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Chapter One: It Won't Be Long

"...I'm so lonesome everyday." The song ended with a crackle of interference on my little radio set. I listened closely to who it was by so I would know what to look for the next time I went to a record store.

"That was the song Walk Right Back by the Everly Brothers, number 31 on the What's Hot list," one of the announcers explained with a heavy Liverpudlian accent.

"Thank you Ted," the other announcer cut in with not as heavy of an accent. "And now I think we have some concert tickets that we'd like to give away."

I looked up from the book I was reading - Great Expectations, which I was enjoying despite never classing myself as a Charles Dickens type of girl - and cranked the volume wheel on the radio round a few turns. Maybe it's a concert worth going to, I thought to myself as I turned a page lazily.

"Indeed we do, Dave. This ticket is for the upcoming Beatles performance at the Cavern Club on August 3rd. I hear it will be one of the fastest-selling concert they've yet to perform. The first caller with the correct answer to this next question is the lucky person who gets to attend - and not only that, but they will get one of the closest seats in the house. Wot do you think of that, Dave?"

"I think lots of people - girls, mind you - would die to get one of these baby's."

"Right you are."

That brought back a flood of memories into my mind, all hitting home at once, making me breath catch in my throat. It had all started when I had been introduced by Layla - my best friend, back then Paul's girlfriend - to them at one of their earlier gigs. It was way before they were a well-known band - heck, before they were a band...

I forced myself from my thoughts in order not to miss the competition details, sitting up and closing my book. My eyes scanned the room and rested on the phone next to my bed. I tossed over my book, pages fluttering as it flipped over a few times, hopped off my bed, into my fuzzy slippers, and snatched up the device, fingers poised to dial.

"Anyroad, here's the question," I heard one of the radio announcers say. Too late I wondered if having access to a magazine might have been helpful; if I didn't know the answer within moments, I was going to be beaten by some fan with a stack of material ready to go.

"Which member of the Beatles is the only one who is left handed?"

I grinned in triumph, my whole body relaxing. That was too easy. I dialed the number that the announcers had given, and waited as it rang. Come on, I thought impatiently, pick up, pick UP! I anxiously waited a few more rings until I heard a click on the other end.

"Hullo. This is Ted from your local pop station. Do you have the answer to our Beatles question?"

"Yeah, I do. The answer is Paul, Paul McCartney." I tugged at a strand of my fast growing hair and wriggled my toes, the most common signs that I was nervous.

"Oi Dave!" Ted shouted into my ear, causing me to jerk it away from my ear.

"Wot?" I heard a something clatter and then some muffled curses in the background.

"Is the answer Paul McCartney?" I heard Ted ask.

"Uhm... Paul McCartney... Yes!" I heard Dave shout back in the background.

"An' we have our winner!" Ted announced, back on the air. "Wot's your name, miss?"

"My name's Abby. Abby Green, " I answered, unable to keep a grin from spreading over my face. With my luck, it was a triumph winning any kind of competition, let alone one that had a prize I was desperate for. A slight thrill ran through me at hearing my voice on the radio, and I wondered briefly if anyone I knew might be listening.

"Alright Abby, you can come and pick your ticket up right now." He quickly gave me directions on how to get there.
"Thank you!" I beamed into the phone, my voice replicating my expression, and hung up. Quickly tossing my slippers to my bed, pulling on my shoes and throwing on my coat, I picked up my keys and shot out the door.

Once I found the right building, I parked my beautiful cherry-red Chevrolet (my pride and joy - I'd only recently gotten it for my 19th birthday from my parents. I savored a quick look over it's shining coat and polished mirrors before turning away) with a crunch of gravel and got out. I looked up at the building and took in a breath. It was a huge looming place, giving off an almost intimidating feeling, a complete clash to the cheerful feel of the radio station when I'd listened in to it. I pushed through the swinging doors and found myself in a long hallway with statues propped up against the walls all the way up and oil paintings hanging in neat lines. Feeling a little lost, I peered at the doors, wondering where to go next, when suddenly one was pushed open and a scruffy looking man with a mess of brown hair and big cheeky eyes, presumably Ted, appeared. As soon as he saw me his mouth broke into a grin and he headed over to me, waving. "Hullo. Are you Abby Green?"

I nodded, brightening at a more friendly sight and walked over to him."Yes, I am."

"Here's your ticket ma'am, and congratulations on winning it."

"Thanks again," I said, returning his smile. I looked down at what he'd given me, treasuring the feel of the fresh, uncreased ticket in my palm as he pressed it into my hand.

As I turned and walked back toward the doors, I imagined what it would be like to see the Beatles perform in person for the first time in two years, and my heart jumped with joy.