to pick up your clothes from the floor, you better have a really good reason and explanation for me when we meet again.

With those thoughts Kanae picked the ugly suit up and was surprised to find it kind of heavy and she thought she saw something move. So she put it down again and opened pulled the zipper down. What she found inside it made her jaw drop and eyes almost pop out of her head.

"Wha~~~aaa...-" Kanae tried to say something but she was to shocked. Is this a dream? With that Kanae pinched herself but the sight before her wasn't gone when she opened her eyes. Is there something wrong with my eyes?

"Kyoko...it's you right." Kanae said as she stared into those amber coloured eyes. All she got as an answer was a nod.

"Oh my god..." Kanae said and sat down, the shock and questions pulling her down with such force that she couldn't stay upright at the moment. "I... I think... we should go and see the president. Soon, I just need a few moments, I hope that's okey."