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Here is the next chapter for our true colours. I had a hard time putting this together as my inspiration and imagination seemed non existent but I managed to write a decent chapter after all. Since I have some lack of ideas... what would you like to happen in this story? You guys have to excuse my English I know it's not the best and nor is the grammar but I hope you enjoy the story so much that it doesn't bother you too much. As always when I write I get new ideas for new storys so I started a new one, and I really want to upload it but I think that I should wait and finish this first.



"Kyoko and Ren speaking"


Ren just stared, he couldn't help it. The sight before him was just hilarious. Why? Maybe he could have figured out what business she had to the bathroom before he rushed inside, but he had been worried so the rational thinking wasn't really there. But this, he couldn't even had imagined. Why? Kyoko why? Before him Kyoko was doing what you normally do in a bathroom. Using the toilet. Well as a cat you use the litter box... but if your a human from the beginning it might be hard to change this habit of using a toilet. So Kyoko was somehow balancing on the toilet ring while she tried to get some toilet paper at the same time.

"I SAID GET OUT!" Kyoko hissed feeling extremely embarrassed and caught in the act.

"Why?... He he … Why don't you use the litter ...hmpp... hahaha" Ren could help it this was to funny. Another hiss from Kyoko made him back out from the bathroom. But even if she was mad or irritated at him he could stop smiling. That image is burned on to my brain. It's just hilarious why didn't she use the litter box. It even smelled nice and no one had used it.

Kyoko felt so stupid balancing there on the toilet. Even more she felt embarrassing cause Ren had actually walked in while she was on the toilet even if she had finished her business and tried to get some paper. Why would I use toilet paper? Look at this mess, I can't even tear of a pice it just end up on the floor in small pieces. I should have used the litter box instead. Guess it's to late for that now. OH NO! I've to go out and meet Tsuruga. But he have seen me like this. Kyoko jumped down from the toilet and pressed herself down on the bathroom floor in an attempt to calm down. I can't stay in here. Maybe he's gone back to the guest room and is sleeping. Yeah that probably what he did.

She got up on her paws and sneaked close to the bathroom door listening for Ren. If he was still there. But she couldn't hear him so she figured that it was safe to go back to the guestroom. But she had been wrong! Ren was there just silently waiting for her in the living room. When she stepped out she met his eyes and felt a wave of embarrassment overflow her. Even if she was embarrassed she couldn't look away from those green eyes. Those eyes seem so familiar and yet so out of place since it's Tsuruga-san looking at me. His eyes are not green, they are more grey and sometimes a little towards the brown colour.

She was brought out of her thoughts as she heard a muffled sound. Ren was still looking at her but his eyes were narrow and filled with joy and his body was vibrating slightly.

"Stop it. It's not funny." She could tell that he was laughing or at least trying not to laugh at her.

"Hahahaha... yeah... no you are right... hmpph….. but you. HA!" He was really trying his best to not laugh but that image of Kyoko balancing on the toilet wouldn't diminish from his mind.

"Now you're just mean... it wasn't that funny...I'll go back to bed..." Kyoko shook her head and went back to the guestroom. She lay down on the pink fluffy bed once again and closed her eyes. Hoping that she would fall asleep soon. She heard when Ren came in to the room a few seconds later, even if he walked with light paws she could still hear him clearly. Almost as clearly as his laughter rang in her ears. She didn't like what he had seen but she liked the sound of his laughter it sounded so nice. And the times when she had heard him truly laughing was not so many. Thinking about his laughter and the times she had been around when he did that, made her relax and sink into sleep.

Yashiro opened his eyes. I wonder what time it is, it feels early like I haven't sleept for so long. Maybe around 4.30 – 5 when I usually get up for work. I should check my watch. Yashiro turned around in his bad towards the right side where his bedside table was and looked at the watch standing there. OMG! It's not early and I've been sleeping for like 11 hours. It must be because of yesterdays events. Well I should see if my guests is up yet. They probably are.

Getting up from bed he grabbed a t-shirt and put it on as he made his way out from his bedroom. He didn't need pants since he sleept in a pair of soft shorts. It was silent in the apartment so he figured that his guest was still sleeping. Yashiro went straight towards the bathroom to do what most people do there. He wasn't completely awake when he got there and noticed the mess only when he sat down on the toilet. There was a small pile of ripped toilet paper on the floor under the toilet roll and when he looked at it he saw that the end was torn as well. What have they done? Is this the life with cats? He picked up the pieces of toilet paper and threw them into the toilet. Flushing the toilet and washing his hand he went out to examine the rest of his apartment to see if there was more mess to clean up.

He couldn't find anything suspicious or damaged in the kitchen or living room so he decided to go check on his guest. They were both sleeping when he walked inside the guestroom. Yashiro bent down beside Kyoko who was curled up in a ball on the pink cat bed, he gently stroked her over the head.

"Good morning Mogami." She moved under his hand and slowly opened her eyes to look at him. "Do you want something to eat? I'm going to wake up Ren as well." Yashiro looked over at Ren, while Kyoko had been a cute ball of black fur Ren was stretching out as far as he could making him look like the longest cat ever. He looks like a freaking monster cat, way to big.

Yashiro patted Kyoko one last time behind her ear before he went over to Ren. He put his hand on the exposed belly and gently rubbed his belly. Soon a deep purring was heard from Ren so Yashiro continued to pat him. Seconds later his hand was attacked by four paws and some sharp teeth gently biting the side of his hand. "OUCH!" As soon as he expressed his pain with words the paws started boxing his hand instead.

"You're crazy...or maybe …..ticklish" Yashiro said rubbed Ren belly once more but quickly snatched his hand back before he got more bites. "Now, how about some breakfast?"

As Ren stood up and followed Yashiro as he was about to leave the room, after a few steps he felt the urge to stretch as his body felt both sore and stiff.

"I thought cats was flexible and not stiff like an old man who has been sitting in a rocking chair for too long..." Ren mumbled to himself.

"Are you also stiff, Tsuruga-san?" Kyoko was also stretch out her body with a grim expression on her face.

"Yeah...hmmph.. "


"Maybe your stiff because of yesterdays acrobatic stunts."

"TSURUGA!" Ren was surprised when Kyoko launched herself towards him. And he quickly jumped to the side.

"What...? To early for jokes?" Ren grinned feeling mischievous as he started to run after Yashiro.

"YES! In matter of fact it is. I just woke up and this is like the second thing you say to me" Kyoko rushed after Ren as he run away from her. She felt her body get warm and the sore feeling was disappearing as she chased after Ren. She was not far behind that blonde fur but to far to catch him. She didn't know why she had threw herself at him but once the chase had started she couldn't help but find it entertaining. The hunt led them into the living room a few laps over the sofa and continued into the kitchen. Somehow and somewhere the roles had been switched and now Kyoko was the one being chased around the kitchen island. She dashed between Yashiros legs and jumped smoothly up on the counter when she saw that she had won a few second when Ren had slipped on the floor in the last curve around the island. She looked down from the counter and saw Ren slowly but surely move towards her. And the look in his eyes... seemed much like the well known... empire of the night.